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[EN / Samuel Clemens] - Police woman
« il: 29 Gennaio 2012, 03:25:46 »
My girlfriend, Bobbi, was asked offered a position with a major police agency. She is a forensic psychiatrist and has worked with police agencies for several years. The offer is for a senior position heading up large investigation group and comes with several perquisites so she accepted.

Even though she will not do any field police work, she was requried to go through an extensive program in physical training. She is 5-6 and about 130 pounds and very fit. In high school she participated in gymnastics and dance and later ran marathons. She eagerly left for the training. During the training I saw little of her as my job prevented me from going with her. I did see her on several long weekends. Not surprisingly she was doing very well even though she is 36 and about 10 years older than most of the other trainees. I was glad when she got home.

After a few weeks some of her old colleagues came over. We were sitting by our pool when her friends noticed her new muscularity. In fact, the hard training had added some significant muscle to her physique and it looked very good.

Bobbi said that the part of the training she liked best was the martial arts. The training combined elements of self-defense, tae-kwon-do and several other fighting forms. She brought out a certificate showing that she had placed 2d and 3d in a couple of competitions including one that measured the time it took to subdue a struggling suspect. Everyone was impressed.

Ray, a friend of ours, asked if the trainees were segregated into male and female groups. Bobbi replied "No" finding the question strange. She asked "So what do you think? Female officers don't pursue mail suspects?'

Ray look very skeptical. "So how big was the suspect you had to subdue?"

Bobbi said there were several that ranged in size from 170 to 220 pounds. "So your telling us you are stronger than a man that outweighs you by 70-90 pounds?" Ray asked.

Bobbi replied, "It's more than strengh although I got a lot stronger in the training. It's the technique."

Ray was getting belligerent. He is about 5-10 and weighs 180. He is in decent but not great shape. "So you think you are stronger than me?"

"In what?" Bobbi asked.

"I mean so you think you can take me?" Ray asked laughing.

"I am sure I can subdue you Ray," Bobbi replied, "that's what we are trained to do."

"I'll believe that when I see it," Ray snorted.

"Want me to show you?" Bobbi asked. Everyone seemed eager for the demonstration.

Bobbi got up and returned with some plastic cuffs, They look like the ties you use on garbage bags but a little longer. She explained that police use these in addition to standard cuffs.

Ray and Bobbi went out on to the grass. Bobbi was wearing tight jeans over short boots. Her muscular legs and ass looked great. She had on a swimming suit top that showed off her muscular abs, shoulders and arms as well as some gorgeous cleavage.

George stood there acting pretty cocky.

"Okay," Bobbi said, "you gonna come at me or take off?"

Ray laughed and lunged at her. In one quick move Bobbi stepped to the side and grasped Ray's wrist. She bent the arm around and had him in a hammerlock in seconds. He was taller than she and tried to twist away. As he stepped away from her, she kicked the back of his right knee and he buckled to his knees. Bobbi then applied pressure on his right arm. Ray cried out "Damn!" in pain as he was pressed into the grass.

Bobbi whipped out the plastic cuffs and locked them on his right wrist still holding his arm and pressing her weight on her knee into his back.

Ray tried to push up with his left arm. Bobbi grabbed the wrist and pulled it back sharply. Ray's face hit the grass as the woman twisted his left hand back and slipped the cuff over it. With a quick tug he was bound fast. She stood up over him. It had taken no more than 15 seconds.

Ray struggled against the cuffs for a few seconds. "Don't struggle Ray," Bobbi said. "The plastic will tear you up and you won't break them."

She released him and he got up slowly looking glum.

"Who wants to try?" Bobbi asked. The other women were impressed.

"You got to teach me that girl!" one said.

"I've got a lot to show you friend," Bobbi asked adding "if your man gets frisky you can just truss him up and leave him until he cools off."

Ray did not look real cool at the moment.

The guy looked puzzled.

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