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[EN / Vampire] - Super mom
« il: 29 Gennaio 2012, 03:01:03 »
I was not in a good mood as I inserted the key on the lock, swinging the door open. I had had a hard day at School. I had got into a fight with my girlfriend over a stupid thing. And she had vowed never to see my face again.

As I entered the house, I saw my mom's purse lying on the couch. This was weird as she was generally at office at this hour of the day. My mom was 50, but was an attractive lady. She was a large framed woman of 5-9, the same height as me. She worked at a Toy Manufacturing Company. Since her divorse, 7 years earlier she had brought me up alone. I was the only child, and so I did get lonely at times. But now at 16, I had adjusted well with her help.

I knocked at her door softly, but received no reply. So I entered the room.

She was lying on the bed fast asleep. I saw that her sleeping pill was on top of the side table. Apparently, she had taken them and was fast asleep.

As I went near her, I couldn't but marvel at her physique. She had joined a local gym and had been going there for 5 years now, 5 times a week and the result was evident. She had transformed into a super mom with super muscles. But she hated to show off and rarely did she don any revealing clothes which could accentuate her raw rugged and sensual muscles.

But today she was wearing a sleeveless nightie. She was lying on her back with her head tilted away from me, her mouth slightly open, and her dark black hair fanned across the pillow. Her broad, brawny shoulders were well muscled. I knew they were way broader than mine and a lot more stronger, not to mention muscular. Her left arm was above her head. And what an arm was that. My mom's arm was massive with brawny muscles. Even while she was sleeping and her arm was not flexed, the muscle definition in her arm was evident. Her armpits were covered with dense black hair. In her sleep she stretched, and boy did her biceps explode. Her bicep was egg shaped with smooth sinewy muscles.

But before I could marvel at the size and strength of her guns the stretching posture had transformed into a relaxing one. But still her muscle definition was quite visible. I ran up to my room and brought a tape measure.

Slowly, I slid the tape around her massive arms. I knew that I had to be careful, or else she might wake up. But lust makes a man do some very stupid things. As I finished measuring I was dumbfounded to find that her relaxed arm measured 13.3 inches. Then I measured mine and even my flexed bicep was merely 13.1 and unflexed it was 12.1. This discovery brought about a change in my shaft. I had a throbbing erection. The thought that ny mom's biceps were so much bigger and muscular than me had evolved a very strange but sensual feeling.

Carefully, I placed my palm on my mom's biceps. Even unflexed, it was firm and very hulky. A vein was slightly visible on the top of her muscular biceps. I ran my hands over it. Her arm was so smooth, and yet it radiated so much power and strength.

I had always known that my mom was way stronger than me. She weighed 175 pounds, but all her weight was pure muscle. Though I was of the same height as her, I weighed 162 pounds and not much in my body was muscle. I knew that my mom could very easily crush me, manhandle me whenever she wanted. She was too damned strong.

My mom's wrist were very strong as well. They were 8 inches thick, almost an inch thicker than mine. Her forearms were heavy with veins jutting out on top of pulsating muscles. This display was driving me crazy. I was experiencing which could only be described as incestuous muscle lust.

In a state of ecstasy, I started rubbing my mom's thickly muscled arms, when all of a sudden she jerked off her arm. I thought that she had awaken but it was not so. She was still very much asleep. As my desire grew so did my spirit. I was in a trance. I knew that whatever I was doing was sin. I was getting excited by my mom's physique. I knew that this was wrong. Yet I rallied along. Now I wanted to see her thighs, and every treasure that she behold.

Slowly I started to push her nightie up. First her calves got exposed. They were massive and looked musclular. I had to shift her a bit each time I slided her robe up. And that wasn't easy. She felt heavy and I had to exert a lot of strength in doing so. Minutes later, I had pushed her robe upto her upper thighs. Her thighs were very thick with the right amount of muscle. Her thighs must have measured atleast 28 inches. They were cremy white and very smooth, and as she shifted a bit, her thighs bulged tremendously. Her ripped thighs were so seductive that I almost shot off my load. I rubbed them passionately and kissed them tenderly. They were so fucking huge and exploded with raw power even with the slightest of movements.

Then I slid my palms under my mom's ass. Each of my palm was now carressing my mom's tight ass. Her buttocks were very smooth but were tightly muscled. I was in paradise. I rubbed her tight buttocks for some time and slowly slid my hands out. As I restarted pushing her robe up towards her abdomen, my wrists were clasped in an iron grip.

My mom had awakened. But surprisingly she was smiling. Her iron hands had completely engulfed my wrists, and I could feel the hardness of her palm.

"So, son of mine. What do you think you are doing?"

I was transfixed with fear. Not a word was coming out of my mouth. The very next moment I started shivering with fright.

Noticing this mom got up off the bed and let go off my hands. I stood up too.

"Look here. If you want to touch your mom's muscles, just ask me." She said. "And stop shaking now. You look like a chicken."

I still was overawed by the situation and didn't utter a word. Seeing this mom came closer to me and put her massive palms on my butt.

"So are you ready for the ride of your life?" She asked as she effortlessly scooped me in her sinewy arms.

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