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[EN / Vampire] Natasha
« il: 04 Giugno 2012, 12:10:27 »
The fairer sex in the family happens to be the stronger one.

I was home from college for the summer.

One afternoon as I was passing through the passage, I heard some noises coming
from the basement. I entered the basement and saw my sister Natasha who was
14, punching away at a suspended bag which the boxers use for practice.

"Hi Sis! What are you doing?" I asked.

"Practicing." She replied.

"Since when did you start boxing?"

"It's been 10 months. I really like this sport."

I observed her practicing silently. She was punching hard, judging by the
impact on the bag.

She was 5'4" and 135 pounds. And she looked strong too with broad shoulders,
strong thighs and well sized arms. I, on the other hand was 5'9" and 185

"Hey Mark, you wanna spar a little?" She challenged me as I was leaving.

"Why not. Let me see, what you've learnt in 10 months." I had never boxed
before, but I surely could take on my younger sister.

"I've learnt enough to kick your ass."

"Lets see".

We rounded off. I shot out some light punches, taking care not to hurt her.
But she had other intentions. She delivered some powerful punches, which
really hurt me. And I was astounded by the power in her punches.

"OK that's enough." I said, pulling out my boxing gloves.

"So, what do you think?" She asked pulling out her gloves too.

"You have some skill."

"Some? I kicked your ass back there."

"Come on. You knew, I wouldn't hurt you."

My last sentence angered her.

"OK! Why don't we wrestle? You couldn't hurt me there. Could you?" She said.

"All right. If that's you want."


Natasha removed her sports jacket. She was wearing a tank top beneath. I must
say that she had blossomed into a woman. Her breasts had developed
magnificently. Add to that, her blonde hair and a cute face. She was really
beautiful. But she was my sister. So, those thoughts soon vacated my mind. Now
I was concerned by her bare arms. They looked so strong. Infact they were
slightly smaller than mine, but were more muscled. My arms were anyways softer
than hers.

We squared off once again. I surged ahead cautiously, but she was quick.
Before I could react she had put me in a headlock. Her hard bicep was pressing
against my neck. I caught her arm, but couldn't budge it. I was slowly waking
up to the realization that my sister was stronger than me. I still kept on
trying to break her headlock. Her biceps felt so hard and bumpy, that I
instantly knew that she was way stronger than me. Come to think of it. She was
5 years younger than me and still was manhandling me.

"So, my dear brother. What do you think of my wrestling skills?"

I didn't answer. I was busy trying to inhale some air. She let go off me.

"Thought you could use a breath of air." She flouted.

I knew that this wasn't going to be easy. She looked directly at me, as if she
was reading my thoughts. She nevertheless knew that she was stronger than me.

As if to intimidate me, she raised her arms to adjust her ponytail. And no
sooner did she raise her arms, her biceps exploded, swelling incredibly into
amazing proportion, resembling a tennis ball. As drops of sweat slided down
her massive biceps towards the tiny blond tufts in her armpit, her muscles
gleamed sexily against the dim light in the basement.

I was enthralled and intimidated by her pumped biceps. She held this pose for
another second.

"So brother, are you ready?"

"Why not?" I said and charged at her. I had hoped that I would be able to take
her down and pin her against the mat.

We grappled and I wrapped my arms around her back. I got one foot behind her
and tried to trip her. But she placed her left foot away from her body, thus
balancing herself. I furiously continued exerting pressure, hoping that she'll
trip over sooner or later. Uptil now, her hands were clutching my shirt, but
as I was powering her down, she let go of my shirt and wrapped her arms around
my ribs.

She strengthened her hold exerting pressure on my ribs. Suddenly, I found my
left foot being raised from the ground. She was trying to throw me off her
hips. I fought her but in vain. In a matter of seconds both my feet were off
the ground, and instead of throwing me off her hips, she had effected a bear
hug which was obviously painful for me. Her hard arms were pressing against my
body, and now my entire weigth was on her body.

I was completely fazed by such show of strength by my sister. Natasha too was
deligthed by her power. I felt myself being broken into two.

She was on the other hand smiling. I looked into her eyes, suspended in the
air by her amazing strength held tightly by her arms. I was groaning and my
eyes moistened by intense pain.

"Am I squeezing you too hard, dear Mark?"

"Oh.. Natasha....Pl..Please stop." I pleaded.

"All rigth. But since you are in such pain, let me take you upstairs."

She lifted me higher and draped my body over her strong muscular shoulders.
Then she started towards the door of the basement.

"What are you doing Natasha? Someone might see us." I cried. "Please don't do
this to me."

"Come on brother. Only mom will see you like this. And believe me, she won't
be surprised."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll know."

So she carried me over to the living room, where mom was watching television.

"Look mom, what did I bring you?" She threw me on the sofa beside mom, and
before mom could say anything, she ran off to her bedroom.

My mom looked at me sympathetically, after Natasha had dropped me at the sofa
beside her.

"Look honey, I'll talk to Natasha about it. She won't do this again." She

"I still don't know how she was able to do that." I asked her, trying to hide
my embarrasment.

"She has been going regularly to gym, and she has more muscles than you. You
could be as strong as her if you too worked out at the gym regularly like
Natasha and me."

"What? You too are into this weight training and all."

"Two years ago when your father and I divorced, just after you went to
College, I too joined gym since I was feeling lonely."

"Oh! I'm sorry mom, I couldn't be there when you were in such a state of
mind." I said.

"Its fine, dear. Your college was more important"

My mom was a woman of 50. She was 5-8 and was a woman of average build. But
now after I had known that she too had been working out, intrigued me. Could
it be that even she was stronger than me and that I was the weakest in my

"Are you too as strong as Natasha, mom?" I asked fearing that the answer could
demoralize me even more.

"Judge for yourself." She said, and stood up to remove her chesterfield
revealing a sleeveless nightie. Her arms were thick and smooth. Her body
looked more like that of a 35 year old woman. Her shoulders were broader than
mine or Natasha's.

She sat down beside me on my right. Slowly she raised her arm and flexed her
biceps. They bulged up amazingly. Veins were visible in her arms, and her
biceps were so muscular.

"Feel them if you want" She said. She was unsurprisingly proud of her muscle
bound physique.

I put my hand on her arm tracing the shape of her biceps and squeezed a bit at
the bulging mounds of raw muscle. My hand didn't make it even halfway around.
Her biceps were incredibely hard and muscular. I couldn't believe that my mom
had such muscles. Her arms were thicker than mine, and her muscles put mine to
shame. They were chiselled into perfect shape and steely hardness.

"O My God!" was all I could blurt out.

Since then I started feeling a bit apprehensive near Natasha and mom. Knowing
that both of them were way stronger than me was a humiliating feeling. And I
was reminded of this bitter truth every now and then. Every time mom would be
doing her daily chores, her hard biceps would pump up with minimum of
movements. I had no doubt that her arms were thicker and lot stronger than
mine. Where my bicep measured 14 inches, the same as Natasha's, my mom bicep
would have measured atleast 15 inches. And despite the fact that Natasha's
bicep measured same as mine, hers were extremely muscular and stronger.

At times I noticed that Natasha would deliberately cross my path, evidently
looking for a show of strength where in she could humiliate me. I guessed her
feelings and tried to remain calm and composed whenever she confronted me.

One day when I was listening to a music record in my room, she burst in and
said, "Mark, I want the CD you are listening."

"Later. I'll give it to you after a few minutes."

"No, I want it now." She ejected the CD.

I stood up and said, "look, replace the CD."

She snickered slightly. "Here Mark, take it if you can." She held the CD in
her extended arm daring me to take it.

I just looked at her pathetically. I knew that she was waiting for a chance to
cream me. So I just let her take it at that time.

After some time, when she had gone out in the lawn, I went into her room to
take the CD. As I was in the process of ejecting it from the CPU, my hand
brushed against a glass of juice and it tumbled spilling the liquid all over
the table. I quickly cleaned it up with a cloth. But I could see that a few
sheets of paper had been rendered illegible. As I browsed through those
sheets, I discovered that the sheets constituted handwritten text on a Science

Suddenly the door flew open and Natasha entered.

"What the hell have you done. It took me a week to collect and write all that
information from various books." She thundered.

"I..I am sorry Natasha. It was an accident."

"No, it was not. You did it on purpose since I took that CD from you."

"No, I am telling the truth. I didn't mean to do so."

"Well, tell that to the doctor who is gonna sew you up. Cause when I am done
with you, you'll be in a hospital." With that she rushed at me. Before I could
do anything, I felt her fist punching a hole through my stomach.

I doubled over. She caught hold of my neck and rolled me over on my back. As I
lay flat on the ground, she stood above me with her legs planted on the floor
on either side of my body. As I looked up at her, I saw her amazing thighs
which would have measured 25 inches. They were well muscled and looked
mammoth. She bent down and grabbed my collar lifting my upper torso in the
air. I was astounded by her strength for the zillionth time. Then she clasped
her thighs together around my head. Her head scissor was an extremely painful
one for me. Her thunder thighs were caving my skull in. I hit her thighs with
my hands trying to find an escape route. But all I felt was smooth skin and
hard muscles. I do not know, for how long I was in between those thunderous
thighs but when my eyes opened I found out that I was on my bed, suffering
from a terrible headache of course.

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"