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Femuita Forum / CELEBS - Tatiana Maslany
« il: 07 Maggio 2020, 18:53:55 »
Non voglio credere che non c'è un thread per lei :P
Fantasticamente naturale :)

Femuita Forum / [CERCASI] Cercasi storia
« il: 19 Settembre 2019, 12:53:12 »
So che non è la sezione storie ma cerco una storia che non ho piu trovato e spero che qualcuno accidentalmente può aiutarmi. Trama:

Un uomo che fa tipo informatica ha una nuova vicina, mi pare asiatica. Le si blocca il pc, lui glielo sblocca e poi vanno in intimità. Qualcuno la ricorda e o ce l ha salvata? :)

Grazie in anticipo.

Femuita Forum / Colombari ed il fisico "Mascolino"
« il: 16 Agosto 2017, 10:21:48 »
Che sia lei la messia che trasformerà l'ideale degli italiani? :P

Archivio / [EN / unknownpanic] Sarah's discovery (5 chapters)
« il: 29 Marzo 2017, 14:09:16 »
"My swings!, my swings!"
Sarah screamed as she ran into the park and jumped on the swings while her 2 friends claire and lisa casually walked into the empty playground after her.

Sarah was 19, average height and slim build with dark hair and typical girl next door looks. Although she often acted like the playful child in front of her friends, it was hard to take her seriously due to the impressive size of her 32G chest. They were not only big but very pert. This often meant jealous woman were unfairly cruel to Sarah, but she was so sweet that she hardly noticed.
If she was to wear an old garbage bag it was still impossible not to think of her as anything other than a sex goddess.

"Don't you think you're a little old to be playing on swings?" Lisa asked her friend, with her hands on her hip and her head tilted to the side clearly mocking her.

"These are my swings and I rule with an iron fist" retorted Sarah playfully trying to keep a straight face.

Her friends Claire and Lisa looked at each other as if deciding which one of them should put Sarah in her place. They would never dream of hurting their friend but they'd never miss out on a chance of some horseplay.

Claire took it upon herself to deal with Sarah. Which she was easily capable of doing.
Claire was 19, 34C, tall and buff. Her Dark hair cut into a fashionable bob. Claire had come out 2 years ago and in a bid to fit in with her gay friends had started to go to the gym and hit the weights. She made some impressive gains in the short time she was lifting, adding size to her arms and nicely toning her abs and legs. She hated the 'Dyke' image she was getting labeled with so she decided to give it up, besides Claire really started to go off her gay friends. She would always be gay. Lisa and Sarah were supportive and never treated her any differently, but her gym friends were trying to tear her away from her 'outsider straight friends' . This made Claire's choice a lot easier. She didn't hang out with her gay friends after that.

"Ok Juggzilla, queen of the swings. Time to be dethroned" said Claire as she confidently strode towards her busty friend.

"NOOOOOO My beautiful swings!!!" Sarah yelped as Claire easily tossed her over her shoulder turned and quickly but safely lay her down on the layer of woodchips that made up most of the ground in the play area . After lying her down Claire rests her foot on Sarah's flat toned young stomach, and quickly strikes a double bicep pose stretching a huge bulge inside her already slim fitting white shirt.

"Iron fist? More like tin head" Claire says as she removes her foot from sarah and offered a hand out to help her up.

As soon as claire felt sarahs hand grip her own pulled sarah up effortlessly. Sarahs feet leaving the floor slightly with the power of claires arms.

"Wow you're pretty strong, you know for a dyke" Sarah said slowly getting up removing woodchips out of her hair with a cheeky smile aimed at Claire to gauge her reaction.

In Truth Claire was a little hurt about the dyke remark but knew Sarah was just teasing and didn't mean anything by it so decided to let it slide.

"You've got that right. I used to weight train all the time" Claire casually flexed to emphasis this although not really putting much into it. This still brought a 15 inch ball to rise upon her arm once again stretching her shirt. Claire worried she might start to warp the fit of her shirt relaxed her flex and let her arms fall to her side.

Sarah's eyes opened sharply upon seeing her friends unreal bicep.

"Jesus! I think your arms are the same size as my ex boyfriends!" Sarah said surprised.

Then seemingly she seemed to drift off thinking of a big armed guy fucking her senseless. This made Sarah slowly lick her lips before breaking into a wide smile, bouncing ever so slightly with giddiness. This of course made her huge chest jiggle up and down almost uncontrollably.

"mmm…i do like them big" Sarah said apparently not quite back in reality.

Claire upon seeing this gorgeous 19 year old flaunting her huge assets in front of her, Saw her chance to impress her busty friend.

"Well maybe i'll show you a real bicep flex one day…"
Claire said planning to leave it there. Giving Sarah a big smile before turning to the slide

"Hang on, you just flexed 5 seconds ago!" Sarah shrieked

"I mean a REAL flex" Claire said again looking back over her shoulder to get her point across.

"Whats the difference?" Sarah asked.

Claire turned to face Sarah. She strode towards her only stopping to lean in front of her face. Making sure to say every word slowly and ever so seductively.

"Well for one thing..." She paused to make sure sarah was hanging onto every word.

"….More….Muscle" Claire said with a smile.

Sarah wasn't gay. But as all of her old boyfriends were the jock type (or 'meat heads' as the girls called it) the sheer mention of muscle really got her engine going. Something that Claire knew from talking to one of Sarahs old boyfriends at the gym some time ago.

"More Muscle?" Sarah questioned. She quickly headed towards the swings and sat down to see the show.

"Oh so now you wanna see?"

Sarah just smiled and nodded to her buff friend.

"Ha, Well I'm pretty sure if i got back down the gym I could develop more muscle than your meathead of an ex could ever dream of"

Sarah giggled a little.

"Who knows one day these muscles of mine might make you play for the other team" Claire said with a wink aimed at Sarah only half joking.

Sarah was about to reply when she was silenced by the sight of Claire starting to flex again. Although this time she started putting a lot more effort into it than she had a moment ago. Claire slowly started to curl her arm making the sleeve of her shirt instantly tight. There was little doubt her bicep was bigger than it was before. Claire reached the end of her flex, held it and flashed a quick smile to Sarah, who was now staring at Claires huge muscle.
Claire knew Sarah was paying attention. It was time to get serious. Claire dropped the smile and glared at her bicep. Her arm straightened once more and before anyone could react Claire started curling again, hard! Small grunts of effort could be heard from Claire as she poured everything she had into the curl. Claire was starting to go a little red in the face and her arm was shaking with effort. Her arm was only bent 80 degrees before she felt a lot of resistance from her shirt. It was her favourite and very well made but Claire had already come this far. Agonisingly slowly Claire continued her flex. Stitches were starting to come apart and offered her swelling bicep some much needed room. She kept going until she could go no further. She finally stopped her flex and held it for a moment. Claire was now standing there with her long sleeve shirt wrapped tightly round her now pumped 16.5" bicep, her definition was clear to see even through the shirt. Which was now thanks to her huge peak, sporting a 3" gash where the stitches had hopelessly been overpowered.

Sarah's eyes were opened wide and her mouth had fell a gasp at the sight of this huge bicep rising up out of nowhere. She never realised how much power was hidden in her friends arm.It was without a doubt the biggest bicep she'd seen in real life.
Sarah really did 'like them big' but until that very moment she always thought it was just big guys. However the tingling sensation she was currently feeling between her legs was making her unsure. She couldn't picture a guy having that power even if she tried. Claire had just changed that fantasy for good. If she wasn't already sitting on the swings she was pretty sure she would've fallen down just looking at Claire's giant bulge currently trying to break free of its cotton prison. Sarah realised she was breathing deeply almost panting. She had to quickly compose herself.

"So what do you think of a real flex then?" Claire questioned with a cocky grin.

"...Yeah I suppose it's pretty impressive. But I meant I only like them big on guys" Sarah said unable to convince herself she wasn't now lying about just liking guys. Sarah was more turned on then she had ever been with her ex. She turned slightly to avoid looking at Claire feeling herself starting to blush.

"I could do 25 chin ups with these bad boys" Claire boasted.

"Geez, That's quite a lot isn't it?" Sarah asked genuinely not knowing having never worked out.

"Not really" Lisa interjected having been watching everything silently perched atop the climbing frame.

Now Lisa was the only blonde of the little group. She was shorter than Sarah and also younger at 18, she was the sweetest person anyone had ever met. She was very attractive and her chest was quite big for her age at 34D but when with Sarah it was hardly noticed. She was of average build at least the last time Sarah and Claire remembered. Lisa hadn't been seen out of her baggy gym clothes for a year since she spent all her time at 'gymnast camp'.
The girls never questioned it as she was always going to and from camp anyways. If they thought about it, they couldn't remember Lisa wearing anything else.

Claire turned quickly towards Lisa looking a little stunned that she'd knocked her down a peg after she almost tore through her shirt with just her bicep.

Lisa continued
"I can do more than that pretty easily. We get made to do loads of them at camp. Its really brutal. Just sit ups, pull ups, crunches, push ups, leg raises… Just constant exercise all summer about 4 months of sweat and pain and not much else, not even much gymnastics. I'm going back next summer too"

"Why are you going back if you hate it?" Sarah asked

"Who said i hate it?! I'm in the best shape i have ever been in. Besides my gymnastics have improved too"

"You just said that you didn't do much gymnastics at this thing" Sarah asked getting increasing confused.

"We don't really, just hours of exercise .Its just that because of all the exercise that we all do I can now jump higher, run faster, lift myself quicker. My gymnastics cant help but be improved" Lisa explained

"Well i suppose that makes sense…" Sarah said seeming unable to deny the logic behind Lisa's words.

"So if you're such good shape how about you show us a flex?" Claire challenged with a little grin

"Yeah go on!"
Sarah said excitedly hoping to see a flex from her other friend. Maybe answering her sexual conflict currently running through her head.

"No it's too embarrassing besides you won't see anything" Lisa said

"It's ok blondie, its just that i've been working out for a while. It's ok if you've got nothing to show" Claire said

"I just meant you wont be able to see anything past this jumper" Lisa said grabbing handfuls of loose jumper that hung everywhere from her.

"Take it off then" Claire suggested

"No, I've only got my leotard on underneath. Anyway it's pretty cold out here" Lisa replied

"Why have you got that on for?" Sarah asked a bit disappointed that perhaps she wouldn't see another flex after all.

"I've got gym camp in like 20mins" Lisa answered.

"Fine. What about some chin ups then?"
Claire said determined not to let Lisa get away with lessening her achievement of 25 chin ups without some kind of prove that she could do better.

"Yeah sure, no problem" Lisa then jumped of the climbing frame landing as easily as you would expect a gymnast to do.

She then proceeded to jump up under the monkey bars. The bars were at least 9ft from the ground which Lisa seemed to reach with ease.
Claire had to admit that she was impressed. However she put it down to Lisa just being a good gymnast.

Lisa just hung there.

"Ok how many do you want me to do?" Asked Lisa

" about you try and beat my 25" Claire suggested

Without a word being said Lisa started to crank out perfect form chin ups seemly without any strain. Claire watching this small blonde 18 girl lifting herself over and over again without a hint of slowing down was in shock, it seemed so easy for her.

"Look at her go!" Sarah squealed

At around rep 22 Claire decided that she'd have some fun.
Claire jumped up and grabbed Lisa's shoulders when Lisa was on her way down from rep 24. Claire fully expecting Lisa to drop down was in for a surprise.
Incredibly Lisa managed to hold the weight of Claire and herself.

"Wow! Lisa you little beast!"
Sarah shouted amazed by this feat.

Sarah may not work out or know how much weight was a lot to lift, but she didn't have to know. What she was seeing right now, she just knew that took a lot of strength for anyone.

"Ha, I'm impressed Blondie. Hell of a grip you've got there. I knew you were fit but that's a lot of strength for a tiny woman. I may have cheated a little but I knew you wouldn't beat my 25 chins" Claire said with a little chuckle.

Lisa still hung there with Claire on her back. A little worn out by the chin ups not to mention the feat of supporting her friend as well as her own body weight.

"I haven't finished yet" Lisa said still hanging from but looking up at the bar

"It's ok Lisa I was joking. I don't expect you to do 25. I was just seeing if you we're bullshitting me about doing them so easily. I can see now that gymnast camp is doing your body good." Claire complemented.

"I'm going to do 25" Lisa said defiantly

"Ok suit yourself, let me jump down, blondie" Claire said

"No. Don't" Lisa snapped back

"Huh? Lisa you can't do a chin-up with me on your back I weigh about 145lbs of muscle"

"We'll see…" Lisa said under her breath.

Claire had already felt Lisa's body start to tense up not only did she feel hard, she was rock solid!

"Lisa don't be silly you're going to hurt yourself!"

"" Lisa said through gritted teeth.

Sarah was still sat on the swing dumbfounded not quite believing her friend was trying to perform this unreal feat of strength.

Claire felt herself rising.

"Holy shit Lisa!….how are you doing this?!" Claire really didn't know. She was no stranger to the gym and even the strongest guy in there couldn't do what Lisa was currently trying.

Lisa slowed and then eventually stopped the motion seemingly unable to move any further. The pair didn't drop an inch though, Lisa wouldn't allow it.
Claire was having a little trouble hanging on to Lisas shoulders, it was easy when they're was a tiny amount of give in them. But now lisa's tensed shoulders were beyond hard they were like steel! Claire wrapped her legs around Lisa's abs for support. As strong as Claire's legs were, her firm squeezing wasn't moving Lisa's now rock hard midsection a millimetre.

They must've been hanging halfway between reps 24 and 25 for over a minute now, which in Claire's eyes made the feat even more impressive.
She glanced at Lisas face which was red with effort.

Claire lifted herself up a little so she could talk straight into Lisas ear.
"Lisa. You've proved your point, but please stop before you hurt yourself"

"No…I…can…do…it….aggghhhh" Lisa said before gritting her teeth and somehow finding some more strength in her tiring arms.

Lisa threw her head back and roared forcing herself and Claire to rise painfully slowly towards the bar. Claire noticed the she was still being lifted slowly but very surely. She could feel Lisa shaking.

"Lisa this is incredible!" Claire told her now growling friend. Claire was almost starting to entertain the idea that this might be some kind of trick, that was until she saw Lisa's arm.
Slowly hoisting 145lbs plus her own body weight inch by inch was causing Lisa's arm to inflate to huge dimensions. The sleeve on a once very baggy sweat shirt was now incredibly tight. Looking like it would break at any moment. Not just threatening to pull the stitches out but Claire was sure the sleeve would just blow apart! It looked someone had stuffed large melons inside her sleeves. Claire didn't need a measuring tape. It was clear Lisa's biceps were bigger than hers, and Claire's were over 16"!

* holy shit she's bigger than most of the hardcore guys at the gym * Claire thought to herself

Claire was speechless, all she could do was stare at Lisa's giant biceps while it continued to power the pair of them towards the top of the bar.

Sarah was sat on the swings in front of her 2 friends. She was unable to see the huge bicep that currently filled Claire's vision due to Lisa's forearms blocking the view.She didn't need too see, just looking at Lisa powering the both of them to the top of the bar was enough to make her horny as hell. If Claire's display had sparked a fire in Sarah loins then Lisa's feat was making it into a raging inferno.

Lisa finally finished her last rep making sure her chin was lifted above the bar.
"Arghh.....twenty....five" Lisa managed to let out through moaning and panting.

It was possibly the sexiest tone Claire had ever heard.

Lisa didn't give Claire the chance to let go. Instead she dropped down with Claire still hanging on to her shoulders and her legs wrapped around her abs.
Lisa legs easily strong enough to support them both for the landing. The weight however caused her thighs to bulge considerably making her baggy gym pants to momentarily become tight as a drum, soon relaxing once she finished her landing. Claire still a little stunned slowly let go of Lisa and walked around to face her.

"That was...amazing" Claire said almost too quiet for Lisa to hear.

Lisa's with her arms now back down to her sides breathing heavily, smiled a little to Claire thankfully. Her XL sweatshirt had now become baggy enough to hide what must've been some seriously pumped biceps.

Sarah had just started to get up from the swings, trying to desperately control her labido. She just had to be with Lisa. Just be close to her.
Sarah started to quickly bound over to Lisa. Making her huge chest bounce around massively. Her breasts almost looked to hit her chin they were rising so high with the speed Sarah was running. Truth is due to her chest sarah was a bit conscious about running, but at that point she didn't care. She wanted, hell needed to touch Lisa.
Her button down shirt was opened a few buttons from the top offering a small amount of cleavage but right now her chest was threatening to either spill out over the top or burst a few more buttons.
Claire just caught the last few seconds of Sarah's massive chest jiggling around, making her ogle like a schoolgirl.

"My turn!" Sarah squealed running straight into Lisa hugging her as she did so. Lisa stumbled back a yard or so but managed to stay on her feet supporting Sarah's weight.

"Whoa. Hi there" Lisa said with a smile, caught a little of guard that Sarah was now a few inches from her face.

"Hi" Sarah replied grinning from ear to ear. Ignoring the fact that he was slightly winded from slamming into a surprisingly solid Lisa. Sarah then wrapped her legs around her waist just like Claire did. Sarah's eyes opened wide for a brief second when a tingle of pleasure ran through her as she realised her wet pussy was by complete accident pressed hard against Lisa's abs. Lisa didn't seem to notice. What she did notice was Sarah was so close that her chest had pressed up against her own sizeable chest causing a huge amount of cleavage in between the 2 girls.

"Come on let's go!" Sarah said excitedly. Not quite sure what she was expecting to happen.

"I think she's understandably tired Sarah" Claire said as she took Sarah's place on the swings.

Sarah still tightly wrapped around Lisa, looked into her eyes getting a little disappointed that she might not get to experience what Claire did.

"You're not too tired, arrr wuu Lisa?" Sarah said trying to sound like a little girl.

"We'll I'm not worn out. But my arms are really burning" Lisa admitted

Sarah was gutted, but she was confident she could get her to do perform some kind of show.

"Ok what about the leg things you mentioned? You don't have to use your arms then" Sarah suggested.

"You mean leg raises? Erm yeah I suppose I could do them. I might have to use my arms a little though"

Lisa looked around and was about to start walking towards a climbing frame that was a lot shorter that the monkey bars she was currently under. When she realised Sarah was still clinging on to her.

"Erm are you just going to stay there?" She asked Sarah

"Ha, yep" Sarah said playfully refusing to give up her position.

"Ok then, hold on tight"

Sarah gripped a little tighter. Noticing how ripped her back was. Lisa then awkwardly waddled towards the climbing frame with her arms at her side for balance. Every step caused Sarah's squashed breasts to jiggle around. Sarah didn't care, mainly because with every step Lisa took, her abs were gently pressing against Sarah's pussy. Sarah rested her head on Lisa's shoulder as to not let her face give away what was really happening down below. She look away and kept her eyes shut trying to think about anything to keep from cuming right there. Claire still sat on the swings saw Sarah's face pressed against Lisa's shoulder and thought at first she might be in some kind of pain. Then her jaw dropped in realisation. Claire had seen that face a hundred times, heck she'd CAUSED many a girl to pull that face.

*no way* Claire thought. Maybe Sarah had a bigger muscle fetish than she first thought.

Lisa stopped when she got under the climbing frame short enough to reach onto without having to jump up to it. Sarah wasn't sure if she was disappointed or relieved when Lisa had stopped walking thus ending her gentle pussy pounding by Lisa's hard abs. Sarah didn't want it to end but at the same time didn't want to embarrass herself by having an orgasm while wrapped around one of her best friends.

"Ready?" Lisa asked

"Huh?" Sarah replied clearly not yet in a state of mind to be answering questions.

"I said are you ready?"

Sarah moved her head from Lisas shoulder and looked her in the face once more.

"oh yeah sure, lets go!" Sarah said with a meek smile finally able to form full sentences.

Lisa reached up and grabbed one of the low bars on the climbing frame. Now fully supporting Sarahs weight in her fully extended arms. She had to bend her legs to avoid them touching the ground when she started to dangle down. The 2 girls noses were now inches from each others. Sarah was trying to control her heavy breathing, which was only being made obvious by her huge chest rising in-between both girls almost pushing them apart a little. Sarah who was still recovering from being brought close to orgasm by Lisa's abs alone, thought she would be ok now considering that lisa wouldn't be using her abs for 'leg raises'. Lisa knew only too well from doing thousands of them over the summer that leg raises were a gruelling and punishing ab workout. Sarahs pussy was still ground hard against Lisa's abs, but Sarah knew she could control herself if there wasn't any movement down there.
Sarah almost involuntary stole a quick kiss on Lisa's full lips. All 3 girls flirted harmlessly with each other all the time so lisa didn't think much of it.

"For good luck!" Sarah blurted out after realised what she'd just done.

"Aww thanks" Lisa said with a smile

"Ok. Here goes nothing" the blonde continued to no one in particular.

Lisa slowly started to lift her own legs upwards until they were parallel with the ground.
Sarah felt Lisa's abs start to swell against her pussy.

*oh shit* Sarah thought realising what kind of predicament she now found herself in.

Sarah moved her head once more over Lisa's shoulder so not to let lisa see her expression.Lisa thighs gently bumped Sarahs ass.

"…One…" Lisa said as she slowly lowered her legs back down again.

Sarah remained silent unbeknown to Lisa, She was biting her own lip to stop any sexual moans escaping.

"Not impressed huh?" Lisa asked a little disappointed.

"Ok How about I speed things up?" she suggested. Sarahs eyes opened wide with fear

*No, no, no. oh shit, oh shit, oh shit* Sarahs head was reeling.

Before Sarah could say anything Lisa raised her legs over and over again this time with a little more speed. Showing incredible stamina she kept this pace up for a few minutes. This caused her abs to swell harder and harder against Sarah's pussy. Sarah thought she might cum at any second, so started to try and move her pelvis away from Lisas rock hard midsection. Sarah had her arms around Lisa's neck just hanging there. She had to loosen her grip her legs had in order to move her hips away from the dense muscle Lisa's abs were producing. Lisa was still raising her legs over and over.
"" Lisa grunted holding her legs up.
Sarah said nothing, trying desperately not to touch anything with her now sensitive lady lips.

"Still not impressed?" Lisa asked a little breathlessly, again Sarah remained silent.

"Ok then, how about this?" Lisa lowered her legs once more offering a thankful Sarah little resistance against her pussy. But it was short lived. Lisa started to lift her legs once more stopping where she had before, parallel with the ground. Sarah had now moved her hips far enough away that they weren't reviving any contact with Lisa's midsection. Sarah was relived by the thought that she wouldn't have to embarrass herself by cuming on her friends lap after all.
Lisa's face turned serious and she started exerting more effort into lifting her legs higher. She keep this up until she felt Sarah's body weight from stopping her proceeding any further.

*Whats she doing?!* wondered Sarah inside her head, excited to know but too scared to actually find out.

Sarah was now wriggling around struggling to keep sliding back down Lisa's legs into her abs.

A soft moan left Lisa's lips as she seemed to be really trying to lift her legs higher. Sarah's body weight for the most part was supported by herself hanging from Lisa's neck, but now she felt Lisa trying to move her upwards! Sarah couldn't help but slide back down and stop at Lisa's unbelievable abs. Even through her leggings and Lisa's baggy sweat shirt Sarah could still feel the definition.
Lisa let out another slightly louder moan as her legs were no longer parallel with the ground they were getting higher. Sarah could no longer move away from Lisa's abs. She was trapped!
Claire was still watching from the swings,she saw Sarah's eyes open wide as if something was wrong. Claire said nothing thinking if Sarah didn't want to be that position she would've said something.
Lisa's legs continued to raise, now starting to squash the 2 girls closer together. Sarah's breasts moving higher towards her own chin with the pressure Lisa's monumental leg raise was causing.

*OH SHIT! No please*

Sarah was on the verge of an orgasm. Lisas abs were making her pussy felt like it was slowly and gently being rubbed against a wall of warm smooth pebbles. Sarah panicked and unlocked her arms from around Lisa's neck. She moved one arm quickly round Lisa's back and with the other arm raised her hand over her own mouth to stop herself from screaming. What she didn't realise, was in doing so she let her entire body weight rest upon Lisa raised legs!

"Aggghhhhh" ... Lisa silently moaned as Sarah unexpectedly released her full body weight onto her legs making her already taxed abs to work even harder. Lisa gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tight. The small blonde had instinctively tried to stop Sarah from falling onto the ground by continuing to hold the lift. This made her once defined hard abs swell immensely. Sarah had almost no choice but to cum right there and then as Lisa's solid abs swelled with dense muscle pushing hard against her pussy.
Sarah lost all control and nearly blacked out from having the most intense orgasm of her life. Her eyes had clamped together tightly her body shaking as waves of pleasure ran through her.

Claire saw Sarah's reaction as knew she came almost instantly.

*Oh my god i dont believe it!*

Claire decided to herself that she wouldn't mention it, just to save Sarah's blushes.

Lisa was trying to lower Sarah down slowly, but the suddenness of the extra weight meant Lisa could only hold it for a few seconds. She ended up lowering her friend quicker than she would've liked. Sarah soon fell to the ground in a heap. From the sheer bliss that was currently racking Sarah's body she was unable to stop herself from landing with any real dignity. Lisa worried that her friend might be hurt, released the climbing frame bar and bent over to check on Sarah. Claire also ran over not knowing if Sarah had really hurt herself.

"Shit I'm so sorry Sarah are you ok?"
Lisa asked concerned.

Sarah soon came to the realisation that she had just been brought to an earth shattering orgasm by her best friend, Who was now looming over her. Sarah instantly stood up quickly startling both Lisa and Claire.

"I'm ok honestly, I really have to go though" Sarah said slowly backing away then turning starting to run out of the park gates and round the corner.

"Hey wait! Sarah!" Lisa shouted starting to head after her. Claire stopped her by grabbing the blondes shoulder.

"Let her go. If she's ok to run then she didn't hurt herself" Claire said trying to save Sarah any more embarrassment.

"But why run away without saying anything?" Lisa asked confused.

Claire knew exactly why Sarah couldn't be in the same place as Lisa right now. Sarah probably had to clean herself off. Not to mention how embarrassed she must be. She hated lying to her friend but did it to protect sweet little Lisa from knowing what actually happened.

"She was telling me earlier about her meathead of an ex again. Maybe the break up hurt her more than she thought. She may have started crying and didn't want us to see her like that" Claire offered instantly hating herself for lying to Lisa.

"That jerk" Lisa said clearly upset that some douche of a guy had hurt her friend. This made Claire feel even worse about lying.

"Can you see if she's ok please? I'd see myself but I've gotta go to gymnast camp" Lisa said sweetly. Feeling a little upset that she couldn't be there for a friend.

"Yeah I'm sure she's fine" Claire said with a knowing smile. Laying a hand on Lisa's firm shoulder. Lisa smiled back thinking Claire was being supportive.

Femuita Forum / Andiamo sul sociale...
« il: 17 Settembre 2016, 11:07:37 »
Gli inglesi ci sanno fare nelle pubblicità

Femuita Forum / Stacy Killion
« il: 13 Ottobre 2015, 21:13:42 »
Trovata su herbiceps...
non amo le milf, ma le braccia di questa tizia sono dei capolavori...

News ed aggiornamenti / TAPATALK - Beta version
« il: 21 Luglio 2015, 20:54:12 »
Salve a tutti...
come richiesto e dopo molte prove ho installato Tapatalk.
Purtroppo, riesco a leggere il forum ma non riesco a fare il login. Cercando in rete sembra sia un problema dovuto ad un'estensione del PHP (cURL) e non so se si può attivare su questo hosting.

Nel frattempo, chi ha tapatalk, può provare e dirmi cosa riesce o non riesce a fare? :)


UPDATE: Ho attivato la funzione, ci metterà qualche minuto... se funziona fatemi sapere, se non funziona, anche :)

« il: 09 Settembre 2014, 18:34:18 »
Buongiorno a tutti,

come forse vi sarete accorti, negli ultimi tre fine mese abbiamo avuto il forum giu o terribilmente lento per via della carenza di banda assegnata. A quanto pare, il sito ha molti piu visitatori che utenti attivi e non mi ero reso conto del volume di traffico.
Inoltre, grazie all'eccellente lavoro di Granarone che ha praticamente uploadato tutta la gallery da solo, il numero di visite si è impennato.

Ora, quella gallery a quanto pare usava risorse piu del dovuto, pertanto sto provando ad usarne un'altra.
Il link sulla board, e sulla barra in alto è già stato aggiornato.

E' piu semplice, ma dovrebbe risultare piu leggera ed intuitiva, soprattutto perchè non usa il database.
E' molto simile a quella che c'era prima.

Ho al momento lasciato anche l'altra, perchè voglio fare una prova e vedere se noto un miglioramento nelle prestazioni.
Se avete problemi o volete modificare qualcosa, fatemi sapere.

Grazie a tutti per l'attenzione e onore al GRAN LUP MAN del forum!!

Femuita Forum / Forum Down
« il: 02 Agosto 2014, 16:08:40 »
Ciao a tutti, ho notato che alcuni mi hanno scritto che il forum non funzionava.
Quel messaggio mi fa pensare che ancora una volta abbiamo superato il traffico a disposizione.
L'avevo portato a 25 GB al mese, ma sembra che non basti.

Ad oggi, 3 agosto, già il 3% del traffico è stato usato. Ora controllo ed in caso lo aumento, ma piu di questo non posso fare.
Mi scuso per il disagio, e spero di riuscire ad ovviare al problema il piu presto possibile.

Buon agosto :)

Femuita Forum / Ninja Warrior - Kacy Catanzaro
« il: 17 Luglio 2014, 19:21:19 »
Non se è stato postato, ma per sicurezza :)

Il nome italiano non tradisce mai!!

« il: 28 Dicembre 2013, 21:52:17 »
Eccoci qua... sembra che sia andato quasi tutto a posto :P

Per il momento il forum è in inglese, a breve torna anche l'opzione in italiano. E' stata implementata la gallery, dopo vi spiego come si usa, appena vedo che tutto torna regolare.

Il motore e gli script del forum sono stati reinstallati ex-novo all'ultima versione disponibile.
Ho pulito gli attachment, tutti quelli piu vecchi di 90 giorni sono stati cancellati.
Ho bannato tutte le iscrizioni con l'email che finisce per .ru

Se avete problemi fatemi sapere.

News ed aggiornamenti / Aggiornamento forum - Modalità manutenzione
« il: 28 Dicembre 2013, 20:13:26 »
Per via della reinstallazione dell'engine del forum e l'integrazione di una gallery sperimentale, staserà il forum sarà offline per qualche ora. Spero di riuscire a tornare in linea senza problemi il prima possibile.

Mi scuso per il disagio, ma è il mio regalo per l'anno nuovo :)

Femuita Forum / herbiceps - funziona a voi?
« il: 26 Ottobre 2013, 14:22:33 »
Sono un pò di giorni che non riesco ad andare sul forum di herbiceps.
E cosi anche per voi o è il mio pc che ha deciso di passare a miglior vita?

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