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[EN / Tully] Kelly
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Kelly: Single mother makes a fresh start.
by Tully

It was a warm May Saturday morning in southern Wisconsin. Kelly was taking care of some last minute business before she and her two daughters headed out to her brother's cottage for a day on the water. She had moved here from South Carolina a few months ago when her job offered her both a promotion and the opportunity to move closer to her family. She had bought a house and, so far, had really enjoyed the move.

Kelly was a single mother. Darren, her high school sweetheart and husband of eighteen years had died in a car accident a little over three years ago. That left Kelly and her two daughters. Penny, 21, was a college junior who was on a basketball scholarship and had just returned from school. Pam, 16, was a high school sophomore. The accident devastated Kelly, but brought her and her daughters even closer than ever. Moving back to Wisconsin where she was raised was a step in the right direction, as Kelly was able to be much closer to her family. Unfortunately, she did not socialize very much. Despite her family's encouragement, she had very little interest in finding another man. She had a very successful career working for an accounting firm, and focused on her girls, her job, and working out.

Kelly had short straight brown hair that almost touched her shoulders. She was 41, but looked ten years younger. She had always been active, but really got into working out after Darren's death. She started lifting weights religiously, and now packed 145 pounds of muscle onto a 5' 5" frame. Her entire body was well developed, with her 14" arms and 25" quads the fruits of her labor. She had been asked out by numerous men, some half her age, but politely turned them down. She felt she had no need for a man in her life.

As Kelly went out to the street to get the mail, she saw Barry, her neighbor across the street, working on his front lawn. They met the week she moved in when he helped unbury her from the ten inches of snow that Mother Nature dropped on them. Since then, they were always talking. Barry had been divorced for two years after being married for five years. He was five years younger than Kelly, and was a partner in a video production company. He stood 5'8" and weighed 175 pounds, with short black hair, a mustache, and a goatee. He liked Kelly's sweet smile and pleasant, outgoing disposition from day one. That meshed well with his quiet confidence and offbeat sense of humor. While Kelly liked that he made her laugh, she liked that she was able to talk to him about anything even more so. The two flirted frequently, with Kelly often being the initiator. This made Pam wonder why Kelly wouldn't go out with him. Kelly just couldn't see herself going out with a younger man. She had told him from the start she only wanted to be friends, and he respected that. Still, anyone who saw them together saw a chemistry.

"Why are you wasting such a beautiful morning?", she called out as she walked towards him.

"Because I 've got so much to do. I had a long week at work. I want to get this stuff done before Memorial Day weekend," he said as he got up off his knees.

Barry was wearing an old pair of faded jeans and a gray t-shirt. His sweat had left stains on his back and chest. He wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Look at that sweat. You're out of shape, my friend," she said with a smile.

Barry looked at Kelly. She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of cutoff jeans shorts. He had seen her dressed like this once before, and kidded her about her muscles. He loved her muscular body, and he knew she loved teasing him. This was all part of the cat-and-mouse game they played.

"Its yard work. You're supposed to sweat. I thought you, of all people, would understand that," Barry replied. "Besides, just because I don't go to the gym like you doesn't mean I'm out of shape."

Just then Penny opened the front door and called out to Kelly.

"Kids. I can't get a moments peace. Why don't you come along with me?" she asked.

"Yeah, I guess I can take a little break", came Barry's reply.

They went over to Kelly's house to see what Penny wanted. On the way in, they passed Pam, who was loading the Blazer for the trip to the cottage. Pam was 16 years old with long, wavy blond hair, and was wearing blue shorts and a gray t-shirt . She was 5' 2", and about 115 pounds. She resembled her mother facially, and had the same outgoing personality. She was a swimmer in high school, and had an athletic build. She got along very well with Barry, which helped explain her encouragement of her mother dating him.

As they walked into the house, they met Penny. She was 5' 9" and about 155 pounds. She had shoulder-length black curly hair, and a very toned body. She was not as outgoing as Pam, but opened up after she got to know people. Penny was a college basketball player. She was a great athlete, and was offered scholarships from a number of schools. She was home for the summer. She was wearing black shorts and a yellow tank top. Barry had met her a few times, but almost did a double take when he saw her dressed this way. She was almost as muscular as her mother.

"What do you want, dear?" Kelly asked Penny.

"I can't find the air mattresses," Penny replied.

"They should be in the garage. Look on the shelves on the back wall," Kelly said.

Penny went out the door, and Kelly turned to Barry.

"Now about you being out of shape?", she inquired.

"That's your opinion. I'm in better shape than you think. "

"Care to try to prove it, my dear?", Kelly asked. "I have a little wager for you."

"What did you have in mind?", he replied.

Kelly put her left arm around his right shoulder. "Its simple. You and I arm wrestle. If I win, you can get in better shape by doing my yard work for the next two weeks. But, if you win, I'll make you and Pam happy by going out with you. Interested?" Kelly smiled at Barry. She raised her right arm and flexed it in front of his face.

Barry just smiled at her. Ever since he saw the size of Kelly's arms and she saw his reaction, she had teased him about her being stronger than him. He had asked her to arm wrestle once before, but she had told him she didn't want to hurt his ego. Although her muscular body was both impressive and attractive to him, he wanted to find out just how strong she was. He knew she would really tease him if she beat him, but the chance to go out with her made this an easy decision.

"You're on. Let's see if those muscles are for show, or if you really are as strong as you think", he said.

They went into the kitchen and quickly locked hands on the table. While their arms were about the same size, Kelly's was much more toned and tanned. You could see veins coming out of her forearms. There was surprisingly little conversation as Kelly counted to three. Barry had a determined look on his face, while Kelly had a smug grin.

Barry started off with a slight edge, which surprised Kelly. He had more strength than she thought, but she didn't think he could keep up with her if the match lasted very long. Kelly countered by moving his arm back to the start, then increasing her effort to get a slight edge. As Kelly moved his arm further down, he countered with a surge that brought them almost back to the start. They alternated surges, with Kelly bringing Barry's arm back every time he started to make a comeback. At the twenty second mark, she had his arm half way down. Barry gave one last power burst, which moved Kelly's arm only slightly, then she moved his arm just inches off the table. Kelly gave one last burst, and slammed Barry's arm to the table in an even thirty seconds. Kelly was impressed with how much of a fight he had given her. She didn't think he would last half as long as he did. Barry extended his hand to Kelly.

"Nice match, lady. You're as strong as you are beautiful", he said as her shook her hand.

"Thanks. You gave me more trouble than I thought. You're not is as bad shape as I thought. I guess that yard work must be good for you."

"And I get to do more of it, thanks to you", Barry said as he sat back in his chair. Kelly smiled at him.

"There's been a change in plans. Don't worry about the yard. I've got two healthy young ladies to take care of that. I also have a question for you", she said as she stood up. "I've been rethinking this age issue for a while. My sister thinks it shouldn't matter, and I think she's right. So my question for you is simple: Do you still want to go out with me?"

"Of course I do. I haven't pressed you because you said you just wanted to be friends", Barry said as he walked over to Kelly. "Why did I have to arm wrestle you if you already made up your mind."

"Because I wanted to see how you'd react when you found out I was stronger than you. Some guys have a real problem with that. They think its unfeminine." Kelly again flexed for Barry.

Just then, Penny and Pam entered the kitchen.

"Mom, are you showing off your muscles again?" Pam asked with a laugh.

"Actually, she just got done putting me in my place. Your mother is one heck of an arm wrestler", Barry said.

"If you think she's tough, you ought to try my sister. Penny might be even stronger than Mom", Pam said as she sat down at the table.

"How about it, Barry? You wanna try me?", Penny said as she sat next to Pam and put her right arm on the table.

"I don't know. I just got done with your mother, and my arm is still tired."

Pam laughed. "I don't blame you. I wouldn't wanna mess with Penny, either."

Barry sat down at the table. His arm was still a little tired , but he had a little adrenaline rush going. He could deal with losing to Kelly, but getting beat by a girl half his age would be embarrassing. He took a hard look at Penny's arms. They were a little longer than Kelly's, and just slightly less muscular. Still, there was no denying Penny looked powerful. She smiled as he put his hand in hers.

Kelly held their hands together and counted to three. Barry again started off quick, but Penny stopped him dead. Her arm only moved slightly. She wanted to see what he had before she made a move. Penny then started moving Barry's arm down a few inches. This caused Pam to laugh and cheer on her big sister. Barry tried twice more to move Penny's arm, but had no success. The only things he was accomplishing tiring himself out and making himself the target for Pam's teasing. As Penny took him a little past the half way point, Barry was hanging on the best he could, but he was almost out of gas. Penny continued to smile at him as she took him even further down. He made one last attempt that caught Penny by surprise as he moved her arm back to the half way point. Unfortunately, Penny stopped his momentum. She then smiled at her mother as Pam yelled at her to put him away. Penny chomped on her gum, then began blowing a bubble. As the bubble burst, she slammed Barry's arm the remaining few inches onto the table. Penny and Pam exchanged a high-five. This match actually lasted longer than the first one, but Penny could have ended it much earlier. Meanwhile, Barry began rubbing his very tired and throbbing arm.

"Like mother, like daughter. She is something else," Barry said to Kelly. Barry looked at Penny, who sat smiling across from him. "You could have a least humored me by breaking a sweat", he said to Penny.

"Sorry, I guess you were worn out from your match with Mom", came Penny's reply.

Barry went back to rubbing his arm, when he heard chairs shuffling. He looked up to see Pam sitting across from him with her right arm on the table. She had a huge grin on her face.

"Now its my turn. I'll make it a clean sweep for the girls," Pam said as she raised her hand and opened her palm.

If getting beat by Penny was bad, getting beat by Pam would be much worse. Pam had been teasing him as Penny was beating him. If he wasn't tired, the could probably beat Pam with little trouble, but the way his arm felt, he didn't think he could beat anybody. But he wanted to beat her to make up for the teasing he got in the last match. He put his arm on the table.

"I'm still tired from the other matches," he said.

"Its good to see you've already got your excuses for losing. You're gonna need them," she said.

"Pam, can't you see he's tired?" Kelly called out. "Let's do it another day."

Barry looked at Kelly. "Its OK. Its all in fun. Besides, she's just a little girl", he said to her.

"That's it! You're really asking for it. I'm gonna kick your ass!", Pam said playfully as they locked hands.

Barry looked at Pam's arm. It was nowhere near as big as Kelly's or Penny's, but it was still very toned. Her grip wasn't as strong, either, but the problem was Barry's arm. It had a very strange feeling. He felt like it was made of rubber. You could see veins in his forearm and almost see the blood pumping. He then looked at Pam, who mockingly stuck her tongue out at him. She definitely had her mother's personality. He hoped she didn't have her strength.

Kelly again held their hands together and counted three. Barry tried to start off quickly, but his arm wasn't cooperating. This strange feeling caused him to laugh out loud. Meanwhile, Pam saw this and began moving his arm down with ease. It was almost too easy. She stopped just above the half way mark. Barry was half-straining and half-laughing.

"What's the matter?", Penny called out.

"The tank is on "E". The mind is willing, but the body isn't listening", Barry said. "But I've gotta beat Pam."

"You might, but it won't be today", Pam said as she moved his arm to the half way mark.

Barry reached back into his reserve and tried to find whatever energy he had left. He moved Pam's arm back to just shy of the starting point. This surprised Pam, who was barely straining. She increased her effort, and moved him back to just above the half way mark. Pam could put him away at any time, but she was having fun. She continued to tease Barry by blowing him kisses at him, and blowing on her fingernails. She didn't think he was noticing this, but he caught her blowing him a kiss, and blew her one of his own. This embarrassed Pam.

"Pam, why are you turning red? I think you'd better end this", Kelly called out.

Pam nodded to her mother. She looked Barry in the eye, then grinned at him as she slammed his tired arm to the table.

"That'll teach you to mess with so-called little girls", Pam to Barry. Pam gave Barry a quick double biceps flex.

Barry extended his left hand to Pam. She shook his hand. "You do realize I'm gonna have a rematch with you one of these days. And then I'm gonna torment you like you did me", Barry said to Pam.

"What about Mom and Penny?" Pam asked.

"I know I can't beat them. Besides, they're more gracious winners", Barry replied. He smiled at Kelly.

Barry stood up and walked over to Kelly. He put his left arm around her, and she began rubbing his right arm.

"You'll get your rematch with Pam soon enough. You'll be seeing more of her in the near future."

"What makes you say that Mom?", Penny asked.

"Because Barry and I have agreed to start seeing each other as more than friends. Do you ladies have any objections? After all, you've both been after me to start dating", Kelly said to Pam and Penny.

"No, that's great", Pam said. "Its about time you two went out, especially the way you carry on."

"Barry, are you going with us up to the lake?", Penny asked.

"We're going up to my brother's cottage on Lake Munising. He's got a pontoon boat, a SeaDoo, water skis, whatever you want to do on the water. Why don't you come with us", Kelly said to Barry.

"I don't know. I've got a lot of work to do around the house this weekend", Barry replied.

"Girls, why don't you leave the two of us alone for a few minutes", Kelly said to Pam and Penny. The girls went back outside. Kelly told Barry to wait in the kitchen for a minute as she headed to the bedroom. A few minutes later, Kelly called out to Barry to come into the bedroom. When he walked to the door, he was met by Kelly. She was wearing an orange bikini. Barry's eyes nearly came out of his head. He knew she was muscular, but he had no idea she was built like this. She was incredible!! He had already seen her thick, tanned arms and shoulders. She also had a "V" tapered back, a small waist, and the thickest, most muscular legs he'd ever seen. All this was topped off by that same beautiful face and sweet smile. Barry was speechless. Kelly laughed at his reaction.

"This is what I'm wearing to the lake. Don't tell me you'd rather look at your yard than me", she said as she grabbed his right hand and placed it on her left thigh. "The girls will be water skiing. You and I can take the pontoon boat to the sand bar, and spend some time alone." She ran her right hand through Barry's hair.

Barry thought he was going to lose it right there. Kelly noticed the bulge in his jeans. She smiled at him.

"We're leaving in ten minutes. Maybe you'd better take a cold shower before we go", Kelly said laughing.

As Barry quickly stumbled out the door, he ran past Pam and Penny. He could hear them laughing as he headed across the street. They may have noticed the bulge, but he didn't care. All he knew was they better not leave without him.
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