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[EN / Vampire] - Sister power
« il: 29 Gennaio 2012, 00:06:45 »
Mary was watching television when her elder brother walked into the living-room.

Chris who was 5 years older than her, had sometimes picked on her when they were kids. Nothing dramatic, quite cheeky but still, Mary hated it whenever he bullied her around. And now he was back from College after a year.

"Hand over the remote-console." He demanded.

"No! I am watching Strange Days. Why don't you go over to your room and see whatever crap you wanna see in your room." She responded defiantly.

"Hand it over." Chris reached over and snatched the console from her grasp.

"No... Return it right now. Or I'll call Mom"

"She is off to mall, you squirt."

Chris was 19 years old, stood 5-9 and weighed 176 pounds. He was a bit overweight for his height, slightly plump but was good looking. Mary on the other hand was lean, but since she had started playing tennis, her body had strengthened remarkably. She was 5-3 and weighed 119. She had an attractive face and sharp features.

Mary stood up and looked directly into his eyes.

"Return that now." She stated calmly.

"Or else...." He grinned.

He was just teasing her a bit, and she knew it too, but she had taken enough BS.

"Well then Chris, I suppose I'll have to show you who is the boss."

"Yeah kiddo! Lets see."

She clasped his wrist and snatched the remote, but didn't release his hand.

"OK. OK. Come on now remove your hand before you get hurt." Chris offered.

"Make me." She smiled.

"Allright Baby."

With that he started applying force on her grasp but to no avail.

"Hey, you've a good grasp." He commented while trying his best to release his hand. He was surprised by the power of her grip. He doubled his effort but without success.

She gave a final squeeze to his wrist before releasing him.

"Learnt your lesson." She grinned.

"Whatever." Chris turned around and headed for his room embarrased. How did she do that, he pondered. He was five years older and had a distinct height and weight advantage.

Mary meanwhile was thinking about it too. She too was surprised that she could do what she did. And she liked it.

A couple of hours later, Mary entered Chris' room. He was lying on the bed reading a book.

He saw her and put the book aside. She was wearing a pink tanktop which showed off her arms. He was balled over by the definition in her arms. And as she raised her arms to brush off the hair from her face, her bicep swelled up hardening like a rock. He thought that she was doing that just to intimidate him after the earlier encounter.

"Mom's calling you for supper."

"I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Now, Boy. Make it now or..." She was grinning evilly.

Chris decided that it was better for him to conform to her wishes and dragged himself out od the bed and walked towards the dining room with Mary following her. As they were nearing the dining area, he felt himself being lifted. Mary had grabbed him from behind and was now carrying him with considerable ease.

"Please Mary. Stop it. Mom'll see." He said. "Put me down."

"Why shouldn't Mom see?" She replied and added "Hey, you're pretty soft Chris. No wonder you feel so vulnerable."

He too was embarrased to find that his sister's body was so much harder than his.

"Please put me down, Mary." He begged. He could see his mother sitting on the dining chair, her back facing them.

"Hey Mom. Look who is here." Mary called out.

Their mother turned and Chris felt tears rolling out of his eyes. Not because Mary was hurting him but because of shame that his younger sister could manage him so easily and that too infront of his mom.

"Put him down, Mary." Mom ordered.

Mary put him down at once.

He walked towards his chair slowly, his head hung downwards. It was going to be a long dinner.
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