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[EN / Samuel Clemens] - Meeting the new boss
« il: 29 Gennaio 2012, 03:26:31 »
I agreed to meet my former colleague Kari for cocktails last week.  She had started a new job three weeks earlier and was really excited about it. 

She gushed over the nice people, her private office, the new equipment and furniture they let her order, her new, Co-paid cell phone, the great 'guys' on the floor and, especially, he very cool boss.

"He's a lot like you," she told me when inviting me to meet her for a cold drink.

It had been a long day and the weather was brutally hot. But all that notwithstanding Kari is one of my favorite people so I didn't hesitate to accept her invitation knowing that I would get the check regardless of who was 'hosting.'

I had not seen her in a couple of months and when I entered the bar I was pleasantly surprised.  She had used a few months off work to really get in shape.  And her shape was excellent and displayed in a tight, sleeveless tank top that stop a few inches above the buckle on a wide leather belt encircling her small, tight waist.

Her jeans were cut fashionably low and tight and as she walked the start of a 'six pack' rippled.  She was small -weighing no more than 105-110 pounds but packed a lot of muscle and spunk.  Her firm breasts stretched against the thin fabric of the black tank top and her arms were impressively cut.

She saw me watching her approach and gave her hips some extra swing as she drew near.  As she got to me she stopped and posed smiling.  I nodded in appreciation and she rewarded me with a double bicep flex.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed. "Very impressive," I added reaching to test them for hardness.  They were little round rocks.  But, really not all that little. 

"Pretty good?" she said knowing they were.

She then turned her arms down and showed me even more impressively defined triceps.

"YOu have been working out," I commented.

"Yep.  Dumbbells and pullups and pushups and SITUPS," she said raising her shirt to show off the abs. 

"And I run 3-4 miles every morning," she added. 

"You don't want to take me on," she said sounding tough.

"Yes I do," I replied enthusiastically.

"Silly," she said slapping me lightly and sliding into a booth. 

We sat drinking beers (Guiness draft for me expertly poured by my favorite bartender and one of the few that knows how to draw a Guinness) and Bud Light for my foxy friend.

"I invited my boss," she told me.  I tried to hide my disappointment that I would have to share her company when a young, fit guy slide into the booth.

"Tony," Kari said, "meet Sam."  "My boss," she added but I knew that.

He ordered a Bud Light and we all started talking.  He was a good guy and before long Sam and I were having fun teasing Kari about anything we could think of just to get her reaction -- which, as usual, was extreme.

After about ten minutes she started to pout.

"Oh, are you going to cry," I teased. "Little tough girl can't take some ribbing.

"Jerk," she replied with a smile that told me she liked the games.

Sam touched her shoulder and patted her like a you would a child.

"Stop!" she said. "I am going to kick your butts," she said firmly waving her hand in the air for another round.

"You are," Sam said. He was surprised having not seen this side of his new assistant before but clearly enjoying her playfulness.

"You weigh what, about 115?" he asked.

"115?" she yelled. "you pig.  You never ask a woman her weight!"

I had to laugh.

"My point is," Sam said looking at me, " is that each of us outweighs you by 60 or maybe 70 pounds."

"So?" she said.

"So," he continued. "You think you can kick my butt? or Tony's?"

She laughed. "Tony knows I can kick butt. Right?" she looked at me.

I had to chuckle.  "She is pretty tough Sam," I responded truthfully.

"She is?" he said looking over her very feminine and very sexy body.

"She's a lot stronger than she looks," I added.

Sam laughed a bit sipping his beer.  That did it.

In a flash Kari ripped the beer from his hands and planted her elbow on the table turning to face him.,

"Okay, Mr. Strong "I am bigger than the girl" Man.  Let's see what you got!"

Sam looked a little surprised.

"Come on. Think I'm just some little girl?" Kari said. "Let's arm wrestle and see what happens."

Sam sat there.  "Well, the trouble with arm wrestlting a girl is that the guy is supposed to lose to make the girl feel 'empowered. Right?'"

She didn't respond. "I mean, if I win that's not cool right?" he said.

"Let's see about who 'let's me win'," she said.

Sam slide around and took her hand still thinking she was playing a game.  He looked at me.

"Don't underestimate her," I cautioned knowing he would never believe me.

Our bartender approached.  Felicia was a very hot, well-built woman. "What are you doing Kari?" she asked handing me by Guinness, "making some money for the weekend?"

"You bet sister," Kari said.

Sam looked confused. 

Felicia felt Sam's arm. "Don't hurt him Kari," she said. "I want him to keep on drinking my beer."

We all laughed but Kari did not.  Sam looked slightly concerned.

The match began and Kari, who really is good at arm wrestling, knowing a lot of techiques was much stronger than she looked and much, much strong than Sam.

Like many men, Sam made the mistake of starting slowly and Kari grabbed an immediate advantage. 

Sam was strong and the muscles in his forearm were visible as he struggled to regain the ground he let Kari take on the start. But Kari's arm was strong. Muscles rippled down her forearm and into her powerful hands. 

He turned her shoulder for leverage and then regripped slightly.

"What was the bet Sam?" she asked holding him in place. "If I break a nail, you have to pay to fix it too," she added referring to the french manicures she preferred.

Sam grunted truly struggling to hold on.

"Come on Sam," kari urged. "I'm not really trying."

And she wasn't.  With the position she held and the leverage she was using only a fraction of her strength and a lot of her upper body to hold Sam.  On the other hand, he was straining and it showed on his face and in his breathing.

"Damn," he muttered as he pulled and triend to regain an advantage.  The effort wasa fruitless and after about 5 seconds he visibly weakened. 

Kari pulled over and firmly brought his hand down to the table holding it there for a few seconds for emphasis.

"Another man falls to my overwhelming power," she said laughing.

"I won't say anything about 'over-whelming power'," Sam added rubbing his forearm, "but you are one strong woman,"

"Over-whelmed you," Kari said reaching for my Guinness.

"You don't drink Guinness," I commented.

"Who's drinking it?" she asked. "I'm just moving it so it won't get spilled when I beat your butt."

"Me?" I said.

"Yes," she said putting her elbow up on the table.

"Your turn."

<to be continued>

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