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[EN / GG] - Linda
« il: 04 Giugno 2012, 11:26:25 »

I met Linda at a very noisy party at a friend's house in the country. 
Parties are one of the times I can wear my 4" heeled thigh length boots
and not cause a riot! Being 6'6" in them tends to have a strange effect
on the high street. I noticed her immediately because of her black vinyl
crocodile pattern catsuit and high black leather thigh boots - not
unlike mine - only about 4 sizes smaller. She was cute! I was in my
thigh highs over black jeans and a close fitting top. It showed off my
shapely breasts but did not cover up my arm muscles; so what! I was a
lot less shy about them these days.

She made me wet as soon as I saw her. I got even more of a tingle when I
noticed she seemed to be looking at me quite a bit. I get like this with
a certain type of woman, but mainly I look for the right type of man -
there were none here; the wrong type were buzzing around us like hornets
and I couldn't get a second to chat to her. Why don't they admit to boot
loving! They all have it - just put some thigh highs on and see what

I found out that she was American - over for two weeks. She was staying
at the Mariott  near Heathrow; and that's about all I discovered. She
seemed to have a band of bodyguards wherever she went and I was being
pestered likewise. I got so frustrated I left quite early - about
eleven, after having a hard time with a few of the most boring wimps I
had ever met. She saw me leaving and looked quite disappointed.

That was Friday evening. I didn't get much sleep thinking about her.
Instead I put my devious mind to work on a plan to meet her the next
day. I did not want to give myself away up front, so I came up with a

About 6 am I phoned the hotel and left a message. She would get it at

- Hi Linda. Loved your catsuit - you must tell me where you got it. I
heard from a guy at the party that you love horse riding. So do I. I was
going to ride with a friend this morning at 11 am but she can't make it.
If you are free you could come instead. I have two horses booked and
it's in Windsor Great Park so it will be interesting for you. Let me
know.  Gloria -

I left my home and mobile number with the message and then just waited.

It was quite clever in a way. I had no idea whether she liked horses,
but I had a ride booked alone and I phoned the stables to get a second
horse. They would not mind if I turned up alone in the end. If she hated
riding I could just blame the 'guy'.

It got to 9 am and I was just beginning to lose hope when the phone
rang. I had a twinge of pleasure when I heard the American accent.

'Is that Gloria?'

We made some small talk about the party.

'Hey listen. I don't who told you about me being into horseback riding
but the fact is I've only ever been on a horse a few times.'

My heart sank. I was ready to suggest several alternatives I had got
ready. I was not going to let her off the hook easily.

'But I'd love to go riding. And the Great Park. That's cool! Just as
long as we don't go fast.'

I nearly squeaked with joy.

'No problem. We can take it as slow as you like.' I said.

I arranged to pick her up at the hotel. I was dressed in my riding gear
and slammed the accelerator down under my black leather boot to get to
her as soon as possible.  She was waiting in the forecourt dressed in
blue jeans and cowboy boots with a leather jacket. I got wet at the
sight of her!

It wasn't too far to the stables and we made it in good time. I was a
regular there so we could go out alone. The horses were brought out and
I watched as she mounted quite easily. She kept herself fit by the look
of it - fantastic body. I wonder what she thought of mine. Female
bodybuilders are quite a thing in the States so she might think it was
not so unusual. 

I took her around at a walk and trot to places where we could get a good
view of the castle, and managed to make a date to show her round Windsor
in the afternoon. We were really getting on, but I had steered clear of
the sex angle. I was grinding myself into the saddle to get hot while I
looked at her - wow. She looked great on the horse!

Then she livened things up by saying how good my body looked and how she
admired fitness babes and bodybuilders. I took the opportunity to
playfully flex my bicep and let her feel it. I got a big kick out of
that and noticed that she seemed to like it. This could be it!  I would
turn up the heat a bit.

Suddenly, her horse was spooked by a rabbit which bolted out from some
bushes. It took a step sideways and she slipped from the saddle. I
dismounted and helped her to her feet.

'No sweat!' She said. 'Soft landing!'

I couldn't miss this opportunity to get my hands on her.

'I'll help you back on.' I said in a matter of fact way. As she stood by
the horse I put my hands around her waist. I didn't wait till she put
her foot in the stirrup but just lifted her clean off the ground, high
above my head and gently lowered her into the saddle. That's an
experience she definitely would not have had before and my heart was
beating wildly in expectation of how she would take it. It could have
been a really bad move.

'Wow!' she shrieked. 'You're so strong! I don't believe what you just
did!' She was smiling but looked a bit awe-struck. It had worked.

'No problem.' I said coolly. Then I got a flash of inspiration!  'Any
time!' I said it in a sort of slow sing- song way. I was trying to get
the message over.

She looked at me and a cheeky grin came over her face. We were

'I might fall off on purpose just to make you lift me up again.' She
said. We were really doing it now - no doubt about it. Bingo!

I got on my horse and flicked her playfully on the bottom with my crop.
'Naughty!' I laughed.

'Ooh.' She said, giggling. 'I must get one of those to keep my husband
in line.'

'I'll buy you one this afternoon.' I replied.

We had a great time going round Windsor; shopping, doing the tourist bit
and then getting a bit tipsy in a wine bar, all the time dressed in our
riding gear. When I mentioned Sunday, that was the downer! Her husband
was meeting her. He was on a business trip and was coming down from
Manchester. I countered by inviting them both to lunch. That would be
better than nothing, but three's a crowd. She was quite surprised when I
actually bought a crop for her.

'I'll give it to you tomorrow, darling. I want to have it wrapped.'

They arrived about mid day. He was not what I expected; English for a
start, and when she said tall I expected 6'4" or something. I had my
thigh boots on for fun and I was about a head taller. He could only be
5'10" at the most and quite skinny. He was a bit over-awed with me but
I'm used to that and just ignore the comments and looks. I did have
jeans and a long sleeved loose top on though, so my arms were hidden -
didn't want to blow his mind totally.

I broke the ice by getting them to help with lunch. The roast had been in
the oven but there was lots still to do. We sipped at sherry and Linda
became quite chatty, telling 'Berty' about the ride and how I was into
bodybuilding. I cringed when she told him about the way I put her on the
horse. That stopped him in his tracks, but he didn't say anything. He
must have thought she was exaggerating.

Half way through the meal and a lot of wine later, we got talking about
bodybuilding again.

'..but you can't get as strong as a man.' He said, quite seriously.

I stared at him. Where had this guy been all his life?

'Depends on the man.' I said, unable think of anything better. He kept
on the subject of sporty women and came out with a whole stream of the
most old fashioned opinions I had ever heard. He was almost Victorian or
puritan in outlook- only not that much fun. How could Linda have ended
up with a dummy like this?

'I wouldn't like a girl with muscles.' He said a bit later. 'It would be
like being with a man.'

I nearly choked! Linda started to look worried. This guy was beginning
to annoy me. I could feel the tigress stirring in me and I knew my face
was turning a bit red, but I filled up the glasses and said nothing.

I tried to change the subject but he was determined to be a bore. Then I
suddenly realised he was doing it on purpose! Nobody could be that
obtuse!  I tried to stay calm but he kept digging.

'I think most female bodybuilders are dykes.' He said finally, looking
at me with a strange smirk.

'Berty!' shrieked Linda.

Something snapped. There was something about that word and the way he
said it that I couldn't take. I stood up and grabbed him by the front of
his shirt with my left hand, hauling him out of his chair and clean off
his feet. I couldn't help myself and slapped him as he dangled there,
then threw him down onto the carpet. Linda screamed. I told her to shut
up and she started crying.

I had obviously hit him a bit harder than I meant to and he lay there
dazed. I reached over to a shelf and took down Linda's present. Then I
pulled off my loose top and sports bra so that I was naked from the
waist up. This might be hot work.

'You said you wanted this to keep him in line.' I hissed. 'Well I'd say
he's a tad out of line right now!'

I handed her the crop and pounced on my little victim. I was boiling
mad. I can hardly remember being as angry as this, and with my strength
that's dangerous!  I turned him over onto his stomach and grabbed him by
the belt. Then I picked him up and tossed him over the back of the large
sofa so that his bottom was perched there. He struggled but I had a
steel-like grip on his belt and he could hardly move.

'Go on then!' I shouted to Linda, indicating his arse with my hand. She
looked terrified. Tears were steaming down her face. I was past the
sensitive stage by now and was getting impatient.

'Either you do it, darling, or I will! And you can imagine what that
could mean.' I clenched my fist and tensed up my right arm. The bicep
and forearm muscles bulged and rippled. She gaped at them.

'Do it!'

She walked up and gave him a tiny flick with the crop.

'Do it properly!'

I was getting madder. I bunched up the material of the seat of his pants
with the strong fingers of my right hand and tore it away easily. She
screamed again. His little white buttocks were exposed and ready for

She looked at me and I made her realise she had no choice. The next
stroke was a bit harder and he yelped. I smiled at her. She stood here
for a moment and before I had to order her she flicked the crop against
his buttocks again. He yelped louder this time and I saw a strange
expression flash onto her face. I was taken by surprise when she hit him
a third time, as hard as she could, by the look of it. He screamed in
pain and I saw a red mark forming on the white skin. This was amazing! I
let her hit him about six more times and then caught her wrist. He was
going to pass out soon.

'That's enough, darling.'

She was standing there breathing heavily and staring at the red lines
she had made on his arse. I lifted him and carried his weak body like a
suitcase across the room and down the stairs to the cellar. There was
nothing in there but it had a heavy door which could be locked. I threw
him into the room like a sack of potatoes and turned the key.

Linda had followed me down and I turned to her.

'Come on darling. Lets finish lunch.'

The End.

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"