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[EN / Musclefan UK] - One up for the girls
« il: 14 Febbraio 2012, 13:38:45 »
One Up for the Girls

By Musclefan UK

It was just an ordinary Friday night. I was 16 and my friends were over, hanging out at my house. There were 4 of us who did this most Fridays. All of us were 15-17 and went to the same school. My parents went out every Friday so we had the house to ourselves. Loud music, Nintendo and sometimes, a few beers.

As was the usual schedule, my sisters friends would also be over and once my parents left, they were confined to her room, out of our way. They ranged in age from 14 to 16. My sister had just turned 15.

It was about 8.30pm, and we were bored with the video games, so we voted on what to do for the remainder of the night. Terry was the leader of our group and he piped up with the suggestion of arm wrestling. I was not too keen as I was not the biggest of us, but never the less, we all agreed. Terry was the eldest and biggest and no doubt expected an easy victory, so suggested that we all put a small wager in. Again we all agreed and we decided to hold a knock out competition. Terry drew Rick and I drew Colin. Rick was 16 like me and a similar build. Colin was the youngest of our group, but quite a big build, well to be honest, he was fat.

The matches were to be best of 3, and Terry soon dispatched of Rick 2-0 with pretty simple wins. I lost my first match to Colin, but drew level in match 2 and shocked myself to win the contest 2-1. The final was one sided as Terry went 1-0 up, but just as we were getting into the second match, my sister and her friends were spotted watching through the partly open door.

They were quickly sent back upstairs and Terry easily beat me to win the match and the money. We went back to the Nintendo, but soon heard a lot of noise and cheering from upstairs. This was uncharacteristic of my sister and her friends who normally were content with stupid kids games.

Intrigued by the noise, we all crept up the stairs and repeated their earlier spying act. We were all amazed to find that they were copying our new found entertainment. They were ARM WRESTLING!!!!

We were strangely bemused by the girls, and watched the contest unfold. We must have missed the first semi, and joined the action just in time to see my sister taking on Jane who was 14 and the smallest girl present. The two girls were holding their own and from our distant viewpoint, we could make out that both had small rounded biceps showing from their t-shirts.

After about 45 seconds, my sister slowly levered down Jane’s arm. They immediately set up for match 2 and all 3 of my mates were encapsulated. This time, Rachel (my sister), was in more control and won in about 20 seconds.

"I bet she would give you a run for your money" said Colin.

"Don't be so stupid" I snapped back.

The conversation stopped dead there as the final was about to get underway. My sister was up against the largest and oldest girl (16), Zoë. Zoë was about 5’6 which was tall for her age. My sister was dwarfed by her at only 5’1 but she surprised us all by getting off to a good start. That’s all it was though, as Zoë soon gained control and won the first match. My sister’s arms were now looking even bigger, and I felt myself feeling my own biceps to try and reassure myself. Zoë won the second match in a similar fashion, but the victory was tainted from our viewpoint as she had long sleeves on and we could not compare her biceps.

No sooner had the contest ended, when Terry walked in on the girls with a sarcastic applause. They were furious that we had been watching, all except Zoë that was.

"If you lads didn’t want us to join in your competition, we had to run our own" said Zoë.

Terry laughed at the idea that they wanted to ‘compete’ with us. This angered Zoë who immediately challenged him. Terry continued to laugh, as too did the rest of us.

"I’d never lower myself to arm wrestle a girl" said Terry.

Zoë was determined and replied,

"If I could prove that I was a good match for you, would you give me a chance?"

Terry agreed and so Zoë quickly shifted her challenge to Rick. Rick was anxious to win at least one match after his 2-0 revere against Terry, so he agreed.

The two 16 year olds locked arms and began. Terry’s brashness had soon turned into fear as he struggled to move Zoë’s arm at all. In fact we were shocked to see Zoë straining and moving the arm in her favor. Within seconds of the initial movement, Rick’s arm buckled and Zoë had won in a very short space of time.

Terry was speechless and jumped up to the makeshift table. "Come on then" he mumbled, he wanted to shut up this ‘mere girl’.

The 2 locked arms. Zoë didn’t even take a break after her match with Rick. Rick shouted for the start whilst rubbing his sore arm.

Zoë stared right at Terry who was unnerved. She held her arm straight for about 15 seconds while Terry gave his all. She then showed slight strain and slammed his arm in one swift and smooth motion.

Terry was silent. Zoë was glowing. "Who next?" she said looking at me. "Come on then".

"Me!!" I said with a tremble. Zoë was walking towards me when Colin stopped her.

"There isn't much point in this" he said, "why don't you see if he can beat his sister, she looked to have a pretty firm bicep back there".

I was praying for her to turn down the offer, but she jumped at the chance.

I would not have minded losing to any of the girls, but this was serious pride at stake. I thought that I would surely beat her. I was a year older, 6 inches taller and much heavier, yet my confidence was shattered as my initial effort for quick victory was stopped dead by her solid arm. The boys were silent, the girls cheering on my sister. Her confidence was growing and slowly, my arm was moving back. I whispered to her not to go through with it, but this set her off in an uncontrollable giggle. No matter how I strained, she continued her motion. I was helpless. Her strength was amazing. My chances of winning were long gone and within 20 seconds, she had my arm pinned. I almost asked for a re-match, but another defeat was obvious, so I just bowed my head in shame.

The following Friday, after my parents left, us lads were downstairs playing Nintendo as usual, when the girls came in. As usual, I told my sister and her friends to get back to her room out of our way. Zoë was not present this week and so we were not expecting much opposition. I doubt I’d have been as brave if she had.

My sister refused to leave; I threatened her, she refuse.

Then she came out with 2 words that I will never forget. "MAKE ME".

I looked to my friends, and they looked back. I had walked into a potentially pride shattering situation and nobody was going to save me. I walked up to her, looking down at her. She didn’t back down. She knew she was stronger than me and was full of a growing confidence. When we were younger, I used to often push her around. I was bigger, but not so sure of myself now. I tried to push her out of the door but she was not moving. My pushing had no effect. She pushed me back and I moved back about a meter. I didn’t know what to do next, but she soon helped me out. She lunged at me knocking me over. Despite being so small, she had me pinned down and I was struggling to get free. She managed to twist my arm behind my back and started to apply pressure. My face was screwed up in pain and all I could here was her saying over and over, "So we can stay then?" I had to get free but was helpless. Her hands provided a vice like grip on my wrist as she twisted it. Eventually, with tears running down my face I had to give in and agree to let her stay.

She released me and to the shock of all us boys, she added, "maybe next, I’ll banish YOU upstairs".

From that week on, we all got on well and hung out together but I always got the feeling that my friends were coming round to see my sis and not me.

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"