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[EN / Vampire] - Mom and sis
« il: 04 Giugno 2012, 12:19:09 »
Mom and Sis

Steve is thrilled to find out that both the female specimens in his family are stronger than him.

I was playing soccer with my friends one evening when my little sister Diane
shouted, "Steve, mom is calling for you."

"What is it?" I shouted still dribbling.

"I don't know."

"Fine! I am coming." Reluctantly I said bye to my friend and walked towards my
12 year old kid sister. At 5'9 I towered over her 5'2 body, was 5 years older
and outweighed her by 70 pounds (I weighed 170). Diane was slim and very cute,
with shoulder length wavy hair and deep blue eyes. Our bodies were vastly
dissimilar. While I was plump and soft, she was slender and a bit harder.

"Come on!" She said and caught hold of my wrist. Her palm was very hard. She
was slim and thats why her bones felt hard. That is what I told myself. The
back of her palms were crisscrossed by numerous blue veins, since her skin was
thin. She started to lead me to the house. I had a wicked plan. I thought that
I would suddenly stop and pull her hard and she would go scrambling down to
the lush green grass. I stopped suddenly and yanked her back. Shockingly, she
didn't fall down. It was me. As I stopped, she went on walking and I fell
down. Her hand still holding me, and for a second I felt that she was dragging

"O my God! Are you alright Steve. I am so sorry. What happened?" She asked her
voice full of concern.

"Nothing sis. I just tripped over and fell down. It was not your fault." I
lied. But at the same time my mind was woking overtime, trying to figure out,
how this happened. 'She isn't stronger than me, is she' I thought. Ofcourse
not. Just look at her. She is thin and light and I on the other hand am big.
It was just a freakish incident, I decided. I must have lost my balance or

I got up and we sprinted to the house.

"What is it mom?" I asked as we reached home.

"You asked me whether you could get a tattoo or not. Didn't you?" Mom asked.

"Yes mom but you told me not to."

"Well son. You could get one if you still want to."

"What are you saying mom?" I asked perplexed. How did my mom suddenly become
so cool!

"OK! I've to tell you something. Actually I've to show you something." She
said and began rolling up the sleeve of her blouse. My mom had strong arms
with good muscle definition. No sooner did she roll up the sleeve to her
armpit that we saw a tatto on her beefy arm. The tattoo was in the shape of an
ornamented cross.

"Wow mom." Diane shouted and grabbed mom's arm above the tattoo. "It looks

She rubbed her tattoo for some time and then told me. "Go ahead. See for
yourself. It is so cool."

Meanwhile mom flexed her arms and a large muscle popped out in her biceps,
which seemed to expand the tattoo to almost twice its size. I placed my hand
over it. But instead of admiring the tattoo, I was feeling her hard muscled
arms. They were rock hard.

"This means I can get a tattoo too." I asked.

"If you still want it. If you want I can do it myself." Mom said relaxing her
arm as the tattoo contracted to its normal size.

"You can?" I asked and mom nodded her head. "Yes I do. I'll also get a tattoo
on my arm." I said excitedly.

"Me too mom. Please." Diane pleaded.

"Allright. Let me get the needle. I should tell you that I've practicing my
fine art lessons, and the tattoo on my arm is my own creation. If you can call
tattoo fine art, ie." Mom said before leaving for the needle.

She returned in a moment. And all three of us sat down.

"Who'll go first?" Mom asked.

"I will." I said and removed my shirt. Getting a tattoo with a sleeveless vest
on, might be easier.

Mom gripped my biceps and got ready. "Your arms are so soft Steve. You should
really start working out. Have you seen any seventeen year old guy which has
less muscles than his 50 year old mom?" Mom said to me, and Diane started

"Shut up." I said to Diane.

"Oh yeah. Feel my arm mom." Diane said and removed her jacket. I was stunned
to see her bare arms. They were thicker and very muscular. Her forearms were
crisscrossed with greenish blue veins. She tensed her arms and her biceps
expanded into a small melon sized mass of striated muscle. Her biceps looked
even more pumped than mom's. Diane's biceps looked unreal since the rest of
her body was gracefully slender though hard. And her massive arms just
dominated the rest of her physique.

Mom felt her biceps and was visibly impressed. "Outstanding, Diane." She
exclaimed. "Go ahead Steve. Feel your sister's biceps."

I ran my hands over her biceps, which were hard like a rock and smooth milky
white with a vein running through it to her sinewy forearms. I pinched her
hulky biceps and squeezed them but was unable to make a dent. Her arms were so

"Mom, can we get the tattoo later?" Diane asked. "I am too excited to find out
that I am stronger than my big brother. Wait till I tell my friends about it."

"You are not stronger than me." I roared.

"Fine then. Lets armwrestle." She said and placed her elbow on the table.

"Allright. You'll see." I said and put my elbow down as well.

"Just a second kids." Mom interrupted. She took my hand and led me to another

"Are you sure you wanna do this. Your sister's arms look really tough. I don't
think even I can defeat her."

"No way mom. I am gonna defeat her in a second." I said boastfully.

"Allright then. But you've been warned." We returned back to the room where
Diane was flexing and relaxing her biceps. Every next moment her bicep would
pop out and completely dominate any other bicep in the room. I knew she was
strong, but with my height and weight advantage, I could surely pin her arm

We clasped and her grip was hard and unforgiving. Her hardened fingers dug
into my palm. Mom counted to three and both of us poured in with massive
strength. My mouth went dry when her bicep rounded up and balled into a bicep
bigger than my own. Her bicep was huge and defined with a thick vein on top of
it expanding her milky white skin. Her forearm was a mass of sinews and veins
running wildly all over the thick muscles.

In five seconds flat, she pressed my arm down to the table.

"Oh God!" I exclaimed as Diane jumped in excitement.

"See, I told you I was stronger than you." She sang cheerfully.

"Come on Diane. Sober down." Mom said.

"Hey mom. Would you armwrestle me too? Please mom, please..."

"OK." Mom said. "But if you lose you'll promise not to tell anyone that you
defeated Steve."

I looked at mom thankfully. Mom removed her jacket. She was wearing sleeveless
tee-shirt underneath. Her arms were huge and well muscled. But they weren't so
much defined as my sister's. And mom's arms also didn't reveal too many veins.
Veins were visible but not as many as Diane's.

Mom and Diane locked hands, and this time it looked like the clash of Titans.
Both mom and Diane had muscular physique, but where mom was a little beefed
up, Diane was thin and wiry. I counted and they poured in their amazing
strength each testing the other. Mom's bicep balled up to huge proportion. I
knew my mom's biceps measured 14 inches, and from the looks of it Diane's
bicep was almost the same size as mine at around 13 inches. I was enthralled
to see two female biceps bulging with hard muscles right infront of me. And
even more thrilled to know that both these strong girs were way stronger than
me. Mom started dominating the match. She took Diane's hand very close to the
table in about 15 seconds, but Diane wasn't giving up. She grunted and poured
in with all the energy. Her biceps started expanding even more. As I saw her
biceps getting even more bulked up, I feared that her skin would burst with
all those muscles underneath. Her arms got even more scarred with puffy veins.
Atlast she couldn't hold it any longer and mom pressed her arm down. The match
had taken 45 seconds, and both mom and Diane were spent.

"You are very strong Diane. I am so proud of you. I've never had so much
problem in defeating anyone, I've armwrestled." Mom said. "I think you'll get
even stronger with time."

"In the meantime, I'm satisfied to know that I am not the weakest member of
the family." She said and walked off winking at me.

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"