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[EN / Samuel Clemens] - Family feud (part 1 & 2)
« il: 29 Gennaio 2012, 02:59:24 »
Family Feud (part I)

I shared lunch with friends Saturday. The friends decided to bring their children to a bar and in an atmosphere that was sheer boredom for the youngsters.

After repeatedly bothering Mom, the kids began to amuse themselves arm-wrestling. The matches were uninteresting as the kids were 11 and 12 and too young to be any good. Among the kids a 12 year old girl dominated.

After beating her brothers and friends the 12 year old decided to challenge her mom's boyfriend, Karl. He playfully went along and admitted that the girl was strong for her age.

The young girl commented that she had learned her skills from her mother, Amy. Amy in a very pretty, athletic, 29 year old with red hair and a penchant for low tight blouses.

Karl laughingly said that he never noticed any muscle on Amy. He had to be kidding because the curvaceous Amy has excellent muscle tone. Amy took exception to his comments and challenged Karl to a match. I warned her that it might not be good for their relatively new relationship.

Karl did not seem eager to accept the challenge from his girlfriend and it wouldhave ended there except that the precocious youngster continued to taunt Karl.

He finally relented. Amy removed her jacket and eagerly set up to take on Karl. Karl is slim but outweighed her by 40 pounds. Amy's tank top displayed her attributes well including impressive cleavage and well-muscled arms.She flexed her biceps for us all. They were about 14 inches and formed beautiful rounded mounds.

I liked it but Karl seemed unimpressed. He asked "is this a match I am supposed to lose?"

That incensed Amy and I said that his comment may have provided her with unneeded incentive in the match. Amy is not quiet and the impending match attracted the interest of the bar crowd already in a sporting (betting mood).

Amy added to the spice saying she would pay the tab in she lost the match.

They locked hands and the match began. Neither made a strong move testing each other but I did note that Karl seemed to be trying pretty hard to hold up to the woman.

The cheers grew as Amy played with Karl. He could not move her arm even when he cheated by lifiting his elbow.

Amy then began to bear down and gained an advantage. With a decided lead, she offered him a draw fearing only that she would humiliate the guy. He refused and strained to take her down. After about ten seconds of effort he began to weaken. Amy looked fully at ease and kept up a constant pressure. She could have applied leverage as his arm moved down but instead she relied on her superior arm strength and brought his hand firmly to the table. Her daughter lead the cheering raising her Mom's hand in triumph.

Karl sat glumly rubbing his forearm too chastened to ask for a rematch. Amy looked at me to avenge the 'male honor'.

To be continued...
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Re: [EN / Samuel Clemens] - Family feud (part 1 & 2)
« Risposta #1 il: 29 Gennaio 2012, 02:59:59 »
Family Feud (part II)

I was ready to accept Amy's challenge but so were several other men. Her contest had drawn more attention that I realized. (As an aside it is amazing to me that many, even most, men will eagerly watch a woman armwrestle a man but few men will openly discuss the fact that this is a turn-on.)

In any event, in less than a minute of the completion of her match, our exciting verbal match was interrupted by some slightly inebriated 19 year old from the next table. He practically knocked me off my chair as he pushed in to our table and issued his challenge saying "Hey strong chick, think you can beat a MAN!" or words to that effect.

He was obviously a Man as evidenced by the odor of his chain smoking and his horrific breath. Amy shrank back from the table with a loud "Back off!"

I asked him politely if he was old enough to be drinking. He glared at me but turned his less than witty retort at Karl . o offense dude (I hate that term) but you have got to be a wimp to lose like that to a hot chick."

Unfortunately he was soon joined by yet another inebriated testicle carrier literally drooling beer as he approached to challenge Amy.

Our waitress approached with our drinks and seeing that we were in danger of being assaulted by drunks, backed them off capably.

Amy then eyed me renewing her challenge. I suggested that this might not be the best venue unless she wanted to fight off drunks. She agreed and we drank up, paid and left.

We found a bar that did a better job of checking ID's and rejecting jerks and settled into a quiet booth. A waitress came for an order . Amy told her
"But give me at least 5 minutes before you serve us."

The waitress looked puzzled. Amy continued "I have to beat this guy in arm-wreslting. And since the bet is lunch, I will be having something ... EXPENSIVE ... since he is going to pay."

I was amused. Amy is beautiful, fun, excitable, aggressive and damn strong for her size. I am not aggressive but I weigh 190 to her 120. I workout regularly and she does ... sporadically.

I was still looking forward to the challenge. She took my hand and tried to pull it down before we started. I finally got her to set up in a semi-fair start and avoided looking at her cleavage. Karl piped in with "Good Tony, you'll beat her easily and make me feel more like a wimp."

Amy looked at him "So is he supposed to let me win."

Karl added "I said that I assumed that was the game."

"So you are trying to imply that you LET me WIN?" she said staring at him. "You are an ass. Afraid to admit that a woman is stronger."

"Okay, woman," I said to her trying to regain control of the situation. I was getting the idea that Karl could not cope with the loss and I was sure he had NOT let her win. "I will readily admit to your superior strength when you beat me."

"When!" she said. "See. Tony is smart enough to know tht i am going to beat him!"

I loved her enthusiasm. "But I am never going to let you win Wonder Woman so just settle down and focus on the match or I will beat your butt."

She focused and we started. She knew better than to start slow with me and threw all 120 gorgeous pounds into me. I underestimated her strength and speed and ended up in a bad position right from the start. My arm was almost half way down 3 seconds into the match.

I was stronger and had to use all my strength to avoid being pinned immediately. "Whoa there speedy," I said fighting to hold her back.

She also showed that she knew a lot about technique. She has used no leverage in her match with Karl but now moved around and over my arm to use her weight to hold me. I realized that I had to get her countered quickly or I would lose. I am not strong enough to hold her from half way down.

I struggled to pull my arm back even but she had her shoulder angled in and was bearing down. I'd gain a little and she'd rock and put all her weight back into it. If I regained a few inches she quickly pulled me back.

After 30 seconds we were both straining. I felt a quiver in her arm and she realized that she was tiring. I twisted to try to pull her up. Then she surprised me.

She switched her grip moving to put all her strength on to my right thumb. The action pulled by wrist back painfully. In seconds she moved me closer to the table. With only a thumb in her palm I had trouble getting any grip to pull her up. She held my thumb tight so our hands did not come apart.

I let out a gasp from the pain. I felt my hand start to cramp. Her arm still quivered but now she had too much advantage in leverage. She let up slightly and my arm started to rise only to have her swing her wait back. The rocking motion served to pull me completely off balance and my arm crashed to the table.

We were both spent and for several seconds neither of us moved. She held my hand leaning her whole upper body over my arm.

"Damn you are strong!" she said looking at me with sex on her forehead.

"Me?" I said. "You won."

She smiled. "I did. And I am ready for a feast on you!"

I laughed and was glad for the trusty American Express card in my pocket.
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