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[EN / Musclefan UK] - Sister Sister (3 chapters)
« il: 14 Febbraio 2012, 13:35:51 »
Sister Sister

by Musclefan UK

I was 21 and pretty much a couch potato. I was about 5’10 and 150llbs. I had 2 sisters, Sharon, aged 20 and a fitness nut. She was about my height and maybe 140-145llbs. My other sister, Kelly, was pretty quiet and just 15. She was about 5’5.

Sharon was into all kinds of sports and had her own gym in her basement room. When she went out, I would sometimes go in her room to play on her Nintendo, but unusually this one day, I decided to use her weights. I had just finished watching a T.V program on weightlifting and was all geared up to do a bit of fitness work. I used to get these urges now and again but they would soon wear off and I would return to being Mr. couch potato. I was just getting onto the bench preparing to lift when Sharon suddenly appeared.

"What are you doing?" she quizzed.

"Oh er, nothing, just thought I’d have a go on the old weights" I replied.

She said this was fine and started to take off some of the plates.

"Hey, leave them as they are "I said. Sharon quickly replied,

"Look Jamie, there is too much weight for you there. I can only do a few reps with that on and I’m stronger than you."

I laughed at the thought that my younger sister thought that she was stronger than me. After a small argument, she agreed to let me try the bar as it was. Suddenly the amount of plates did seem to be a little on the heavy side. I strained and just managed to lift the bar halfway to a complete press. The bar suddenly started to go downwards. I was purple and in danger of be-heading myself. Sharon quickly stepped in and lifted the bar back onto the safety rests.

"What you doing?" I snapped, "I had that then".

Sharon replied, "Don’t be ashamed. I do weights a lot more than you, I’m bound to be stronger."

This was like a red rag to a bull.

"Your not as strong, don’t be absurd," I quipped.

"There’s only one way to settle this then" said Sharon as she placed her arm on the desk ready for an arm wrestle.

Jamie was convinced that she could not possibly be as strong as him, so he quickly locked hands for the contest.

Jamie was shocked by the resistance of his sister. He was giving his all and yet she wasn’t budging. His eyes then moved down from her face to her arm and the shock of seeing her bicep almost caused instant defeat. Her bicep was now bulging out from her arm and Jamie seemed powerless to force her arm back. After 30 seconds of little movement, he was horrified to feel his arm starting to move backwards. With a slow, shaking motion the backwards movement continued and eventually his hand was slammed to the table

"Now do you except that I am stronger than you?" Sharon asked.

Jamie had no real option. "Yes" he said shamefully, "you beat me easy".

Sharon had no intention of seeing her brother embarrassed, and so she asked me if he would like to start using her weights. She even offered to write up a workout regime for me. I accepted gratefully.

"Come on then", said Sharon "Lets see what weight you are comfortable with". She took some plates off either side and asked me to see how many reps he could do with the lighter bar. I got into position and lifted, the bar was still heavy and I struggled to get my arms into a straight position.

"O.K, lets do reps" she said and started the count. My arms buckled on the count of 2 and she once again stepped in to stop the bar from landing hard on my chest.

Sharon was stunned, "still too heavy?" she said as she removed yet more plates.

Again I pressed the bar and started reps. I got up to 6 and had to put the bar back onto the rests.

"Is that it?" Sharon asked. I nodded.

"Christ" exclaimed Sharon, "Kelly does more reps than you at that weight".

I was puzzled, "what are you saying, that our 15 year old sister is stronger than me?"

Sharon nodded and said, "There is only one way to find out". She made a quick phone call and told Kelly to come home from her friend’s house.

The 5 minute wait for Kelly to arrive seemed to drag for ages. My confidence had already been shattered by Sharon, now I was facing total humiliation by my sister who was six years younger.

When Kelly arrived, Sharon told her to do reps with the bar that I had just struggled to do 6 with. She obliged and set off, 1……..2…….3……

The reps were slow and smooth. She was up to 15 when Sharon told her to stop.

"See what I mean" said Sharon. Too give her credit; she knew how embarrassing a loss against Kelly would be so she sent Kelly back upstairs without ever mentioning our arm wrestle.

"So, now you agree that she is stronger than you?" Sharon asked me.

"Rubbish, she might have better technique than me, but I am defiantly stronger" I snapped.

Sharon was getting annoyed and added, "just admit it now, and I’ll keep it between us. If you won’t you will be sorry".

I refused to accept that she could possibly be stronger, so Sharon called Kelly back to the basement.

Sharon instructed Kelly to arm wrestle me. Kelly appeared to be confused but agreed.

We locked hands and immediately I felt a grip that obviously belonged to a strong person. As we started, I quickly glanced to her bicep. This was nothing like Sharon’s but did look very solid. I moved her arm backwards an inch, but she quickly returned me to starting position. I tried to use my weight to lean onto her arm, but nothing was working. Kelly looked surprised. She was now starting to move my arm backwards.

"Come on Jamie, you ain`t trying", "don’t let me win," she said. But I wasn’t letting her win, and I was trying. Trying as hard as I could if I am honest. My defeat was looking inevitable as she continued the slow downwards push. My last effort was to no avail and she had beaten me. My expression must have been a complete blank.

"Why did you let me win?" asked Kelly, "what’s going on?"

Sharon had to explain, as my mouth was not working,

"Jamie was using my weights and was struggling with your barbell load. This was no fake win, he was giving his all, you are stronger than him."

Kelly laughed. "Really, is this true Jamie, I am stronger than you for real?"

"Don’t be stupid", I said, "I let you win to see your reaction".

I walked towards the basement steps when Sharon stopped me.

"Don’t be a bad sport Jamie. Shake her hand and admit to us both that your 2 little sisters are stronger than you" Sharon insisted.

I ignored this and carried on towards the stairs. Suddenly I felt two arms wrap around my waist and I was being lifted through the air. Before I could turn round, I was face down on the floor with Sharon sat on top of me. She wrapped her legs round my waist while her arms held me down by my shoulders. I was unable to move an inch.

Suddenly she started to squeeze her legs. I had never felt a pain like it. I was finding it difficult to breathe.

"Now will you stop being a jerk and admit to Kelly that she is stronger than you?" Sharon demanded

I tried to resist, but the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t move her.

"Say it Jamie, say that Kelly is physically superior to you" Sharon added.

I could hear Kelly laughing, and I was about to hurt my pride even more than my body was hurting from Sharon’s squeeze.

"O.K, O.K" I wheezed, "Kelly you are stronger than me",

"And physically superior? Kelly bragged quizfully.

"Yes, Yes, you are physically superior, now please Sharon let me go". I said in great pain.

Sharon finally released me. "Now that we all agree on your strength, maybe Kelly will let you work out with her" Sharon joked. The 2 sisters walked up the stairs and turned out the light. I was left in the dark basement, aching and crying. I knew the physical pain would stop eventually, but my tears were from the thought that I was now the weakest member of the family. I could live with Sharon’s superiority. After all, she was only just younger and was a fitness nut, but Kelly? She was 6 years my junior, and still developing. I knew from that day on, life would never be the same.

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[EN / Musclefan UK] - Sister Sister - Chapter 2
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Sister Sister Part 2

By: Musclefan-UK

After the incident in the basement, I became very withdrawn. I could really have expected Sharon to be stronger than me. She had worked out for years and was always the fit one of the family, but Kelly was only 15 and I never noticed her excel in any sporting activity.

The first mention of the incident was one night while Sharon and myself were watching T.V.

"Jamie, about what happened in the basement" she began. I suddenly felt extremely embarrassed and she sensed it. "I’m sorry about what I did, I should never have abused my strength like I did".

This approach took me by surprise. I had lived with the fear that Sharon would become some kind of bully, yet she seemed genuinely sorry about the way she had hurt and embarrassed me.

All the problems I had feared had now subsided, and I decided to start lifting with Sharon in order to restore some pride in the family. It seemed kind of weird lifting with my sister but what the hell, she was the expert. I was making good progress over the next few weeks and I found myself lifting even when Sharon was out. Everything was great until my old fears re-appeared in a form that I honestly could never have expected.

It was one Saturday afternoon. Sharon was out at her aerobics class, so I took the opportunity to lift some weights down in the basement.

As I was pumping out my reps on the bench, I was startled by laughter from the doorway. I looked over and saw Kelly and her friend watching me. Her friend was nudging Kelly and whispering to her "go on then". Kelly looked a bit embarrassed and there was an uneasy silence before her friend broke the deadlock. "Kelly tells me she can beat you in an arm wrestle".

I suddenly felt very faint, but surely by now I would be stronger than her, after all, I had been working out like a maniac for weeks. I agreed to the match and we slowly moved into the arm wrestling position. As we joined hands, I noticed that Kelly now had a very pumped bicep, she had obviously been working out too. Last time out, I had the excuse that I had been lazy, but this time I was in good condition, no excuse this time would be justified.

The match was much closer than the last time. If she had thought that I wasn’t trying last time, she knew I was giving it my all this time out. I was giving it 100% concentration despite the distraction of her giggling friend. Although I wasn’t in any trouble, I wasn't able to push her back either. It was a true stalemate which lasted for about 5 minutes. My arm was burning, had this not been my little sister, I would have opted for defeat as I was starting to experience real burning pain all up my arm. "Wanna call it a draw" I whispered. This brought a large smile to Kelly's face. She knew I was in trouble and this gave her an immediate lift. Her bicep seemed to explode into life and had a similar look to the flexed arm of Sharon. My nightmare was about to happen, Kelly gained the advantage and my energy was spent. Within seconds, I went from a steady stalemate to instant defeat. My arm was limp, Kelly jumped up in delight and flexed for her young friend. I had never seen her flex before and was amazed at the advancements she must have made since our last match. As if my embarrassment was not already enough, Kelly's friend asked to see my arm flexed. I barely managed to lift it up and flex. My 15 year old sister had muscles which were the same size, or maybe even bigger than mine.

Several weeks had passed since the second match, and I felt happy that Kelly had got the whole thing out of her system. The next time we would arm wrestle, would be when I knew for sure that I could beat her.

The next surprise came as we were at the breakfast table one morning, when, in front of the whole family, Kelly asked for me to arm wrestle her. Mum and Dad laughed, me and Sharon looked at each other as we knew what was going to happen. Kelly beat me as I half expected, but it was the manner of her victory which scared me. She beat me relatively easily and seemed to be getting pleasure out of my embarrassment. Dad was obviously ashamed of my defeat, but not as much as I was. I decided to ask Sharon to speak with Kelly. We both agreed that Kelly was getting high on the fact that she could overpower me, and we both agreed that this was not good. Sharon could have kicked my ass anytime from being about 17, but had never done or wanted to do so. Kelly though was showing all the signs of turning into a classic bully.

Sharon spoke with her one evening and came back to report to me. The outcome was not good. "I'm sorry to say this Jamie, but she is enjoying the fact that she is stronger than a 21 year old guy and has no plans to ease up.

Over the next few weeks, Kelly approached me to arm wrestle several times. Each time she seemed to beat me with increased ease. I was working out like mad, yet she was pulling away from me in terms of strength. The arm wrestling defeats were becoming increasingly common, but I didn’t mind that much. They were always in private, and I was getting used to it and was using it as a measure to my own improvements. Then one Friday evening, things were to take a turn that I had dreaded all along.

We had just armwrestled with Kelly winning, when she asked me a question which disturbed me greatly. "Remember when Sharon pinned you down in the basement?"….."Yes" I sheepishly replied.

"Well, do you think I could do it?" This was my 15 year old sister talking about physically dominating her 21 year old brother. This should not have been happening. Whatever my response, I knew what she wanted to do to me, so I replied, "Look Kelly, I know how strong you are getting, please don’t do this".

This was a bad response. She knew that I was scared of her and she jumped into action grabbing me from behind around the neck. "Am I as strong as Sharon?" she questioned.

"Stop it Kelly" I coughed", "I can’t breathe". Kelly was laughing, she was really enjoying this. When Sharon had hurt me, she did it because she felt that she had to, this was different, this was for pleasure. Kelly released the hold, but as I gasped for breath, she applied a bear hug on me. Again, I struggled for air. "Please Kelly, why are you doing this?" I pleaded.

"I am 15, yet I am stronger than you, I can make you do whatever I want" she stated. She was right. I was helpless at her mercy. Again she released, only to apply another hold. This time she pinned me down face first on the floor and held my arm behind my back.

"O.K. lets try something" she said as she applied pressure to my arm.

"Repeat after me… Kelly is the strongest girl I have ever met"

I complied.

"And she has bigger muscles than Jamie"

Again I complied. I had little other option other than face the prospect of explaining a broken arm.

After several minutes of this ‘game’, she let me go. "Just remember Jamie, I can do this anytime I want… and I will" she said with alarming menace in her voice.

I was in a terrible position. There was nothing I could do. My only hope was to tell Sharon and see if she would stop what was happening. Sharon agreed to confront Kelly.

I walked in after work one night, to find Kelly and Sharon rowing in the front room. They had agreed to arm wrestle best of 3 to see if Kelly would leave me alone. To Sharon's amazement (and mine), Kelly was level at 1 match each.

I think Sharon was more devastated than what I was after my initial loss. Kelly stopped the heated arm wrestling mid way through their decider.

"Ah just what we need, a referee" said Kelly. Before I could ask what was happening, the 2 girls were wrestling free for all in our front room. Sharon was the bigger of the two by a way, but Kelly was holding her own. Both girls tried for pins, and submissions. Each time a hold was applied, the other would react frantically to escape, knowing what each other was capable of. Sharon managed to get on top of Kelly and pin her arms down. Surely this was over. As Sharon began to wrap her legs round Kelly's waist I prayed for her to put an end to Kelly's nasty streak. Sharon was in the controlling position and I remember thinking to myself that surely the submission was only a matter of time. It was to may absolute amazement that Kelly started to force Sharon's arms back up, she was actually stronger than Sharon, this was incredible. From her arms being pinned, she had managed to lift them upright despite Sharon using her strength and weight. She struggled free and the girls carried on wrestling.

After 25 minutes of action, the 2 girls were looking exhausted, when suddenly Kelly flipped Sharon over onto her back. She dived on top of Sharon and pinned her arms down. This time the legs were applied to the waistline and Sharon screamed in pain. Kelly had Sharon’s arms pinned by the wrists, she was helpless. Sharon strained but could not raise her arms from the floor with Kelly pinning them by the wrists.

"Right Sis, I am the strongest in this house now. If I want to kick your ass, or Jamie's there is very little you two can do about it. I enjoy my strength and I will display it however and whenever I want."

This was the outcome I dreaded down in the pit of my stomach.

"So Sharon, who is strongest?" Kelly demanded.

Through the gritted teeth, in terrible pain, Sharon mumbled, "You are Kelly, please let go".

My head dropped as Kelly released the arms of Sharon but kept squeezing with the legs. She flexed a double bicep pose, to show us both her biceps which were now at least on par with Sharon's and defiantly bigger than mine. After the frantic struggle that had just gone on, she was pumped and veins were now popping out all over. If I didn’t know better, I would have said that Kelly had the physique, or at least the arms, of a serious veteran bodybuilder.

I knew then, that the next few years would be difficult to say the least. She was 15 yet so strong, she was only going to get stronger and now, not even Sharon could stop her.
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[EN / Musclefan UK] - Sister Sister - Chapter 3
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Sister Sister (Part 3)

By Musclefan-UK

After the way that Kelly had dominated Sharon, I spent the next few weeks laid low. If I could have afforded to move out, I would have done, but as it was, I spent as much time as possible away from our house. It must have been several weeks later when I returned home one evening and heard clinking of weights in the basement. Presuming that it was Sharon, I got changed into my t-shirt and shorts and headed down the stairs to join her in the workout. After the Kelly and Sharon incident, both Sharon and myself had been working out heavy style, maybe purely out of panic.

As I walked into the basement, I was surprised to see the figure of a woman lifting dumbbells and flexing into the full length mirror. The woman was too short to be Sharon, but surely was not Kelly either as this woman was big. Really big. As I moved closer, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was Kelly, but not the Kelly I had grown up with, this was a woman with gigantic muscles. How had she got so big? She was clearly more muscular than either me or Sharon. In fact, she was probably the most muscular person I had ever seen in person. I tried to leave the room un-noticed, but as I approached the door, I was spotted.

"Where you spying on me Jamie"? Kelly called out.

I was stuck for a reply, "erm no…..I was erm".

"Don't be shy Jamie, come and look how big I have got" she invited.

I walked over and sat down. Kelly proceeded to flex in the mirror. I couldn't accept that this was the body of a 16 year old. Her biceps must have been over 14 inches. She told me that she had noticed me and Sharon working out and this really amused her.

"So, after all the hours you have put in, do you think you can beat me up yet? Lets see what you have got, come on flex your big biceps for me" she teased.

She knew full well that my arms were tiny compared to hers. She gripped my neck with her hand and started to squeeze.

"I said lets see your muscles" she demanded. I didn't want to give her cause to get any more physical with me as I knew what she was capable of, and so I flexed my biceps.

"Hmmmm improvement but no quite like this" she said as she flexed her bicep next to mine. I had once compared muscles with Sharon, and it was obvious that Kelly had easily surpassed the size of either of us. After a few minutes of flexing, Kelly ordered me from the basement and I left with no arguments.

When I told Sharon about what had happened, she didn't seem too shocked. She was actually able to shed some light on how she had got so big and strong in such a short time. Sharon showed me an article in a bodybuilding magazine that showed the effects of a new high powered steroid that young bodybuilders were using. The pills were high risk, but had showed excellent results. I read the article in detail. It included several before and after photographs of other men and women, some Kelly's age. There was one 15 year old girl whose before and after shots defied belief. The fact was, that these pills were dangerous, as are any steroids. Despite her recent mood, Kelly was still our sister and it was up to us to convince her to stop what she was doing. The first thing was to locate the pills. I decided that I would wait until Kelly was out, then raid her room to find the pills.

I waited until the time was right, then in I went. I felt terrible going through her stuff but it was for her own good. After a while I found a pill bottle which was half full. I put them in my pocket and made for the door, but bad timing struck and the door swung open before I reached. It was Kelly, a very angry Kelly.

"What the hell are you doing in here" she shouted.

I had no explanation. She glanced at her open drawer and instantly realized what I had taken.

"Hand them over" she demanded.

"Hand what over?"

She gripped my wrist and started applying the pressure. I dropped to my knees. She held onto my wrist with her left hand and fished into my pocket with her other. Talk about beating someone one handed.

"Gonna start using them where you" she joked.

I got to my feet. I didn't know what to do. I started to explain about the article, the dangers etc but this seemed to make things even worse.

"So that bitch Sharon is behind this too, only she didn't have the guts to come in my room so she sent her servant. She is just jealous of my advancements. I think we need to sort this out once and for all."

With that she drew back her right arm and hit me hard in the stomach. I bent over in agony. I was in a semi conscious state and everything was kind of a blur. She lifted me up over her shoulder and dumped me onto a chair. The next fully conscious thought I had was waking up, tied to the chair in the basement. Kelly must have carried the chair with me strapped to it, all the way down to the basement.

I sat there for what seemed like hours before finally the light was turned on and Sharon and her boyfriend walked it with very astonished looks on their faces.

Sharon walked over to me and started to untie the ropes while I told her what happened. Sharon looked worried, she was the next target and neither of us knew where Kelly was. I knew Sharon had brought Carl back with her for protection, but despite his stocky frame, I wasn't so sure he could protect us. After all, Sharon hadn't seen Kelly's strength displays of late.

From the shadows in the corner of the room, Kelly emerged, from behind Sharon's boyfriend. She applied a bear hug to him and before Sharon could get over to help him, a loud crack echoed around the basement. Carl fell to the floor. It was obvious that he had just suffered a broken rib. Suddenly our ‘insurance’ had gone.

For the next half hour, I had to helplessly watch as Kelly gave Sharon a lesson never to forget. The ease with which Kelly was able to dominate Sharon was frightening, she was strong as an ox. She was getting pleasure from her actions as she applied hold after hold to her older sister. With each scissor, each squeeze, Sharon screamed out in pain while Kelly maintained the same joyful yet determined look on her face.

Finally Kelly stopped her onslaught. Carl crumpled up in pain, Sharon crying and me still tied to the chair. Kelly had beaten 3 of us with remarkable ease.

After issuing us with a warning to mind our own business, Kelly stared at each one of us.

"Lets forget this whole episode" said Kelly as she once again lifted me over her shoulder. She carried me back upstairs and dropped me down. She then untied me. Gave me a menacing stare, then left the room.

Our initial plan to stop Kelly had gone worse than we could have ever imagined. It was frighteningly obvious that this bully was not finished yet.
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