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Titolo: [TUTORIAL] DC++
Inserito da: Femuita - 01 Ottobre 2012, 17:44:52

Tutorial (in costruzione)
Topic di supporto (,6044.0.html)


Tutorial (scroll below)
Support thread (,6043.0.html)

Tutorial written by Femuita (and MadMummy)
Based on DC++ 0.801

Mad Mummy Hub Data

Hub name: MadMummy
Description: MadMummy Hub
Address: (or

For more information about Hub, check MadMummy Site ( (

Thanks to MadMummy for Troubleshooting Section
Titolo: How to configure DC++
Inserito da: Femuita - 01 Ottobre 2012, 17:48:48
After downloading, run the file and run installation wizard. You can proceed just choosing default options. When finished, run once DC++ and a configuration wizard will prompt. If you'll have windows firewall active, it's possible that you receive a warning. Just allow outgoing and incoming connections for DC++.


Fill your nickname field, your description (we suggest you type your connection and country, es. DSL_ITA or your website) and email.Where you see Line Speed Upload you have to choose how much bandwidth you want to use to sharing. Higher is better. Other options are not necessary, so we can press OK and go to another tab, DOWNLOADS.


The download directory where DC will put your finished downloads. The temp directory is where the files stored until they're fully downloaded. You can decide, according to your connections, how many slots you want for upload and download. Just try to balance them. A higher number of download slot doesn't mean a faster download. You can know more about this on DC++ forum. Now, let's go to the SHARING section.


In this tab, we're going to decide which folder we're going to share. Obviously, more we share, better is. But remember that many hubs are thematic, so don't share something if it's not requested. Beyond this, some hubs can request a minimum size sharing (es. 4 GB). To add a directory to share, click on ADD FOLDER. Once done, DC++ will automatically hash files in the folder (a sort of indexing). It can take a while. Until files are not hashed, they'll not be considered like shared. When finished, you'll see shared folder path, virtual name that you assigned and size. On the bottom, you can see TOTAL SIZE value. That is important if your Hub requires a minimum sharing. Below, you can choose how many Upload Slots you have. It's possible that some hub requires a specified number.

If you want, you can customize other options. If you're not sure about what you're doing, just click on OK and close configuration panel. Now, we've to set up your FAVORITE HUBS. Click on Favorite Hubs icon (yellow star).


In the Favorite Hubs windows, press NEW button on the bottom. A new window will appear, similar to the following image:


 In hub name you can put anything, it is only used for identifying it (the name of the hub is recommended). In hub address type your hub address (it can be an IP or a Domain. es. and as description insert whatever you want. You can find below MadMummy Hub data.

On some hubs, credentials may be required. In that case, just type your them here.

After that, press OK and come back to Favorite Hubs with your new HUB. Now, double click on Hub Name to connect to it, if it's online.

Once you have connected, on the right you can see the list of people actually in the hub, and on the left the list of public messages. The public message window can be used to chat, you can enter messages there and everyone who is online will see it. To receive list of shared file from other users, click on their name with the right button and choose GET FILE LIST. To download a file or directory in the list, click always with the right button on it and choose DOWNLOAD.

If the download doesn't start immediately, or in the bottom of the screen near the status bar it says "no slots available" it means that the users is already serving as much downloads as his avaialable slots. In this case leave DC++ running, and eventually you'll be able to get the files you want. Or you may ask the user in a private message to grant you a slot (granting a slot means opening another slot to a specific user it only lasts until he's downloading, if you grant someone a slot and he stops downlading the extra slot will be closed again).

It's important, that if you can you should leave DC++ running even if you're not downloading, so others can download files from you.