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[EN / Tully] Closing time
« il: 14 Febbraio 2012, 13:29:29 »
Closing Time
by Tully

It was a quiet Friday night at the Century Club, a dance/karaoke bar on the east side of town. Billy was there with his softball team, who was sponsored by the bar. They had lost an extra innings game in a tournament, and had been drowning their sorrows for the past two hours. Though the team filled up over two tables, everything revolved around Larry, the charismatic team leader/manager who was holding court once again.

As the clock approached midnight, Larry was rounding up team members for a trip to the Flamingo Room, a topless place downtown. Billy knew that a night at the Flamingo Room with Larry would mean getting in at dawn, so he declined. Unfortunately, Larry was his ride home, so he had to call a cab. He went outside to the pay phones, but found no phone books. He came back inside to the bar. He called out to Michelle, who was behind the bar in her usual uniform of black pants, white dress shirt, and black bow tie.

"Michelle, can you give me a phone book? I need to call a cab", he asked.

"Where do you live?", she replied.

"Out in Belmont. I'm just down the road from Wilson Lanes", Billy said.

"You don't live far from me. I can give you a ride home if you can wait about fifteen minutes. How about I set you up for one more, then take you home?", Michelle said with a smile. Billy nodded his head and laughed as she brought him another round.

Billy liked the idea of going home with Michelle. He had thought about asking her out some time ago, but found out from Larry that she was in a serious relationship. At least this was a way to get to know her a little better if she became available. Michelle was thirty-two. She had a full time job at the Post Office, and worked at the Century Club two nights a week. She stood about 5' 2" with shoulder-length wavy black hair. Larry thought she was a little heavy set, but Billy thought she was cute. What Billy really liked was her personality. She was tough enough to take care of anyone that got out of line, smart enough to counter every one of the disgusting comments she heard, and sweet enough to make Billy wonder if she was the only reason he came to the Century Club. Billy finished his drink, Michelle came out of the back with her purse, and they headed out the door.

"So what happened to your ride?", Michelle asked as they got in her car.

"I came with Larry, and he's headed to the Flamingo Room with half the team", Billy replied.

Michelle laughed. "I've heard about his Flamingo runs. If half the stories I've heard are true, I'd like to go there just to watch him. So how did you end up with those guys? Aren't you a little older than them?"

"I play fantasy football with Larry. When they were putting a softball team together, he called me. You're right, I am a little older. Those guys are early to mid 20s, and I'll be 30 this fall. I didn't think I looked older than them ", Billy said.

"You act older than them. Half the guys are strutting around like little Ricky Martin wannabes, while the other half are giving me sexist remarks. You're the only one who can order a beer without putting on some kind of act. So how come you aren't hitting on me like the others?", she asked with a laugh.

"Actually, Larry prevented me from doing that. I was going to ask you out, but he told me about your boyfriend."

Michelle pulled the car over to the side of the road. She turned to Billy. "What did Larry tell you?"

"Larry said you were living with your boyfriend. He said Ozzie moved in with you a few months ago. Did I say something wrong?", Billy asked.

Michelle shook her head. She then began to laugh. "Billy, you got some bad information. I broke up with my boyfriend three months ago. The Ozzie living with me is my cat. I think Larry needs to shut up and listen once in a while."

Michelle pulled the car back on the road. There was a moment of silence, then they both began to laugh and curse Larry.

"Michelle, I'm sorry. I would have asked you out if I had known. Would you like to go out sometime?" Billy asked.

"Billy, I'd love to go out with you. At least now I know why you hadn't asked earlier. Wait until I see Larry."

They made the turn by Wilson Lanes, and Billy directed Michelle to pull onto DeVille Drive. They pulled up in front of Billy's apartment building at the corner of DeVille and El Dorado.

"So this is where you live? I'm only four buildings down El Dorado. Would you like to come on over for a drink?", Michelle asked. Billy smiled and nodded. Michelle pulled her car into the back parking lot, and they went inside to Michelle's apartment. They were met at the door by Ozzie.

"How about you make a couple Captain and Cokes while I get out of this penguin outfit and into something a little more comfortable?", Michelle asked as she headed to the bedroom to change. Billy went into the kitchen to make the drinks.

Michelle was almost giddy as she changed. She couldn't have imagined the night turning out this way. She had no interest in dating anyone from the Century Club until Billy started showing up with Larry. She didn't enjoy the "meat market" mentality of places like the Century, though she did when she was in college. Billy was refreshingly down to earth. On a team full of egomaniacs, he had a quiet confidence. He was 5' 10" and about 175 pounds. He had short brown hair, a mustache, and an average build. Michelle came out wearing a pair of red sweat pants and a gray Chicago Black Hawks T-shirt.

"The Hawks?", Billy called out playfully. "I was hoping you'd be smart enough to be a Red Wings fan, like me. At least it beats your bartenders outfit."

Michelle walked up to Billy with a big smile on her face. "If you were expecting to see me in my underwear, dream on. As far as my Hawks go, believe me, you don't wanna drop the gloves with me, honey. Just because I like you doesn't mean I won't show you who's boss. Now about that drink....."

Billy handed her the drink, and she directed him to the front window. She opened the sliding doors to the outside, and directed Billy to take a seat on one of the two lawn chairs on the patio. They sat out there and talked for over a half hour, then moved back inside when their drinks ran empty. Michelle refilled the drinks, and they sat on the sofa.

"So how does this compare to the Flamingo Room? Have you thought about what you're missing?", Michelle said as she sat next to Billy.

"I know what I'd be missing. Believe me, I'd much rather be here than with Larry", Billy said as he put his left arm around Michelle's left shoulder and pulled her close to him. Michelle moved closer to Billy, and they put their drinks on the coffee table as they began to nuzzle closer together. They sat cheek-to-cheek for a little while, with Michelle holding Billy's right hand with her right hand, and Billy rubbing Michelle's left shoulder with his left hand. They both seemed to like the silence. The silence was broken when Michelle noticed Billy seemed fascinated with her left shoulder.

"What's going on? Why are you rolling up my sleeve?", Michelle asked as she turned to face Billy.

"I'm sorry. I guess I never noticed because of the long sleeves you wore at the Century. I had no idea you were this muscular. How often do you work out?", Billy asked.

"Nowhere near as much as I used to. Believe it or not, I used to be into power lifting. I did that for the last two years I was in college, then stayed with it for another few years. Unfortunately, I got away from it. Now I just try to work out when I can," she said as she rolled down her sleeve.

"How did you ever get into power lifting?", Billy asked.

"The usual way. I had a boyfriend in college who was into it. He got me started. When we broke up, I stayed with it. I liked the competition, plus I built muscle really fast. Now I just try to keep what I've got left", she replied.

"It looks like you've still got a lot. How about showing me, OK?", Billy asked as he held Michelle' hand.

Michelle smiled and rolled up her right sleeve. She grabbed Billy's right hand with her left, and put it on her right shoulder. She then raised her right arm and flexed her bicep. The size and definition of her arm and shoulder amazed Billy. He had been with athletic women before, but none of them had arms anything like Michelle's.

"That's incredible! I guess you really could show me who's boss. How big are your arms?", he asked as he continued to rub her arm and shoulder.

"I'm at almost fourteen inches. They were a little bigger and a lot harder when I was power lifting. They also come in handy at the Club, in case someone wants to get out of line. I'm also part bouncer", she said with a laugh.

"I think if you went sleeveless, you wouldn't have to worry about any trouble", Billy said.

"If I went sleeveless, I'd have guys bugging me to arm wrestle for drinks all night. Not to mention all the comments of people wondering if I was a lesbian. How would you have reacted if you first saw me at the bar sleeveless? Would you have been interested?", she asked.

"I guess I probably wouldn't have", Billy replied.

Michelle's smile disappeared. She looked at Billy and asked, "Why not? Don't you like it?"

"No, I think you look great. Its just that I would have assumed someone as muscular as you would be into the big guys. In case you haven't noticed, I'm one of the smaller guys on the team", Billy said.

Michelle's smile returned. "I used to date only big guys when I was into power lifting. Now it really doesn't matter as much. I've learned you can't always judge a book by its cover. I just hope the size of my arms isn't an issue."

"I don't know how to say this, Michelle, but it might be", Billy said as both he and Michelle stood up.

Michelle looked at Billy with a confused look. "What do you, it might be?"

"Michelle, I hope you don't find this weird, but I find muscular women extremely attractive," Billy said as his eyes fell.

Michelle put her hand under his chin. "I don't find that weird at all. Have you ever dated a muscle girl?"

"Not really. I dated a swimmer when I was in college. She wasn't real buff, but she had some muscle. She thought I was strange for wanting to arm wrestle with her. But I've never been with anyone like you", Billy said.

Michelle put her arms around Billy. "You know, I've dated guys who've told me to cover up because I was too muscular. I've dated other guys who found it OK until they found out I was stronger than them. You're the first one to flat out tell me he finds it attractive. Tell me, Billy. You wanna wrestle with me? Wanna find out just how strong I am?"

Billy had a big smile on his face. "Just be gentle, OK?", he asked.

"Relax, the fun has just begun. I'm gonna get out of these sweats. If you think my arms are something, wait until you see my legs. Just move the coffee table out of the way so we have some room. Oh, and one more thing. Not a word about this to any of the guys. I'm saving my muscle for my new boy friend. Its a private matter, don't you think?" Michelle asked as she headed to the bedroom.

"Definitely!", Billy replied. He moved the coffee table. He didn't know what she had in mind, but he couldn't wait for her to return. He had been attracted to Michelle even before this revelation, this was the icing on the cake. He couldn't believe he was going to get to roll around with the amazon of his dreams.

In the bedroom, Michelle changed into a yellow Gold's Gym tank top, and white runner's shorts. She knew she could physically dominate Billy, but she wasn't going to hurt him. She'd give him a wrestling lesson, but in a playful, sensual way. She'd let him go crazy over her legs. She loved the fact that he revealed his attraction to muscular women to her. She was going to make him glad he did.

When she came out of the bedroom, Billy's eyes nearly came out of his head when he saw Michelle's thighs. They weren't cut, but they were very thickly muscled and well tanned. They measured just under twenty-four inches. She motioned to Billy to come over to her. She then put both hands out in front of her in the classic strength test position. Billy uneasily put his left hand in her right, and his right hand in her left.

"When you've had enough, just say "uncle", and I'll let you go", Michelle said as she smiled at Billy. He nervously nodded his head, took one quick look down at her powerful legs, then started to try to overpower Michelle.

Billy caught Michelle by surprise and took a slight lead as she moved her feet back slightly. She smiled as she regrouped and reversed his advantage. They were back to even for a split second when Michelle turned on her strength and began to force Billy's hands down. Billy tried to move his feet to get better balance, but his right foot accidentally caught Michelle's left foot, causing the two of them to fall down with Michelle on top of him.

"Are you all right?", Michelle asked as she sat next to Billy on the floor.

"I'm all right, but you won't be in a few seconds", Billy said as he lunged on top of Michelle.

Michelle was again caught by surprise as Billy was on top of her. He had both her hands by her wrists, and was trying to force her hands to the floor. Fortunately, Michelle had an easy counter move. She spread her legs wide apart, then wrapped them around Billy's lower back. She locked her ankles, arched her back, and squeezed hard. Billy gave a yell and instantly stopped trying to force her wrists down. As Billy's lower back was being squeezed, Michelle turned her legs to put Billy on his back , with her on top of him. She released the scissors hold, then caught Billy's hands with hers. She forced his hands to the floor above his head, then quickly jumped up on top his shoulders with her knees. In a matter of seconds, she had his advantage. He was now helpless in her school boy pin.

"Now that wasn't very nice. I never thought you'd try to take advantage of a poor, defenseless woman ", she said as she looked down on Billy with a playful smile. "So tell me. How are you gonna get yourself out of this one?"

Billy had to smile back at her. He asked for it and she gave it to him. He was helpless. "Defenseless, my ass!! Your strength is unreal. I thought you were going to break my back."

Billy tried to get out of the hold, but to no avail. Michelle had the strength advantage, plus all the leverage. He didn't even move her hands. He tried again, and moved his hands only slightly. He looked up to see a laughing Michelle looking down on him. He tried once more, and moved his hands almost a foot off the floor before Michelle slammed them back down. It was clear she was toying with him, but Billy found it strangely enjoyable.

"It's been so long since I've wrestled a guy, I've forgotten how much fun it is. Why don't you just submit before you show me all the colors of the rainbow in your face?", she asked, still laughing. Michelle was enjoying this as well. She like the fact she could do whatever she wanted to Billy without him getting upset. He seemed to really like her teasing. Most guys got their egos crushed after only a little arm wrestling.

"I can't tap out. I can't get a hand free", he said. "Maybe I'll stay down here until you get bored with me."

Michelle broke the hold. She grabbed Billy's left arm with her right, and rolled him onto his stomach, with her legs on either side of his back. She then put both feet on either side of his shoulders, sat on his lower back, locked her hands together, cupped them around Billy's chin, and began to pull back on his chin as she leaned back. The idea of her camel clutch was to strain his lower back, with little hope of him breaking the hold. Unfortunately, Michelle was unaware of how much her scissors had already done to his lower back. Billy was in more than a little pain from the start. After about fifteen seconds, Michelle increased the pressure. This was too much for Billy. He yelled out in pain.

"No more! Stop! Michelle! Please!", Billy cried out as he began frantically tapping the floor with his right hand.

Michelle immediately broke the hold. She had a moment of panic as she put her hand under Billy's chin. "I'm sorry! Are you all right? I didn't mean to hurt you."

Billy looked at her and smiled. "I guess I forgot to tell you. I've been having a little trouble with my lower back. Your scissors aggravated it. That last hold was too much. Do you do this to all your boy friends?"

"No, but you wanted to wrestle with me", she said as she helped Billy to his feet. "Lay on your stomach on the sofa."

Billy did as she asked. He looked over his shoulder at Michelle. "Now, what?", he asked.

Michelle pulled his shirt up, exposing his lower back. She began to rub his lower back with her powerful, yet gentle hands. Billy let out a couple of muffled groans. "I take it that means you like it. Do you want some more?", Michelle asked. Billy grunted and Michelle continued working on his back for another five minutes, then grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to his feet. They were face to face again.

"Feel better now?" she asked.

"I feel great. You can beat me up all you want if you're gonna do that when you're done", Billy said.

Michelle smiled at him. "I'm not gonna beat you up. I wouldn't have put you in that hold if I knew about your back. Besides, it was a nice chance for me to show you I can be gentle as well as strong. Next time, I'll go a little easier on you. By the way, what are you doing tomorrow?"

"I was going to go to Riverfest with Larry and some guys from the team. But I can change that if you're free. Do you have plans?", Billy asked.

"How about you tell Larry you're going with me instead? I'm sure we'll see him there, anyway", Michelle said.

"I can do that. Besides, I'd rather go with a cute lady than a bunch of guys. When do you want to leave?", Billy asked.

"We can discuss that later. We have some unfinished business to attend to. Do you remember what we were doing before we got distracted?", Michelle asked.

Billy had an uneasy look on his face. "You mean more wrestling?"

Michelle laughed and shook her head. She grabbed Billy by the hand, and directed him to the sofa. He sat down and she remained standing in front of him. "No, I mean before you became enamored with the size of my arms. By the way, you haven't said anything about my legs. Don't you like them?" Michelle had a mocked pouting look on her face as she grabbed Billy's right hand and put it on her left thigh.

"I can't believe this. You are so powerful, but yet so sweet. You are the sexiest woman I've ever met!", Billy exclaimed.

Michelle jumped on his lap with her legs straddling his sides. She put her nose next to his nose. "Sexy. Its about time you used that word." Michelle put her left hand on the back of Billy's head. He had his left hand on her right arm, and his right hand on her left thigh as their lips locked. They stayed locked for a few seconds, then they pulled away. Michelle put her nose up against Billy's nose again.

"Its even more fun kissing you than it is wrestling with you", Billy said as they kissed again.

"Its only the beginning. You have no idea what I have in mind for you, my dear," Michelle said as she reached over and turned off the lamp on the table.

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"