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[EN / Musclefan UK] - The settlement
« il: 14 Febbraio 2012, 15:41:50 »
The Settlement
by Musclefan-UK

James and Claire had been married for 10 years. After dating at school, they were wed at the age of 19. Despite the expected comments about them being too young, they had lead a happy life until recently. They had now been separated for a year and were not too friendly to each other. James was slim but tall at 6’2’’ and was living alone in a small one bedroom apartment, while Clair and their child, Rita, had moved in with her new boyfriend Keith in a very large detached house. Keith was loaded and owned his own gym. Clair had everything on a plate and decided to ask for a divorce in order to re-marry.

James was extremely envious of his ex wife, and had not spoken to her for the 2 years separation, but had been told of her newfound riches, by friends of the couple. James was sitting watching T.V when Clair phoned. It was their first contact for 3 years and James was shocked by Claire’s brashness about asking for a divorce.

They agreed to meet up for dinner to discuss the matter and James had already decided that he was going to fight her for everything now that she was loaded.

James was already seated in the restaurant when Claire arrived, and he was immediately shocked by her appearance. Gone were her long locks of hair, and she appeared to have put on weight. This lead to the "are you pregnant comment", to which the answer was "no". Claire tried to be civil, but James sensed the potential for a quick buck and cut to the chase by explaining how he wanted 50,000 pounds ($ 70,000) as a settlement. She refused and they both realized that they were in for a long and potentially nasty trudging through court.

As the months passed the heat was turned up. James used all the dirt on Claire including her affair of 5 years back, which had lead to the separation. In return, Keith had threatened James, James threatened Keith, etc etc, when James overstepped the mark. He went to Rita’s school and picked her up, leaving Claire to think that she had gone missing. James of course returned her home, but Claire was fuming. She stormed round to James’ apartment and as James opened the door, he was knocked to the floor as his wife barged past him.

As they argued in the front room, James found his attention diverting to his wife’s arms. She had always been a larger than average woman, but more fat than muscular. Her arms appeared to be quite well defined. No, very well defined.

The argument continued and Claire raised her arm to her head in gesture and James was gobsmacked. Her bicep was protruding from her arm with amazing definition. James stared.

"What the hell you staring at" snapped his irate wife.

"Your, your arms, they are massive" said James. She looked puzzled. Living with her new boyfriend who was a bodybuilder, she never really compared herself to men, but soon realized that she was very muscular indeed, compared to James. She was intrigued by his reaction, and the argument temporarily stopped as she raised her arm once more and flexed it. The bicep was about 15 inches and defined to perfection. It was extremely vascular and showed the signs of heavy workouts, having transformed from the lifeless flab that had been there before.

"My God" said James, "your arm is bigger than mine".

He flexed his long arm which had a long flat bicep of around 13 inches. Claire had never armwrestled a weaker guy before, as her new boyfriend was much stronger and bigger than she was. She was fascinated temporarily by the concept and asked James to armwrestle.

James refused. "Don’t be stupid, you have lost your mind".

Claire was hooked, "Come on, I’ll agree to your terms on the divorce… if you can beat me".

Clair knew deep down that she would win, but James wasn’t convinced. The offer was a good one though, so James agreed.

They locked hands and James immediately showed a facial reaction to the firmness of Claire’s grip. She noticed and squeezed harder to the dismay of James. James strained but was not really making an impact. He was amazed by her power, and even more so by the size of her bicep which was now swelling and pumping with veins. He glanced at his own arm and saw it in it’s largest size ever, yet disappointingly no comparison to hers.

Suddenly, James had to change his efforts from trying to win, to holding his own, as Claire started to add pressure. Both biceps continued to swell as the contest was becoming increasingly one sided. James’ arm was starting to explode, yet could not even hold ground as Clair continued to move his arm down. She looked up at him, smiled, and gave a massive surge which slammed his arm down with an awesome thud.

"Arghhhhhhh" screamed James, he was hurt.

"Sorry" said Claire with concern. "I guess I’m stronger than I thought".

"You stupid bitch." Shouted James. "You are a freak, a damn freak".

Claire was still full of adrenalin from her win, and was now getting angry with energy waiting to be burned.

"You better be careful what you say, or I might have to teach you a lesson" said Claire menacingly.

The reply was immediate, "Fuck off you cheap slag. Get out of here".

This was too much and Claire proceeded to lift James from his position on his knees by the table. He tried to remove her arms from his shirt, but was greeted by her thick forearms. She lifted him off the floor and threw him back onto the sofa. She turned to leave, but James hadn’t finished. He ran at her and jumped on her back, grabbing her round the throat. He squeezed at her neck but this was met with a kind of reverse bear hug which forced him to release her immediately. He once again found himself slumped on the floor.

Clair started to march towards him. He jumped up and hit her firmly in the stomach. She just looked at him even more pissed off than before. James was in disbelief. His hardest punch had just had no effect. Before he had time to swing again, she beat him to it and cracked him in the gut. He doubled up and dropped to the floor. She lifted him up in a cradle and put him gently on the sofa.

"I’m sorry" she said, "but you pushed me too far". James could not reply as he was still fighting for his breath.

Claire decided to leave, but just as she put her hand on the door she heard a wheezing James say, "Slut, Freak".

She once more marched back into the front room and was greeted by a mobile phone being swung into her face. She was knocked down and James was stood over her. Claire was bleeding and semi conscious, as James proceeded to rip off her blouse. Again he was amazed at what he saw. The six pack staring at him was like a washboard. He thought to himself that is was no wonder he hurt his hand when he had punched her.

"I’m gonna make you sorry now, you freak" promised James. He opened the drawer and removed a pair of handcuffs. He locked her right arm to the radiator and went to get his belt from his other pants. Claire was face down and James intended to give her a belting in revenge for his humiliation. As he removed the belt, he stopped as he heard a creaking. He burst into the front room, just in time to see Claire snapping the steel handcuffs.

James dropped the belt and stood open mouthed. Clair dived on him and wrapped her legs around his waist. His struggle was futile and within seconds, he was screaming in pain as Claire squeezed with all her strength. James was soon unconscious, and Clair got a pen and paper and wrote a statement on it. This basically stated that he accepted the divorce and would not pursue custody of Rita, or any of her newfound money. She sat by him until he awoke, and the second he did wake up, she re-coiled around him and told him to sign the statement.

"Sign this, or I’ll break you in half again". She demanded.

James refused for about 5 seconds, as the pressure of her legs increased forcing him tom submit and sign the paper.

Claire got up and left the apartment. James has suffered 2 broken ribs and knew that there was no way to fight her in court now. He had lost everything, unless he wanted the humiliating incident to be dragged up in the courts. For James, this was not an option………….

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"