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[EN / Musclefan UK] - Marie (2 chapters)
« il: 14 Febbraio 2012, 15:36:45 »
MARIE PART 1 - One Chance Encounter
by Musclefan-U.K.

I was out with some friends one night and we were drinking at the bar. I was quite drunk when a girl walked in who I knew, but just couldn’t think where from. After a while, I decided to go over and ask her if I knew her.

"Hi, do I know you" I said. I was praying that she said yes as this could turn out to sound like the worst chat up line ever.

"Oh my God, Jamie, Jamie Harrison". She seemed almost excited. As soon as she said this, I knew who she was. Marie Harper. She had attended the same school as me, but was a couple of years older. She was about 5’8 with long brown hair. She was always quite attractive, but had developed into a really beautiful woman. I bought her a drink and we chatted for the rest of the night.

My friends decided to leave for a club, so I said my goodbyes to her. It was then that she asked me.

"Look Jamie, I have to go down to Birmingham next Saturday, don’t suppose you would drive me there?"

I had nothing else planned, so I agreed.

I went to her house early the following Saturday. I sat on her sofa and she asked me why I hadn’t asked what she was doing in Birmingham.

"Go on then, what are you doing in Birmingham?"

"Wanna see" she said and disappeared upstairs.

When she returned she told me to close my eyes. As I opened them, I was in shock. She was stood before me in a bikini and was a sheer wall of muscle. She walked over to me. I was in shock, my mouth was wide open but no words were coming out. She had always been thin at school, now she was massive.

"Wanna feel?" she asked. I placed my hand on her bulging bicep. It was rock hard with a vein running down the middle. I could feel another bulge too, in my pants.

I finally managed to spill out a staggered sentence, "I don’t understand?"

She explained that she was heading south to compete in a body building competition. I had always admirer female muscles but this was my first real experience and I was excited that I was going to be able to see and meet loads of muscular women.

I had gotten this far so I asked her if I could have her an arm wrestle. She agreed but only after the competition.

The day was superb; I got several phone numbers of female bodybuilders who were competing. Better was to follow though. Halfway home, Marie asked if I would like to pull over and stay the night in a hotel. Of course I agreed and was amazed when she asked for only one room. She was still buzzing from the 2nd prize she had won. Maybe I am biased, but she was clearly the best there.

Once inside, she immediately headed for the bathroom and emerged in her competition bikini.

"Still Wanna try me out," she said.

We locked arms for the arm wrestle. Her arm was swollen and at a guess, I would say it was 15-16 inches. My arm looked pathetic next to hers, only about 13.5 with a relatively small bicep. She beat me in a matter of seconds. I tried to resist, but her strength was remarkable. We tried again with left arms, but the outcome was no different.

"I can see you like my muscles" she said. She then began to parade round the room flexing and letting me touch her mighty arms. "Ever wrestle a woman before?" she asked.

I hadn’t but had a feeling I was about to. I stripped to my boxers and we went at it. I had no chance. She effortlessly picked me up and threw me onto the bed. She was on top of me in a flash and pinning my arms back. I couldn’t move. She released me and decided to get a bit rougher. I tried to lift her in a bear hug move, but I barely got her off the floor. As I squeezed her, she seemed to expand and easily broke my grip. I was helpless as she wrapped her massive muscular thighs round me and applied pressure.

I had to submit. She applied similar moves over the next 30 minutes; each one resulted in a submission.

The night ended with the most wonderful sex ever, she was in control and I loved it.

I drove her home the next morning; she thanked me and asked if I would give her a lift to her next competition. The answer was obvious.

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[EN / Musclefan UK] - Marie - chapter 2
« Risposta #1 il: 14 Febbraio 2012, 15:37:19 »
MARIE PART 2 - Muscle Always Wins
by Musclefan-UK

After the events in part one, I dated Marie for several months before finally getting married to her. Life was bliss, but then………….

Marie had continued to grow and was now winning all regional bodybuilding contests. She decided to branch out and head for bigger tournaments. We went together to one tournament in Paris and I bumped into an old school friend named Harry. At school he was similar in build to myself, but now he was a giant. About 6’3 and well over 240llbs. We got talking and he explained that he was not in fact competing, but here to watch his wife Karen who was in the same category as Marie. We sat together watching our wives compete and Marie came a close second to the extremely beautiful Karen.

After the contest, we all went for a meal and I was beginning to feel a little inferior in the presence of 3 fantastic bodybuilders. The 2 ladies went to the bathroom and Harry and me got our first chance to talk alone. He was full of complements towards Marie, saying that she had gotten even more beautiful than she had been in school. I returned the compliments towards Karen. Harry was surprised that Marie could love a smaller guy, one who she was obviously stronger than. As the ladies soon returned, Harry and I agreed to meet up in the week. Harry chose the location and I was not surprised that he chose his local gym.

We met up on the Wednesday, and I was dressed in jogging pants and t-shirt. Harry was in vest and shorts, he was massive. His bicep must have been 18 inches and this made me feel stupid. He was lifting amounts with one, that I couldn’t have budged using both of mine. We got talking about the wives again, and Harry asked me if I had ever done a wife swap. We talked in length about the matter, and while the thought of sleeping with his wife was very appealing, I didn’t really want Marie to sleep with Harry. He soon convinced me to go for the idea, and so we spoke to our wives. It turned out that Karen had always fantasized about being with a weaker guy; after all, she had been with Harry for years who was much bigger. Marie seemed keen too, and we agreed to the one night only swap.

The night soon arrived and Marie left the house. She told me she loved me and that she still would after the night’s events. Shortly after Karen arrived. She was about Marrie’s height with long black hair. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met. We talked all night before getting down to business. She changed into a leotard and this revealed a body which was lighter than Marie but so much more defined. She was pure muscle. She told me that she had never tested her strength against a weaker man before, in fact no man except Harry. We began with an arm wrestle. As we locked hands, her bicep was in full vision. It was a rounded ball of muscle. It was well bronzed and full of veins. I was no match for her mass power and she beat me 3-0 with both arms. Each time I resisted for a matter of seconds before she slammed my arm down. She was certainly evenly matched with Marie.

Later in the evening we decided to wrestle. I felt like I could cause an upset here. I knew my power was no match, but I had wrestled Marie many times. She had only minor wrestling experience with Harry and she had never managed to beat him seriously. Her agility amazed me. With lightening like speed she had lifted me into a fireman’s carry and threw me several feet across my living room. Again cat like, she pounced and used her gigantic thighs to squeeze the life out of me, forcing the first submission. The following submissions came all too easy for her. She used combinations of full nelsons, scissors and arm twists, to beat me into submission every time. She then went for the pin show. 3 times within 5 minutes, she had me pinned to the floor. Her weight and massive amounts of power left me unable to move every time.

She had had her fun and decided that we should do a little muscle worship before having sex. She began by lifting me in several ways, then began to flex as though in competition. She beckoned me over to touch her muscles. For 15 minutes, I ran my fingers over her rock hard torso. Her calves, thighs, and biceps were protruding blocks of rock hard muscle. No matter how much pressure I applied to them, I simply couldn’t dent them. They were even harder than Marie’s. I finally got to see her abs as she stripped off her leotard into bra and knickers. They were formed into a perfect 6 pack and were rock solid.

"Hit them if you like" she said. I did, which didn’t cause her to even flinch. I continued to caress her muscles until she decided that it was time for sex. She took off the bra and knickers and lifted me in a cradle. She carried me effortlessly upstairs and lay me gently on the bed………………

The day after, Marie returned home. Over the next few days, she had little to say about Harry. She told me she still loved me, but seemed more concerned with how she and Karen compared physically and in bed. For the next few weeks, Marie seized every opportunity to show me her strength. She seemed jealous of Karen and kept trying to impress me. I lost count the number of times she crept behind me and lifted me up just to demonstrate her power.

Life soon got back to normal, and the 4 of us (Harry, Karen, Marie and myself) got on really well. Then, I was soon to find out big time, that muscle always wins.

I was scheduled to fly to L.A for business. Marie decided that she would stay with a friend and I left. Bad weather caused my flight top be cancelled, and so I returned home several hours after I had left. To my surprise, when I got home, the light was on downstairs. Nobody was expected to be home. As I entered, I could hear noises from upstairs. Thinking we had burglars, I ran upstairs and burst into the room where the noise was coming from………..our bedroom.

To my horror Harry was there, in bed with Marie. My perfect world had just been turned upside down. I was in a rage. All I wanted to do was attack Harry. In reality, he would have beat me up with one hand, but my rage made me oblivious to this. I stormed towards him. Marie quickly jumped out of bed and was wearing only her knickers.

"Move out of the way, I`m gonna kill him" I shouted. She refused and blocked my path. I warned her to move, she refused again. She then told me to "calm down" and I exploded. I went to hit Marie but she caught my fist with her hand. She twisted me round and forced me to the floor with my arm behind my back. I was in tears. All I wanted to do was hit Harry, make him pay, but instead, my wife was pinning me helplessly to the floor. Harry decided to leave and kissed Marie on his way out. I was helpless and was forced to watch my wife kissing him as she effortlessly held my down with one arm.

Harry left and Marie let me free. She turned her back, and I dived on her. Now that Harry had gone, I had to vent my anger on someone. I had caught her off guard and now found myself on top of her on our bedroom floor. Having a second to think, I couldn’t bring myself to hit her, but did want to hurt her. I grabbed her thick forearm and tried to twist it, just as she had done to me. Her resistance was amazing, I couldn’t twist it at all. Suddenly she forced herself up and I grabbed her round the neck. She managed to stand up with me still clinging to her back. She backed me into the wall and I fell to the floor. She turned and threw me across the room. "You shouldn’t have tried to hit me" she warned.

She then removed her wedding ring and threw it at me. "I think you had better leave" she demanded.

She was in the wrong, and yet I could do nothing.

The last I heard, Harry had both Karen and Marie living with him. Muscles always win.
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