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[EN / unknownpanic] Sarah's discovery (5 chapters)
« il: 29 Marzo 2017, 14:09:16 »
"My swings!, my swings!"
Sarah screamed as she ran into the park and jumped on the swings while her 2 friends claire and lisa casually walked into the empty playground after her.

Sarah was 19, average height and slim build with dark hair and typical girl next door looks. Although she often acted like the playful child in front of her friends, it was hard to take her seriously due to the impressive size of her 32G chest. They were not only big but very pert. This often meant jealous woman were unfairly cruel to Sarah, but she was so sweet that she hardly noticed.
If she was to wear an old garbage bag it was still impossible not to think of her as anything other than a sex goddess.

"Don't you think you're a little old to be playing on swings?" Lisa asked her friend, with her hands on her hip and her head tilted to the side clearly mocking her.

"These are my swings and I rule with an iron fist" retorted Sarah playfully trying to keep a straight face.

Her friends Claire and Lisa looked at each other as if deciding which one of them should put Sarah in her place. They would never dream of hurting their friend but they'd never miss out on a chance of some horseplay.

Claire took it upon herself to deal with Sarah. Which she was easily capable of doing.
Claire was 19, 34C, tall and buff. Her Dark hair cut into a fashionable bob. Claire had come out 2 years ago and in a bid to fit in with her gay friends had started to go to the gym and hit the weights. She made some impressive gains in the short time she was lifting, adding size to her arms and nicely toning her abs and legs. She hated the 'Dyke' image she was getting labeled with so she decided to give it up, besides Claire really started to go off her gay friends. She would always be gay. Lisa and Sarah were supportive and never treated her any differently, but her gym friends were trying to tear her away from her 'outsider straight friends' . This made Claire's choice a lot easier. She didn't hang out with her gay friends after that.

"Ok Juggzilla, queen of the swings. Time to be dethroned" said Claire as she confidently strode towards her busty friend.

"NOOOOOO My beautiful swings!!!" Sarah yelped as Claire easily tossed her over her shoulder turned and quickly but safely lay her down on the layer of woodchips that made up most of the ground in the play area . After lying her down Claire rests her foot on Sarah's flat toned young stomach, and quickly strikes a double bicep pose stretching a huge bulge inside her already slim fitting white shirt.

"Iron fist? More like tin head" Claire says as she removes her foot from sarah and offered a hand out to help her up.

As soon as claire felt sarahs hand grip her own pulled sarah up effortlessly. Sarahs feet leaving the floor slightly with the power of claires arms.

"Wow you're pretty strong, you know for a dyke" Sarah said slowly getting up removing woodchips out of her hair with a cheeky smile aimed at Claire to gauge her reaction.

In Truth Claire was a little hurt about the dyke remark but knew Sarah was just teasing and didn't mean anything by it so decided to let it slide.

"You've got that right. I used to weight train all the time" Claire casually flexed to emphasis this although not really putting much into it. This still brought a 15 inch ball to rise upon her arm once again stretching her shirt. Claire worried she might start to warp the fit of her shirt relaxed her flex and let her arms fall to her side.

Sarah's eyes opened sharply upon seeing her friends unreal bicep.

"Jesus! I think your arms are the same size as my ex boyfriends!" Sarah said surprised.

Then seemingly she seemed to drift off thinking of a big armed guy fucking her senseless. This made Sarah slowly lick her lips before breaking into a wide smile, bouncing ever so slightly with giddiness. This of course made her huge chest jiggle up and down almost uncontrollably.

"mmm…i do like them big" Sarah said apparently not quite back in reality.

Claire upon seeing this gorgeous 19 year old flaunting her huge assets in front of her, Saw her chance to impress her busty friend.

"Well maybe i'll show you a real bicep flex one day…"
Claire said planning to leave it there. Giving Sarah a big smile before turning to the slide

"Hang on, you just flexed 5 seconds ago!" Sarah shrieked

"I mean a REAL flex" Claire said again looking back over her shoulder to get her point across.

"Whats the difference?" Sarah asked.

Claire turned to face Sarah. She strode towards her only stopping to lean in front of her face. Making sure to say every word slowly and ever so seductively.

"Well for one thing..." She paused to make sure sarah was hanging onto every word.

"….More….Muscle" Claire said with a smile.

Sarah wasn't gay. But as all of her old boyfriends were the jock type (or 'meat heads' as the girls called it) the sheer mention of muscle really got her engine going. Something that Claire knew from talking to one of Sarahs old boyfriends at the gym some time ago.

"More Muscle?" Sarah questioned. She quickly headed towards the swings and sat down to see the show.

"Oh so now you wanna see?"

Sarah just smiled and nodded to her buff friend.

"Ha, Well I'm pretty sure if i got back down the gym I could develop more muscle than your meathead of an ex could ever dream of"

Sarah giggled a little.

"Who knows one day these muscles of mine might make you play for the other team" Claire said with a wink aimed at Sarah only half joking.

Sarah was about to reply when she was silenced by the sight of Claire starting to flex again. Although this time she started putting a lot more effort into it than she had a moment ago. Claire slowly started to curl her arm making the sleeve of her shirt instantly tight. There was little doubt her bicep was bigger than it was before. Claire reached the end of her flex, held it and flashed a quick smile to Sarah, who was now staring at Claires huge muscle.
Claire knew Sarah was paying attention. It was time to get serious. Claire dropped the smile and glared at her bicep. Her arm straightened once more and before anyone could react Claire started curling again, hard! Small grunts of effort could be heard from Claire as she poured everything she had into the curl. Claire was starting to go a little red in the face and her arm was shaking with effort. Her arm was only bent 80 degrees before she felt a lot of resistance from her shirt. It was her favourite and very well made but Claire had already come this far. Agonisingly slowly Claire continued her flex. Stitches were starting to come apart and offered her swelling bicep some much needed room. She kept going until she could go no further. She finally stopped her flex and held it for a moment. Claire was now standing there with her long sleeve shirt wrapped tightly round her now pumped 16.5" bicep, her definition was clear to see even through the shirt. Which was now thanks to her huge peak, sporting a 3" gash where the stitches had hopelessly been overpowered.

Sarah's eyes were opened wide and her mouth had fell a gasp at the sight of this huge bicep rising up out of nowhere. She never realised how much power was hidden in her friends arm.It was without a doubt the biggest bicep she'd seen in real life.
Sarah really did 'like them big' but until that very moment she always thought it was just big guys. However the tingling sensation she was currently feeling between her legs was making her unsure. She couldn't picture a guy having that power even if she tried. Claire had just changed that fantasy for good. If she wasn't already sitting on the swings she was pretty sure she would've fallen down just looking at Claire's giant bulge currently trying to break free of its cotton prison. Sarah realised she was breathing deeply almost panting. She had to quickly compose herself.

"So what do you think of a real flex then?" Claire questioned with a cocky grin.

"...Yeah I suppose it's pretty impressive. But I meant I only like them big on guys" Sarah said unable to convince herself she wasn't now lying about just liking guys. Sarah was more turned on then she had ever been with her ex. She turned slightly to avoid looking at Claire feeling herself starting to blush.

"I could do 25 chin ups with these bad boys" Claire boasted.

"Geez, That's quite a lot isn't it?" Sarah asked genuinely not knowing having never worked out.

"Not really" Lisa interjected having been watching everything silently perched atop the climbing frame.

Now Lisa was the only blonde of the little group. She was shorter than Sarah and also younger at 18, she was the sweetest person anyone had ever met. She was very attractive and her chest was quite big for her age at 34D but when with Sarah it was hardly noticed. She was of average build at least the last time Sarah and Claire remembered. Lisa hadn't been seen out of her baggy gym clothes for a year since she spent all her time at 'gymnast camp'.
The girls never questioned it as she was always going to and from camp anyways. If they thought about it, they couldn't remember Lisa wearing anything else.

Claire turned quickly towards Lisa looking a little stunned that she'd knocked her down a peg after she almost tore through her shirt with just her bicep.

Lisa continued
"I can do more than that pretty easily. We get made to do loads of them at camp. Its really brutal. Just sit ups, pull ups, crunches, push ups, leg raises… Just constant exercise all summer about 4 months of sweat and pain and not much else, not even much gymnastics. I'm going back next summer too"

"Why are you going back if you hate it?" Sarah asked

"Who said i hate it?! I'm in the best shape i have ever been in. Besides my gymnastics have improved too"

"You just said that you didn't do much gymnastics at this thing" Sarah asked getting increasing confused.

"We don't really, just hours of exercise .Its just that because of all the exercise that we all do I can now jump higher, run faster, lift myself quicker. My gymnastics cant help but be improved" Lisa explained

"Well i suppose that makes sense…" Sarah said seeming unable to deny the logic behind Lisa's words.

"So if you're such good shape how about you show us a flex?" Claire challenged with a little grin

"Yeah go on!"
Sarah said excitedly hoping to see a flex from her other friend. Maybe answering her sexual conflict currently running through her head.

"No it's too embarrassing besides you won't see anything" Lisa said

"It's ok blondie, its just that i've been working out for a while. It's ok if you've got nothing to show" Claire said

"I just meant you wont be able to see anything past this jumper" Lisa said grabbing handfuls of loose jumper that hung everywhere from her.

"Take it off then" Claire suggested

"No, I've only got my leotard on underneath. Anyway it's pretty cold out here" Lisa replied

"Why have you got that on for?" Sarah asked a bit disappointed that perhaps she wouldn't see another flex after all.

"I've got gym camp in like 20mins" Lisa answered.

"Fine. What about some chin ups then?"
Claire said determined not to let Lisa get away with lessening her achievement of 25 chin ups without some kind of prove that she could do better.

"Yeah sure, no problem" Lisa then jumped of the climbing frame landing as easily as you would expect a gymnast to do.

She then proceeded to jump up under the monkey bars. The bars were at least 9ft from the ground which Lisa seemed to reach with ease.
Claire had to admit that she was impressed. However she put it down to Lisa just being a good gymnast.

Lisa just hung there.

"Ok how many do you want me to do?" Asked Lisa

" about you try and beat my 25" Claire suggested

Without a word being said Lisa started to crank out perfect form chin ups seemly without any strain. Claire watching this small blonde 18 girl lifting herself over and over again without a hint of slowing down was in shock, it seemed so easy for her.

"Look at her go!" Sarah squealed

At around rep 22 Claire decided that she'd have some fun.
Claire jumped up and grabbed Lisa's shoulders when Lisa was on her way down from rep 24. Claire fully expecting Lisa to drop down was in for a surprise.
Incredibly Lisa managed to hold the weight of Claire and herself.

"Wow! Lisa you little beast!"
Sarah shouted amazed by this feat.

Sarah may not work out or know how much weight was a lot to lift, but she didn't have to know. What she was seeing right now, she just knew that took a lot of strength for anyone.

"Ha, I'm impressed Blondie. Hell of a grip you've got there. I knew you were fit but that's a lot of strength for a tiny woman. I may have cheated a little but I knew you wouldn't beat my 25 chins" Claire said with a little chuckle.

Lisa still hung there with Claire on her back. A little worn out by the chin ups not to mention the feat of supporting her friend as well as her own body weight.

"I haven't finished yet" Lisa said still hanging from but looking up at the bar

"It's ok Lisa I was joking. I don't expect you to do 25. I was just seeing if you we're bullshitting me about doing them so easily. I can see now that gymnast camp is doing your body good." Claire complemented.

"I'm going to do 25" Lisa said defiantly

"Ok suit yourself, let me jump down, blondie" Claire said

"No. Don't" Lisa snapped back

"Huh? Lisa you can't do a chin-up with me on your back I weigh about 145lbs of muscle"

"We'll see…" Lisa said under her breath.

Claire had already felt Lisa's body start to tense up not only did she feel hard, she was rock solid!

"Lisa don't be silly you're going to hurt yourself!"

"" Lisa said through gritted teeth.

Sarah was still sat on the swing dumbfounded not quite believing her friend was trying to perform this unreal feat of strength.

Claire felt herself rising.

"Holy shit Lisa!….how are you doing this?!" Claire really didn't know. She was no stranger to the gym and even the strongest guy in there couldn't do what Lisa was currently trying.

Lisa slowed and then eventually stopped the motion seemingly unable to move any further. The pair didn't drop an inch though, Lisa wouldn't allow it.
Claire was having a little trouble hanging on to Lisas shoulders, it was easy when they're was a tiny amount of give in them. But now lisa's tensed shoulders were beyond hard they were like steel! Claire wrapped her legs around Lisa's abs for support. As strong as Claire's legs were, her firm squeezing wasn't moving Lisa's now rock hard midsection a millimetre.

They must've been hanging halfway between reps 24 and 25 for over a minute now, which in Claire's eyes made the feat even more impressive.
She glanced at Lisas face which was red with effort.

Claire lifted herself up a little so she could talk straight into Lisas ear.
"Lisa. You've proved your point, but please stop before you hurt yourself"

"No…I…can…do…it….aggghhhh" Lisa said before gritting her teeth and somehow finding some more strength in her tiring arms.

Lisa threw her head back and roared forcing herself and Claire to rise painfully slowly towards the bar. Claire noticed the she was still being lifted slowly but very surely. She could feel Lisa shaking.

"Lisa this is incredible!" Claire told her now growling friend. Claire was almost starting to entertain the idea that this might be some kind of trick, that was until she saw Lisa's arm.
Slowly hoisting 145lbs plus her own body weight inch by inch was causing Lisa's arm to inflate to huge dimensions. The sleeve on a once very baggy sweat shirt was now incredibly tight. Looking like it would break at any moment. Not just threatening to pull the stitches out but Claire was sure the sleeve would just blow apart! It looked someone had stuffed large melons inside her sleeves. Claire didn't need a measuring tape. It was clear Lisa's biceps were bigger than hers, and Claire's were over 16"!

* holy shit she's bigger than most of the hardcore guys at the gym * Claire thought to herself

Claire was speechless, all she could do was stare at Lisa's giant biceps while it continued to power the pair of them towards the top of the bar.

Sarah was sat on the swings in front of her 2 friends. She was unable to see the huge bicep that currently filled Claire's vision due to Lisa's forearms blocking the view.She didn't need too see, just looking at Lisa powering the both of them to the top of the bar was enough to make her horny as hell. If Claire's display had sparked a fire in Sarah loins then Lisa's feat was making it into a raging inferno.

Lisa finally finished her last rep making sure her chin was lifted above the bar.
"Arghh.....twenty....five" Lisa managed to let out through moaning and panting.

It was possibly the sexiest tone Claire had ever heard.

Lisa didn't give Claire the chance to let go. Instead she dropped down with Claire still hanging on to her shoulders and her legs wrapped around her abs.
Lisa legs easily strong enough to support them both for the landing. The weight however caused her thighs to bulge considerably making her baggy gym pants to momentarily become tight as a drum, soon relaxing once she finished her landing. Claire still a little stunned slowly let go of Lisa and walked around to face her.

"That was...amazing" Claire said almost too quiet for Lisa to hear.

Lisa's with her arms now back down to her sides breathing heavily, smiled a little to Claire thankfully. Her XL sweatshirt had now become baggy enough to hide what must've been some seriously pumped biceps.

Sarah had just started to get up from the swings, trying to desperately control her labido. She just had to be with Lisa. Just be close to her.
Sarah started to quickly bound over to Lisa. Making her huge chest bounce around massively. Her breasts almost looked to hit her chin they were rising so high with the speed Sarah was running. Truth is due to her chest sarah was a bit conscious about running, but at that point she didn't care. She wanted, hell needed to touch Lisa.
Her button down shirt was opened a few buttons from the top offering a small amount of cleavage but right now her chest was threatening to either spill out over the top or burst a few more buttons.
Claire just caught the last few seconds of Sarah's massive chest jiggling around, making her ogle like a schoolgirl.

"My turn!" Sarah squealed running straight into Lisa hugging her as she did so. Lisa stumbled back a yard or so but managed to stay on her feet supporting Sarah's weight.

"Whoa. Hi there" Lisa said with a smile, caught a little of guard that Sarah was now a few inches from her face.

"Hi" Sarah replied grinning from ear to ear. Ignoring the fact that he was slightly winded from slamming into a surprisingly solid Lisa. Sarah then wrapped her legs around her waist just like Claire did. Sarah's eyes opened wide for a brief second when a tingle of pleasure ran through her as she realised her wet pussy was by complete accident pressed hard against Lisa's abs. Lisa didn't seem to notice. What she did notice was Sarah was so close that her chest had pressed up against her own sizeable chest causing a huge amount of cleavage in between the 2 girls.

"Come on let's go!" Sarah said excitedly. Not quite sure what she was expecting to happen.

"I think she's understandably tired Sarah" Claire said as she took Sarah's place on the swings.

Sarah still tightly wrapped around Lisa, looked into her eyes getting a little disappointed that she might not get to experience what Claire did.

"You're not too tired, arrr wuu Lisa?" Sarah said trying to sound like a little girl.

"We'll I'm not worn out. But my arms are really burning" Lisa admitted

Sarah was gutted, but she was confident she could get her to do perform some kind of show.

"Ok what about the leg things you mentioned? You don't have to use your arms then" Sarah suggested.

"You mean leg raises? Erm yeah I suppose I could do them. I might have to use my arms a little though"

Lisa looked around and was about to start walking towards a climbing frame that was a lot shorter that the monkey bars she was currently under. When she realised Sarah was still clinging on to her.

"Erm are you just going to stay there?" She asked Sarah

"Ha, yep" Sarah said playfully refusing to give up her position.

"Ok then, hold on tight"

Sarah gripped a little tighter. Noticing how ripped her back was. Lisa then awkwardly waddled towards the climbing frame with her arms at her side for balance. Every step caused Sarah's squashed breasts to jiggle around. Sarah didn't care, mainly because with every step Lisa took, her abs were gently pressing against Sarah's pussy. Sarah rested her head on Lisa's shoulder as to not let her face give away what was really happening down below. She look away and kept her eyes shut trying to think about anything to keep from cuming right there. Claire still sat on the swings saw Sarah's face pressed against Lisa's shoulder and thought at first she might be in some kind of pain. Then her jaw dropped in realisation. Claire had seen that face a hundred times, heck she'd CAUSED many a girl to pull that face.

*no way* Claire thought. Maybe Sarah had a bigger muscle fetish than she first thought.

Lisa stopped when she got under the climbing frame short enough to reach onto without having to jump up to it. Sarah wasn't sure if she was disappointed or relieved when Lisa had stopped walking thus ending her gentle pussy pounding by Lisa's hard abs. Sarah didn't want it to end but at the same time didn't want to embarrass herself by having an orgasm while wrapped around one of her best friends.

"Ready?" Lisa asked

"Huh?" Sarah replied clearly not yet in a state of mind to be answering questions.

"I said are you ready?"

Sarah moved her head from Lisas shoulder and looked her in the face once more.

"oh yeah sure, lets go!" Sarah said with a meek smile finally able to form full sentences.

Lisa reached up and grabbed one of the low bars on the climbing frame. Now fully supporting Sarahs weight in her fully extended arms. She had to bend her legs to avoid them touching the ground when she started to dangle down. The 2 girls noses were now inches from each others. Sarah was trying to control her heavy breathing, which was only being made obvious by her huge chest rising in-between both girls almost pushing them apart a little. Sarah who was still recovering from being brought close to orgasm by Lisa's abs alone, thought she would be ok now considering that lisa wouldn't be using her abs for 'leg raises'. Lisa knew only too well from doing thousands of them over the summer that leg raises were a gruelling and punishing ab workout. Sarahs pussy was still ground hard against Lisa's abs, but Sarah knew she could control herself if there wasn't any movement down there.
Sarah almost involuntary stole a quick kiss on Lisa's full lips. All 3 girls flirted harmlessly with each other all the time so lisa didn't think much of it.

"For good luck!" Sarah blurted out after realised what she'd just done.

"Aww thanks" Lisa said with a smile

"Ok. Here goes nothing" the blonde continued to no one in particular.

Lisa slowly started to lift her own legs upwards until they were parallel with the ground.
Sarah felt Lisa's abs start to swell against her pussy.

*oh shit* Sarah thought realising what kind of predicament she now found herself in.

Sarah moved her head once more over Lisa's shoulder so not to let lisa see her expression.Lisa thighs gently bumped Sarahs ass.

"…One…" Lisa said as she slowly lowered her legs back down again.

Sarah remained silent unbeknown to Lisa, She was biting her own lip to stop any sexual moans escaping.

"Not impressed huh?" Lisa asked a little disappointed.

"Ok How about I speed things up?" she suggested. Sarahs eyes opened wide with fear

*No, no, no. oh shit, oh shit, oh shit* Sarahs head was reeling.

Before Sarah could say anything Lisa raised her legs over and over again this time with a little more speed. Showing incredible stamina she kept this pace up for a few minutes. This caused her abs to swell harder and harder against Sarah's pussy. Sarah thought she might cum at any second, so started to try and move her pelvis away from Lisas rock hard midsection. Sarah had her arms around Lisa's neck just hanging there. She had to loosen her grip her legs had in order to move her hips away from the dense muscle Lisa's abs were producing. Lisa was still raising her legs over and over.
"" Lisa grunted holding her legs up.
Sarah said nothing, trying desperately not to touch anything with her now sensitive lady lips.

"Still not impressed?" Lisa asked a little breathlessly, again Sarah remained silent.

"Ok then, how about this?" Lisa lowered her legs once more offering a thankful Sarah little resistance against her pussy. But it was short lived. Lisa started to lift her legs once more stopping where she had before, parallel with the ground. Sarah had now moved her hips far enough away that they weren't reviving any contact with Lisa's midsection. Sarah was relived by the thought that she wouldn't have to embarrass herself by cuming on her friends lap after all.
Lisa's face turned serious and she started exerting more effort into lifting her legs higher. She keep this up until she felt Sarah's body weight from stopping her proceeding any further.

*Whats she doing?!* wondered Sarah inside her head, excited to know but too scared to actually find out.

Sarah was now wriggling around struggling to keep sliding back down Lisa's legs into her abs.

A soft moan left Lisa's lips as she seemed to be really trying to lift her legs higher. Sarah's body weight for the most part was supported by herself hanging from Lisa's neck, but now she felt Lisa trying to move her upwards! Sarah couldn't help but slide back down and stop at Lisa's unbelievable abs. Even through her leggings and Lisa's baggy sweat shirt Sarah could still feel the definition.
Lisa let out another slightly louder moan as her legs were no longer parallel with the ground they were getting higher. Sarah could no longer move away from Lisa's abs. She was trapped!
Claire was still watching from the swings,she saw Sarah's eyes open wide as if something was wrong. Claire said nothing thinking if Sarah didn't want to be that position she would've said something.
Lisa's legs continued to raise, now starting to squash the 2 girls closer together. Sarah's breasts moving higher towards her own chin with the pressure Lisa's monumental leg raise was causing.

*OH SHIT! No please*

Sarah was on the verge of an orgasm. Lisas abs were making her pussy felt like it was slowly and gently being rubbed against a wall of warm smooth pebbles. Sarah panicked and unlocked her arms from around Lisa's neck. She moved one arm quickly round Lisa's back and with the other arm raised her hand over her own mouth to stop herself from screaming. What she didn't realise, was in doing so she let her entire body weight rest upon Lisa raised legs!

"Aggghhhhh" ... Lisa silently moaned as Sarah unexpectedly released her full body weight onto her legs making her already taxed abs to work even harder. Lisa gritted her teeth and shut her eyes tight. The small blonde had instinctively tried to stop Sarah from falling onto the ground by continuing to hold the lift. This made her once defined hard abs swell immensely. Sarah had almost no choice but to cum right there and then as Lisa's solid abs swelled with dense muscle pushing hard against her pussy.
Sarah lost all control and nearly blacked out from having the most intense orgasm of her life. Her eyes had clamped together tightly her body shaking as waves of pleasure ran through her.

Claire saw Sarah's reaction as knew she came almost instantly.

*Oh my god i dont believe it!*

Claire decided to herself that she wouldn't mention it, just to save Sarah's blushes.

Lisa was trying to lower Sarah down slowly, but the suddenness of the extra weight meant Lisa could only hold it for a few seconds. She ended up lowering her friend quicker than she would've liked. Sarah soon fell to the ground in a heap. From the sheer bliss that was currently racking Sarah's body she was unable to stop herself from landing with any real dignity. Lisa worried that her friend might be hurt, released the climbing frame bar and bent over to check on Sarah. Claire also ran over not knowing if Sarah had really hurt herself.

"Shit I'm so sorry Sarah are you ok?"
Lisa asked concerned.

Sarah soon came to the realisation that she had just been brought to an earth shattering orgasm by her best friend, Who was now looming over her. Sarah instantly stood up quickly startling both Lisa and Claire.

"I'm ok honestly, I really have to go though" Sarah said slowly backing away then turning starting to run out of the park gates and round the corner.

"Hey wait! Sarah!" Lisa shouted starting to head after her. Claire stopped her by grabbing the blondes shoulder.

"Let her go. If she's ok to run then she didn't hurt herself" Claire said trying to save Sarah any more embarrassment.

"But why run away without saying anything?" Lisa asked confused.

Claire knew exactly why Sarah couldn't be in the same place as Lisa right now. Sarah probably had to clean herself off. Not to mention how embarrassed she must be. She hated lying to her friend but did it to protect sweet little Lisa from knowing what actually happened.

"She was telling me earlier about her meathead of an ex again. Maybe the break up hurt her more than she thought. She may have started crying and didn't want us to see her like that" Claire offered instantly hating herself for lying to Lisa.

"That jerk" Lisa said clearly upset that some douche of a guy had hurt her friend. This made Claire feel even worse about lying.

"Can you see if she's ok please? I'd see myself but I've gotta go to gymnast camp" Lisa said sweetly. Feeling a little upset that she couldn't be there for a friend.

"Yeah I'm sure she's fine" Claire said with a knowing smile. Laying a hand on Lisa's firm shoulder. Lisa smiled back thinking Claire was being supportive.
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Re:[EN / unknownpanic] Sarah's discovery (3 chapters)
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Sarah had ran half a mile back to her parents house. She would've been a little more discreet considering how wet her crotch was, but she knew she'd be alone. Her parents often traveled the world leaving Sarah and her brother to tend for themselves, and he wouldn't be back from uni for months.
Sarah slowly got undressed. Leaving a trail of clothes leading to the bathroom.She was wearing nothing but her underwear looking at herself in the mirror.
She looked at the reflection that stared back at her.

"What the hell happened today? Your best friend gave you an orgasm in the park and she probably didn't even know it!" Sarah told herself with a little chuckle at how stupid the whole situation sounded out loud.

"So i'm I gay now?" she said to the mirror somehow hoping to get some answers.

"Ok, after our shower it time to do some research. Right girls?" She said looking down, gently lifting her huge 32G breasts then letting them fall again. Even in a seriously over stressed bra they seemed to bounce around as if they had a mind of their own.

Once sarah got out of the shower she stopped once more in front of the mirror this time completely naked. Hands on her hips she looked herself up and down. Her soaking wet naked body was enough to make most men lose control just at the sight of her. She had bronze skin and despite her huge firm chest she was very slim, toned even.

"Not bad girls, not bad" She said jumping slightly to watch her breasts jiggle around uncontrollably only to return to their original pert position high on her chest. Sarah giggled at this, then walked into her room to put some clothes on.
She wasn't planning on going anywhere so threw on something comfortable. Putting on some soft pink short shorts that revealed a tiny hint of her firm ass, and a white short sleeve low cut top with no bra. It was a thin button up stretchy top that for most girls would've fit perfectly but for sarah's overly generous chest make it look silly. The buttons held fast but the skin on show between the buttons was enough to make a lot of men drool. She would never go outside like this, but she was alone so she didn't care.
She went to the lounge and sat down on the big sofa to watch TV. Sarah felt sleepy like she always did after getting out of the shower. She soon feel fast asleep.
Sarah woke up hours later after hearing a loud explosion on TV.

"Shit!" Sarah said jumping up not yet fully awake.

She checked the time after realising her life wasn't in danger. The LED clock flashed 21:00pm

"Damn I must've really been out of it" She said turning it over from the action channel.

After a while a commercial came on advertising some kind of workout equipment. The commercial had a few women in it, all very toned. It cut to one of them being interviewed about how effective the equipment was.

"Doe's it work? How do you think i got these?" Blurted the woman on the tv followed by a quick flex of her toned arm producing a small bump to rise on her arm.

Sarah watching her flex involuntary raised her eyebrows. Her head quickly thought back to what happened at the park. She felt a tingle run through her body which made her blush, it also made her frustratingly confused.

"Right i've got to look into this" Sarah said to herself getting up from the sofa and heading into her bedroom.

She grabbed her laptop and lay on her bed causing her breasts to momentarily fight for room in her tiny shirt.

"Ok, so first up, the guys!"

Sarah searched her hard drive and found a few pics of her ex on the beach. Doing a double bicep pose in a tiny pair of speedos making a huge bulge apparent. Sarah examined the photos that filled her screen.

"I think he's hot and the sex was good. What do you think floppsy? That makes me straight right?"
She turned asking her toy pink stuffed bunny which was sat across the bed.

Floppsy just stared back blankly.

"yeah you're right Floppsy, it wouldn't be a fair test unless I tried looking at girls too" She quickly turned to floppsy and blew him a kiss.

"You're always right.Ok look out girls here I come" Sarah said as she googled some girl on girl porn. She soon found a couple of very stereotypical pornstars naked kissing on her screen. She wasn't disgusted by it, just indifferent. It was clear to her that lesbians weren't lighting any fires sexually.

"That solves that then. Straight floppsy. I'm definitely straight" Sarah said out loud not fully convincing herself. Sarah jumped up annoyed at herself for not working this out. She started to pace around her room.

"I still don't get what happened at the park! I was fine, standing on the swings. Then claire threw me around a bit. Still Nothing. We always fool around, no biggie. Then she picked me back up and started to babble about working out, and how much bigger she was than my ex…"She drifted off mid sentence. Thoughts running through her head

"…then she…No way…She flexed floppsy! She flexed!" Something seemed to click inside her. She rushed back to the bed and started googling 'muscle'. She found a video of a  huge guy doing some chin ups.

*Impressive* Sarah thought to herself until the guy stopped absolutely exhausted after doing 17 chin ups. Any spark that sarah felt quickly disappeared after watching this man mountain fail to do what her best friend could do with someone else hanging on to her. Sarah felt herself slowly getting horny after thinking about how strong Lisa must be. Sarah was confused again.

"Is it just girls?" She said quickly googling 'Muscle girls'. She found hundreds of videos on youtube. Surprised that their were so many of them. Sarah clicked on one randomly. There was a woman in her mid twenties bicep curling a heavy looking barbell. This caused her once thin arm to expand with a surprisingly big bicep. Sarah was starting to get wet.

*she looks pretty hot and her arms are just so nice and toned,those biceps. Wow*

She gasped as she suddenly looked up at the mirror across the room. Looking at herself she could see that she was blushing!

"OH MY GOD!" she shrieked. She stared at her reflection. She started to pace around again.

"Muscle girls?! So I have a thing for muscular girls? Ok, thats ok I suppose. Thank god I don't know any muscular lesbians with a thing for busty young girls…" she said to herself soon realising that Claire fit the profile pretty perfectly. She started to think of her flexing once again. Noticing she was getting quite worked up.

"Wow so apparently I  do have a thing for them. I wonder…" She looked at her own toned arms. Sarah started to flex hard causing a small bump to appear on her otherwise thin arm. Similar to the woman on the commercial. She was impressed with herself, she'd never worked out before and yet she had arms of a little hardbody.

"Ha, I better measure these bad boys" she said in her best Claire impression. She ran to the junk drawer in the kitchen and found a measuring tape. She giddily ran back to the mirror in her bedroom. Quickly fumbling she wrapped the tape around her arm. Flexing once more. This time as hard as she could, again causing her small bicep to flare up. She looked at the measuring tape now wrapped tightly around her arm.

"13 inches! Thats pretty good" Sarah had a quick flashback of Claire flexing through her shirt at the park. Looking back in comparison at her own arm.

"Jesus, that girl really has got some pipes on her"

She felt another tingle of pleasure shoot through her.

"Ok, time for some real research" she said with a big smile as she threw herself back onto her bed. Reaching over to floppsy she turned the stuffed toy around so it was facing the wall.

"Sorry buddy but you can't see this"

With that Sarah started to slowly to run her hand under her shirt and began tracing her nipples with her finger. This always turned Sarah on. She let out an involuntary moan. Normally Sarah liked to tease herself a little by waiting for a few minutes before letting her fingers enter her tight pussy lips. Tonight was different she couldn't hold back and started to hungrily masterbate. Her head was quickly filled with images of her ex's huge cock entering deep inside of her. After a few minutes of furious fingering, she would've normally cum thinking about this. Something had changed. Without even realising it her thoughts had seamlessly moved from her ex to images of Claire working out. She started to picture her body covered in a thin layer of sweat as her naked body started pumping weight without a hint of stopping. Sarah had a tough time imaging Lisa without her baggy gym clothes.  So instead focused on thinking of Claire. Imaging her curling a huge barbell causing her biceps to swell enormously. Sarah speed up her already incredible pace. Picturing Claire pumped up and covered in sweat was too much for Sarah to take.

"OOOOHHHHHHHH  FUCCCCCCKKK YEESSSSSSSS!!!!" sarah screamed as a thunderous orgasm ripped through her entire body. She often masterbated but never before had she cum like that. Lisa had blew sarahs mind by making Sarah cum in the park earlier that day.Sarah had just put it down to the friction between them both and nothing more. But maybe it was something else, maybe a fetish for female muscle and strength.

"Holy shit. That was intense. I don't think I've had an orgasm that made me scream before" she said to herself.
She was right though, she always was quite quiet when she came.
Sarah got off the bed and looked in the mirror again, she was just the picture of sex. Her whole body had a thin sheen caused by the sweat Sarah had worked up. Her hair was now messy, her bangs had fallen forward covering one eye. Her clothes were almost transparent due to the sweat.

"Aww man, not again?" Sarah said breathlessly looking down at her tight top. In the throws of passion she had inhaled so deeply that one of her buttons had popped off, causing a massive amount of cleavage to now be displayed. It wasn't the first time it had happened, and with a chest like Sarah's it probably wouldn't be the last.


Sarah span round quickly startled by the noise causing her huge chest to jiggle around inside her top. They bounced around so much she thought she might lose another button. She grabbed her chest quickly to stop the movement. Now very aware she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked at herself quickly she was looking smoking hot but nowhere near decent enough for house guests. She ran towards the door holding her chest to stop them moving so much. She was an 18 year old home alone she wasn't stupid, she'd never open the door. She was however curious who would be calling at this hour. Sarah looked through the peephole, she only saw the top of the persons head. It was the unmistakable bright blonde hair of Lisa. Only at that point had Sarah realised it was raining. Not just raining but a full on thunder storm.

"Sarah?" Lisa called out.

"Are you there? It's really wet out here!" She tried again

Sarah knew Lisa didn't yet have her driving license instead choosing to cycle everywhere. She didn't live too far from her house but couldn't with a clear conscious let her ride home in this weather. She looked down again forcing herself to accept that Lisa would just have to see her like this. Lisa was cornered but wouldn't wait around for Sarah to get changed before opening the door for her. Sarah swung open the door and without waiting for an invitation Lisa quickly came stumbling into the house. Sarah received an icy chill from outside and closed the door the moment Lisa had ran inside. Sarah's sensitive nipples had already reacted to the cold and stood erect on Sarah's chest making her look even sexier. She noticed that the rain had made Lisa's once baggy gym clothes so wet that they seemed to be clinging to her surprisingly buff body. Sarah dismissed it, putting it down to Lisa wearing more layers than she once thought.

"Jesus it's freezing out there" Sarah said rubbing her own bare arms, before realising all she seemed to be doing was pressing her huge breasts together.

"Tell me about it I rode here straight from camp" Lisa said soaking wet starting to drip onto the wooden floorboards.

"You rode here from camp?! That's like 10 miles away! Why didn't you go home it's so much closer?!" Sarah half yelled concerned Lisa potentially put herself in danger to visit her.

"It's not ten, its more like 12 miles. And I rode all this way in the freezing rain to see if you were ok! I'm starting to wish I hadn't!" Lisa said looking at the floor a little angry. As sweet as lisa was she was already regretting snapping at her friend.

"I'm sorry Lisa I didn't mean to yell" Sarah said looking at her blonde friend who looked freezing cold.

"Have you got any dry clothes in your gym bag?" Sarah asked scanning the floor for Lisa's gym bag, not finding anything.

Lisa was still looking at the floor.
"No. After spending 8 hours doing endless exercise drills, I normally cycle home and shower there. No point showering just to cycle 12 miles and shower again"

"Ok well we better get you out of these wet clothes, otherwise you'll catch a death" Sarah said slowly walking towards her blonde friend who was still looking down shamefully.

"It's ok you don't have to do that" Lisa said in a soft voice.

"Don't be silly, you can jump in the shower and I'll find you some dry clothes. This storm doesn't look like its going to die down for a while and it's dark now. You can ring your mum and tell her you're staying here tonight if you like? Make it a girls night in" Sarah said now bringing Lisa in for a hug making sure to rub her back and arms to keep her warm. Noticing how surprisingly hard they seemed.

A tingle of pleasure once more shooting through Sarah's body.

Lisa refrained from hugging her friend back not that she hadn't forgiven her of course she had, but she didn't want to get her best friend wet and cold also. Sarah broke off the hug to hear Lisa's reply.

"Thanks, that'd be nice" Lisa said breaking into a smile. Slowly looking up

"WHOA!...well hellooooooo ladies" Lisa said giggling.
Sarah looked down and saw her huge breasts heaving forward and with her recently popped button offering a cleavage that was very deep and caused a line maybe 6 inches down. What more her nipples were still erect and if her sweat hadn't made her white top slightly transparent, hugging a soaking wet Lisa had.
Even with her own young impossibly pert 34D's  Lisa couldn't help but be a little envious of Sarah's well endowed chest.
Sarah covered her glorious breasts by crossing her arms straight away. She had been seen topless by Lisa many times before. They were friends and Sarah hadn't been shy getting undressed in front of her girls when it came to getting ready for a night out etc. After Lisa had made Sarah cum earlier that day Sarah hadn't felt quite the same about showing her 'twins' off.

"Oh hush you. Take those clothes off and I'll show you the shower before I get changed" Sarah said now conscious about her current state of undress.

"I've showered here before. I think I can manage" Lisa mocked, smiling.

"That shower broke a while ago. The plumber hasn't been round yet. I've been using the one downstairs"

"The basement? I thought it was just storage down there?" Lisa asked

"Oh I thought you knew? My brother cleaned it all out a while ago for his home gym. There's always been a shower down there its just never really been used until now. I must admit the little squirt did a pretty good job. Apparently it's a fully stocked gym down there or so he says" Sarah said

"So you've got a gym now?" Lisa said.

"Yes, yes we have a big gym now hurry up and take those clothes off already. You must be freezing not to mention your getting my floor wet" Sarah said half annoyed and half concerned about her friend's health.

"Ok calm down where's the shower?" Lisa said looking towards the basement door.

"Just get undressed here otherwise you're going to cause water to go everywhere" Sarah said still pressing her huge chest in her crossed arms causing her cleavage to bulge upwards.

"No! I can't compare with those blimps you've got. Now where's the shower? Lisa said making her excuses. She opened the door and headed down the stairs. Drips of water trailing after her.
Lisa's little joke made Sarah smile causing her to lighten up.

"Ok but I'm not cleaning this up" Sarah said shouting down the stairs clearly joking.

"Ha yeah whatever, find me some clothes!" Lisa shouted back managing to turn on the shower and draw the small curtain across saving her dignity.

Sarah heard the shower start and figured that Lisa would work out the temperature controls on her own. She walked back into her bedroom and quickly whipped off her wet transparent top throwing it into the wash basket across the room. Now topless again she quickly fumbled through the draws looking for another comfortable top to throw on. Any bra was uncomfortable with breasts as large as Sarah's so she decided to continue being braless. She found a pale blue hoodie and zipped it up with some difficulty. Managing to only just tuck her chest inside.

She began looking for something for Lisa to wear. Finding a short sleeve t-shirt and some baggy track bottoms. It wasn't the sexiest but she was looking for function and Lisa would be getting out of the shower soon. She grabbed a towel and headed downstairs.
Sarah got to the bottom of the stairs just as she heard the shower being turned off.

"Here" Sarah said as she threw the items on top of the shower rail. Lisa took the towel and began drying herself off. Sarah took Lisa's wet clothes that had been left in the corner and put them on the radiator to dry. Finding enough room for her baggy sweatshirt, bottoms and her black leotard that she must've worn underneath. Sarah thought she had more layers on but couldn't find any more of Lisa's clothes anywhere. She didn't think much of it.

"Are these yours?" Sarah heard Lisa ask through the shower curtain.

"Yeah why? Not you're colour?" Sarah joked.

"Erm,  not really my style. Got anything bigger I wouldn't want to stretch your clothes" Lisa said slightly concerned.

"You're not that much bigger than me blondie" Sarah started to pull back the curtain.

"Hey! No peeking" Lisa said quickly whipping the curtain shut again.

"Aw come on, I don't think I've seen you naked in years" Sarah said matter of factly.

"Thought we were friends, it's what girls do" Sarah continued.

"Ha girls don't just look at each other naked all day. Besides I've changed a little in a few years, have you got anything bigger or not?" Lisa said trying to change the subject.

"What do you mean you've changed? Have you got a gross tattoo or something?" Sarah said teasing her friend again trying to peel back the curtain a few inches. Lisa snapped it shut once again.

"Sarah, clothes!" Lisa barked.

"Ok calm down I'm only playing. I'll see if my brother has anything"
Sarah said heading upstairs. She came back down moments later with a large t-shirt and some shorts. She threw the recently fetched clothes over the rail. Sarah waited by the curtain.

"Got anything's a little cold in your place" Lisa said making excuses.

"Jesus Christ! Stay there" Sarah said frustrated.  She knew full well lisa wouldn't leave the shower cubicle. She quickly came back with a large burgundy tracksuit.

"That's a little more like it!" Lisa said happily. Quickly taking them from the railing that Sarah had thrown them over.

"Finally I'm glad her majesty is happy" Sarah said leaning against the wall oppersite the shower.

"It's not as baggy as I've liked..." Lisa started

"Well tough. We haven't got anything bigger" Sarah interrupted not fully knowing if that was true or not.

"...Ok then" Lisa said finally swallowing her pride enough to pull back the curtain.

Sarah looked at her friend in shock. Her head was swimming. The tracksuit may not of been the biggest in the house but it was still very large. Sarah examined the track suit closely it seemed quite tight in places. Her thighs, arms, calfs, chest, shoulders. Lisa looked buff!

Another sexually charged tingle shot through Sarah.

"Lisa you look..." Sarah started words finally able to form in the head.

"I know, you don't have to say anything" Lisa interrupted feeling ashamed of herself for being in a position that forced her to reveal her body that she hid so well for for the past year.

"...Great" Sarah finally finished.

"What?" Lisa blurted not quite believing that her friend had complemented her.

"Your body it's, amazing" Sarah said still trying to drink in the image presented to her. Lisa visibly blushed

"You don't think I'm too big? I'm probably larger than Claire" Lisa stated, although the answer was clear to see.

Another huge tingle shot through Sarah forcing her to inhale deeply. This caused her already massive chest to inflate slightly making her hoodie groan a little.

"Lisa you're perfect! How have you managed to keep this from me for so long?" Sarah asked.

"Well big clothes for one" Lisa sheepishly smiled.

"You don't think I"m too...muscular?" Lisa asked

"I have no idea how muscular you are, but I'm dying to find out!" Sarah felt that maybe she was getting carried away.

Lisa didn't say anything. Instead started walking towards some gym equipment that had clothes hanging from it.

"Oh yeah,I've just been using all my brothers kit to hang up my washing. Let me put it away, then you can work out" Sarah said getting even more excited.

"Do you mind if we watch tv or something?" Lisa said shyly.

Sarah's heart sank. She desperately wanted to explore her new found sexuality with a recently discovered buff Lisa! Knowing that Lisa knew not what Sarah was thinking about she tried to play it cool.

"Yeah sure, why didn't you say so? I'll get some popcorn ready" Sarah said leading Lisa upstairs by her hand.

Sarah went into the kitchen to make popcorn while Lisa threw herself on the large sofa and switched the tv on. As soon as Sarah came back she sat as close to her friend as she possibly could resting the bowl of popcorn between them both. Sarah tried to gently press her legs against Lisa's to gauge how hard her legs must be. After only one attempt the popcorn nearly fell on the floor leaving Sarah frustrated that her idea didn't work.
They started watching some trashy rom-com that neither of them were really getting into.

"Are you ok then? I mean you ran off pretty suddenly at the park. I thought I may have hurt you?" Lisa asked genuinely concerned.

"Yeah about that..." Sarah mind was on full alert trying to find an answer.

"Then Claire said that maybe you were upset about your ex" Lisa continued.

"Oh yeah that was it" Sarah was glad that Claire's mind and Lisa's mouth was quicker than her own thought process.

"I didn't mean to worry you. It was just a moment of weakness, but I'm completely over it now. I Promise" Sarah said now running with it.

"Ok. Well good, as long as you're alright" Lisa said, she knew that she was lying but hoped she would be ok. She rubbed Sarah's thigh compassionately.

Sarah feeling yet another tingle rush through her after feeling Lisa's firm grip. She tried to steer the conversation towards what happened at the park that day.

"How about Claire though huh? Ripping her shirt like that, she's got some serious muscle on her right?" Sarah said trying desperately to control herself.

"Yeah she's pretty big I suppose, I doubt she'd do well at gymnastic camp though" Lisa said with a knowing smile.

"What are they doing to you girls in that place? Breeding superheroes? I couldn't believe you were doing chin ups with Claire hanging on to your back!" Sarah said voice slightly raised. She once again felt as though she was losing control.

"Just a lot of really hard work" Lisa said casually watching tv.

There was a long pause. Lisa was happy just watching tv but Sarah had  to find out more about buff Lisa!

"Why are you so scared of showing your body I mean its awesome" Sarah said suddenly catching Lisa off guard.

Lisa looked at Sarah surprised then looked at the floor. Struggling to find the right words.

"I don't's...well...It's not very womanly is it? I love being fit for gymnastics but... well who's ever going to be attracted to this? She said sadly, gesturing at her own body.

"I would!" Sarah screamed.

"Aw thanks, but don't feel like you have say that" Lisa said still sad but forcing a smile.

"I'm not just saying that, I mean today for example you gave me such an orgas...." Sarah managed to stop herself.

"What?" Lisa replied quickly turning to look at Sarah.

"Nothing. I just meant that, you know..." She didn't really have an answer.

"You're making fun of me?! Look, you don't have to lie to me like that. Your my friend so at least try to act like it. I don't need all this bullshit.I thought you were better than that. I start to feel a little upset and you start mocking me?!" Lisa yelled back.

"I'm not mocking you Lisa!" Sarah replied.

"Whatever..." Lisa turned to face the tv again.

Sarah hadn't seen sweet little Lisa this mad before. She decided she had better come clean or else risk losing a friend. Sarah reached across and gently turned to make Lisa face her.

"...Lisa I honestly love your body. Today at the park you really did give me an orgasm. At first I just thought it was the friction between us but now I realise that I may have a thing for female muscle. Your body,to me it looks perfect" Sarah said hoping she came across genuine.
Lisa looked her in the eyes, any anger that she felt was replaced by shock. Sarah hoped she would understand and not run away screaming.

"Your telling the truth aren't you?" Lisa only half asked. She knew Sarah too well to tell if she was lying.

Sarah looked away from Lisa.

"Damn, That's a lot to take in. How long have you felt like this? I mean are you gay now? Why didn't you tell me?" Lisa said aware that she was starting to bombard Sarah with questions.

"Sorry, I didn't mean too interrogate you just... I mean, Do you want to talk about it?" Lisa tried to backtrack  little.

"I'm still not 100% sure yet but I think I might be sexually attracted to muscle" Sarah admitted.

"Well duh! All your ex's are meatheads. Of course you have a thing for the bigger guys" Lisa told Sarah amazed she didn't already know this.

"No not just on guys. Girls too. Especially on girls it seems" Sarah said trying not to scare Lisa off.

"You sure?" Lisa asked.

"As I said I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure"

There was another long pause between the pair. Lisa broke the silence.

"Why don't you find out?" Lisa said.
Sarah wasn't quite sure what Lisa was getting at.

"How?" Sarah asked.

She looked at Lisa who now had a little glint in her eye and a naughty smile that she never remembered seeing on her friend before.

"Look...I'm only doing this because you're my friend and I love you" Lisa started before looking at the floor and taking a deep breath. She turned back to Sarah.

"How about we go back to the basement and work out?" Lisa said looking Sarah straight in the eye to prove she wasn't making fun of her.

"REALLY?!" Sarah screamed jumping of the sofa. Lisa casually stood up to join her.

"Yes really just try and control yourself ok missy?" Lisa said as she took Sarah by the hand and started to lead her to the basement.

Sarah was wondering where the shy lisa had gone. But the thought quickly passed when she realised her friend now seemed to be confident and willing to let her watch while she worked her muscles.
Sarah was nervous and excited all at once, she didn't know what was going to happen.
As soon as the pair got to the basement Sarah saw her clean clothes still hanging on the gym equipment she quickly grabbed the whole lot and threw it in the corner not caring if they got creased or dirty.

"What happens now?" Sarah asked getting impatient. Lisa just smiled. She had to admit watching her friend slowly go crazy was quite fun.

"What would you like me to do?" Lisa asked continuing to play her little game of teasing Sarah.

"Erm I don't know, how about that one?" Sarah didn't have a clue what any of them did. Her voice was getting louder with excitement every second.

"The bench press? Ok then. This one works your chest and shoulders" Lisa pointed out as she lay down on the bench getting under the weight previously set by Sarah's brother. She didn't know how heavy it was but looking at the small amount of weight on the bar she knew he could handle it. Sarah was a little disappointed she hoped to pick a machine that would work her biceps.
Lisa lifted the weight off the rack. She handled the weight as easily as she thought she would, the small blonde then began to effortlessly lift the weight over and over again.

"Whoa that doesn't even look like a challenge for you" Sarah said surprised just how easy it seemed.

"It's not, how much weight is on here anyway?" Lisa asked. Holding the bar up at arms length
Sarah quickly scanned the numbers on the metal discs.

"100lbs, wow that's pretty heavy blondie!" Sarah was still shocked as Lisa began starting to lift rep after rep again.

"Why don't you push back on the bar a little?" Lisa asked

Sarah was stunned she didn't work out herself but she still never heard of anyone pushing against the bar to add weight.

"Erm ok if you're sure" Sarah waited until the bar was at Lisa's chest and scared that she might hurt her friend pushed gently against the bar. Lisa lifted the bar with ease.

"Come on push, honestly it's ok. I'll tell you if you're hurting me" Lisa said reassuringly.

Sarah again waited until the bar was at Lisa chest and started pushing a bit harder this time. Lisa still lifted the weight with little trouble. Sarah pushed a little more still with the same result. This continued until Sarah was pushing with everything she had. This still offered little resistance to Lisa who hardly felt Sarah pushing down on her.

"Come on really push!" Lisa demanded.

Sarah was impressed and frustrated in equal measure.

*How could she not feel me pushing?* Sarah asked herself.

Sarah slowly started to rest her body weight on the bar.
Lisa finally felt something.

"That's better, now really put your back into it" Lisa said still lifting the bar.
Sarah was now putting all her body weight on the bar with her arms fully locked. Lisa was still pushing back even with the extra weight. Sarah felt her feet slowly leave the floor.

*holy shit! She's lifting me up too! Does she even know?!*  Sarah thought.

Lisa was benching Sarah's extra 112lbs and she didn't seen to be breaking a sweat. Sarah's was really starting to get turned on. After a few minutes Lisa racked the weight.

"Phew, ok not bad what's next?" Lisa asked casually.

Sarah just stared at her blonde friend. Trying her hardest to keep her cool and not throw herself at Lisa. This went on for a few moments. Lisa was snapping her fingers in front of Sarah's dazed face.

"Sarah,  what's next?"

"Huh?, oh erm that one?" Sarah randomly pointed to a machine that seemed to deal with every leg exercise you could imagine.

"Ok the leg press?" Lisa asked

"Huh?" Sarah shrugged again showing how little this gym equipment meant to her.

Lisa sat down and started to lift the weight with her legs easily. There was 150lbs already racked up but it was no challenge for any gymnast.

"That's a lot of weight Lisa!" Sarah squealed.

"Not really. Your legs are stronger than your arms so can handle more weight. This isn't even that much" Lisa put the weight brake on put the pin up too 300lbs she strained ever so slightly to start but before long she was really beginning to crank out the reps.

"That's more like it, a decent warm up"

Sarah was in disbelief. She was just sat there staring at her friend lift 300lbs over and over. Lisa noticed that Sarah had been quiet a while and looked over.

"So hows it going over there? starting to feel hot yet?" Lisa asked jokingly, but honestly she was interested to see if Sarah really was telling the truth earlier. Hoping she had helped clear up her sexual preference once and for all.
Sarah just looked at Lisa's legs wishing they weren't covered in her brothers lame track suit.

"Wanna go for a ride?" Lisa asked as she set the brake once more.

"What, now? It's dark and raining" Sarah said slightly confused.

"Ha. No I meant do you want to help me out over here?"

"Yeah!" Sarah was in heaven. She was willing to do anything at this point.

"Climb on" Lisa nodded towards the wide plate where her feet were pressed against. There was enough room for a small butt like Sarah's to fit onto and enough ceiling room not to crush her at full extension. Sarah managed to sit atop the apparatus looking down on lisa, but was confused how she would be helping from up there.

"So what do I do?" Sarah asked

"Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride" Lisa said with a little wink.
Starting to hope sarah was telling the truth about her fetish, and not just lying to make her feel better.

Lisa started to press the weight and Sarah very slowly up and back down. Confident Sarah was holding on tight she started to speed the reps up.

If Sarah thought she was horny a moment ago now her engine was really motoring!

"HOLY SHIT LISA! Sarah yelled down to her blonde friend who was pressing and...smiling!

Lisa saw it in Sarah's face.
*She wasn't lying about liking muscle, she's really out of it!* thought Lisa.

Lisa was relieved, Sarah really did like muscular girls. That meant she wasn't mocking her earlier. Lisa still keep cranking out rep after rep.

*that must mean I really did give her an orgasm at the park*

She stopped her reps, locking her legs out. She glanced up at Sarah on top of the weight machine. Sarah's face now flushed red a bead of sweat running down her cheek.

Lisa's mind started to wander. Then she had a naughty thought.

*I wonder... If Sarah really was telling the truth then I guess I could make her cum again...just for fun*

Lisa slowly brought her legs down enough to lock the brake and take out the pin.
"Hey Sarah, want to go again this time with more weight?" Lisa said in a girly tone.
Sarah's eyes darted open. Looking down she saw Lisa slowly but very deliberately sliding the pin out of the 300lbs slot and started to very suggestively slide it into the 500lb!

"Lisa no way!" Sarah said through deep breaths.

"Oh yes way baby! This time you might want to keep your eyes open"

Lisa blew her a kiss before releasing the brake and painfully slowly started to lift the incredible weight. Lisa face told the whole story of the effort required to lift the huge weight, along with Sarah!

"Lisa!...oh Fuck!" Sarah's labido was beyond control, thinking lisa couldn't see her from this angle she shamelessly started to rub her crutch through her tiny shorts.
Lisa had just reached the top of the rep. She immediately started lowering the weight back down, seemingly to sarah because she was unable to hold the massive weight for longer than a few seconds. In fact Lisa was going for another rep!

Lisa grunted quietly as she powered the weight up a second time, this rep was faster. Lisa let the weight down and put the brake back on.

Sarah was no longer making any sense. No longer forming words. Just lost in lust for the power that Lisa was displaying.

"Are you still watching up there? Maybe just one more...and I do mean MORE" Lisa said slowly pulling out the pin from 500lbs.

"Mmm...what shall I do?" She said gently resting the pin against her chin as if thinking about her next move.

Sarah was really lost in lust but gaining control only due to the fact the Lisa had stopped teasing her. At least for the time being. Lisa slowly ran the pin down the weight passing 300lbs, 400lbs, 500lbs. Sarah was now paying attention 600lbs, 700lbs finally stopping at 800lbs.

"Lisa that's impossible!" Sarah said hoping it wasn't. Lisa didn't even look up at Sarah instead glaring at her own quads.

"Just hang on" Lisa demanded. Sarah was a little scared and very excited. Lisa took one deep breath and released the weight. Sarah yelped a little after she dropped suddenly, worried for her friend she looked down at Lisa.
Lisa was already staring at Sarah deeply. Her face turning red, teeth gritted and she was shaking violently. All of a sudden Lisa's head whipped back.

"AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Lisa powered the weight up so quickly Sarah thought she might shoot through the ceiling.

Sarah looked down at Lisa who now had her legs locked out holding the incredible weight. Sarah saw her quads were stretching the track suit so much it was seemed to have changed shade from burgundy to a bright red. Lisa brought the weight back down to a controlled stop and put the brake back on. Lisa stood up seeming to be full of energy.

"God that felt good!" Lisa said as if she was only getting started. Sarah was still sat on the footplate just staring at Lisa. She tried to speak but her mouth didn't seem to manage words at this point.

"Impressed?" Lisa asked with one eyebrow cocked up.

Sarah got down from the machine shakily. She was now standing in front of Lisa, mouth agape and a big wet patch in between her legs.

"Did I just give you another orgasm?" Lisa asked looking at sarah now wet crutch with a slight smile.

Sarah just shook her head,her mouth still wide open.

"No?... Aw that's a shame" Lisa said in a cutesy girl voice. She casually got onto the leg extension machine and started pumping out slow reps with what ever weight was already set. This make her track suit audibly groan at every rep.

"Maybe this will help..." Lisa said motioning for Sarah to take a closer look. She removed the pin from the 75lbs weight the machine was set and moved it too 500lbs.

"These are a little harder, and god knows I'm going to feel this in the morning so you better get a good look" Lisa said again motioning for Sarah to come even closer.

Sarah walked closer not sure what was going to happen.
Lisa started to tense up causing her quads to fill out the track suit with no problem. Sarah's eyes locked onto Lisa's legs.

"This is what a gymnasts legs can do" Lisa said as she grabbed the handles at her side.

"RRAAAHHH!!!" In one quick motion she fully extended her legs lifting the entire 500lbs. Once her legs locked out she keep them there, despite the 500lbs of resistance tormenting her to stop. Lisa was shaking with effort and her legs were getting such a pump that the track suit was starting to rip apart! Slowly at first as the weight began to drop down a few inches.

"Arggggghhh!!" Lisa screamed as she hoisted the massive weight back up again. This time the track suit stood no chance. It burst open causing a huge gash from hip to knee,revealing flesh to be seen by Sarah. She couldn't believe the size and definition. Each leg appeared to be bigger than Sarah's waist! The definition in her quads looked unreal. Like her legs were made of thick hard steel cabling!
Sarah head was swimming she started to feel a little hazy. Lisa still kept the 500lb weight at full extension refusing to let it beat her. Lisa's legs didn't look like they would be out of place at a body building competition.
Sarah could only imagine how much weight Lisa must've lifted in her life to have such mind blowing quads. Sarah was losing balance, she felt like just seeing this much muscle in the flesh was making her knees buckle. She tried to speak as she felt lightheaded but it was too late.

She fainted.

Sarah came to a minute later with Lisa looking over her.

"Are you ok? You had me worried for a moment then" Lisa said relieved that Sarah had woken up.

Sarah got up off the floor. She looked at Lisa who still had big tears along both quads. She quickly glanced at the machine still with the pin in at 500lbs.

"holy shit, you just lifted 500lbs with your legs!" Sarah said.

Lisa looked behind her towards the machine then back to Sarah.

"Yep. I told you to keep your eyes open though. Passing out doesn't count" she said with a little grin.

"I saw more than enough! You burst clean through your track suit!" Sarah said pointing out the obvious.

"It's not mine remember? It's your brothers track suit. Im really sorry by the way  i'll buy him a new one" Lisa said, gently pulling at the ripped bottoms to empersize her point.

"Forget about it,  its hideous anyway"

"Ok then so what's next?" Lisa asked fresh faced once more.

"Why are you doing this?" Sarah asked instantly regretting that it might put a stop to her fun.

"You mean me putting on a show for you?" Lisa said with another one of her cute smiles.

Sarah just nodded.

"This is the first time I've felt comfortable in my own skin! You made me feel attractive again. Besides I shouldn't have doubted you when you told me your little fetish. It can't have been easy for you and I snapped when I should've been a better friend. Consider this making it up too you" Lisa said this time with a wide smile.

"Lisa, this is serious. I mean I appreciate the effort and all. I REALLY do. But your going to make me have another orgasm...and"

"Many" Lisa interrupted


"Many. I'm going to make you have many orgasms" Lisa finished.

Sarah's knees felt weak again at hearing this.

"But...why? You're not gay it doesn't make sense" Sarah quipped back

Lisa walked towards her.

"You've always been there for me. I want to be there for you. Now are you going to argue with me or take up this once in a life time offer?" Lisa said to Sarah, as sexually as Sarah had ever heard. She looked Lisa up and down wondering what this 18 year old goddess had done with the shy,sweet Lisa she used to know.

Lisa took the silence to be answer.

"Good. So as I said what's next?"

Sarah beamed a smile back at Lisa.

"Can we arm wrestle?" Sarah said.

"You want to take me on?" Lisa said playfully.

"No offence but I don't think it'll be much of a challenge"

"That's ok I just, I dunno just need to feel you"Sarah said a little ashamed.

"You sure it's just muscles your into? " Lisa asked worried that Sarah might be falling for her.

"Ha ha, yes I'm not in love with you blondie. I just wanna try something" Sarah said as she scrambled together a couple of chairs and unfolded a small camping table that had been collecting dust in the corner.
Lisa took a seat and Sarah eagerly followed suit.
Lisa put up her arm on the table holding open her small hand inviting Sarah to do the same. Sarah instead grabbed Lisa's hand with both of hers.

"Using 2 hands then?" Lisa asked smiling.

"Yep and a you thought this wouldn't be a challenge"

"I stand by my statement Sarah. Ready to lose?"
Any confidence that Sarah had quickly vanish after seeing how cocky Lisa was.

"Erm yep. Just you know, try not to hurt me" Sarah half pleaded.

"I wouldn't dare" Lisa said reassuring

"Ok then 3,2,1,GO!" Sarah had jumped the gun and instantly pulled Lisa's short arm with her whole body weight.

"Hey cheater!" Lisa said caught off guard by Sarah's quick reaction, but quickly managed to gain control again and slowly started to move both of Sarah's arms into the table, making sure to look at Sarah's face as she did so.

"Jesus Christ, you're really strong!" Sarah pointed out a little surprised she had been beaten so easily even with both arms.

"To be fair I did say you wouldn't be a challenge. I think that Claire could've beaten you with both arms too" Lisa said gently to her friend.

Sarah looked at the table for a moment then smiled. She looked up and stared straight back into the eyes of Lisa.

"...well then blondie, why don't you show me something that Claire can't do" she challenged

Lisa stood up with some purpose.

"Ok then like what"  Lisa asked.

Sarah started to trace her finger slowly along the table looking up at Lisa through her short bangs.
"I don't know. I mean Claire showed me what a 'real' flex that was muscle" Sarah knew it was a cheap shot, but she didn't care. She wanted to see more of that body and didn't care how.

"Oh so your going to be like that are you?" Lisa asked playfully

"Well you did promise me some more orgasms and for that I would like more muscle" Sarah said feeling her heart pounding.

"That's true I did say that, so you want more muscle then?" Lisa asked already knowing the answer.

Sarah was instantly wet just thinking about the muscle that was to come. She was nodding giddily.

"Ok well I can't stay in this thing all night" Lisa said looking down at her torn track suit.

"Well...take it off then" Sarah suggested.

"Not quite what I had in mind. Do me a favour and close your eyes"

Sarah shot a look at Lisa.

"Trust me, close your eyes" Lisa said again

"Ok but you better be here when I get back" Sarah said with her hand over her eyes and a smile on her face. All she could hear was Lisa rustling about.

"Ok I'm ready" Lisa said.
Sarah quickly opened her eyes only for Lisa to be hiding behind the shower curtain.

"What are you doing in there?" Sarah asked.

"I wanted it to be a grand reveal" Lisa admitted.

"Wanted to grandly reveal what?" Sarah quizzed. She was tempted to just rip the curtain down.

"This..." Lisa pulled back the curtain to reveal herself wearing nothing but her now dry tight black gymnastic leotard. It was plain black, looked a lot like a bathing suit with long sleeves. Although it covered her arms her huge muscular legs were completely exposed. Her leotard did absolutely to hide her definition.  Sarah's jaw dropped she just stared in disbelief her knees actually buckled at the sight before her. She stumbled backwards until she fell into a chair that luckily there.
Lisa started to sexually walk towards the now sat Sarah. Making her legs bulge and tense with every step.
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Re:[EN / unknownpanic] Sarah's discovery (3 chapters)
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"So what do you think?" Lisa asked genuinely caring about Sarah's opinion.

"Lisa you're Perfect!" Sarah squealed. She started to take in Lisa's body bit by bit.

"Those legs are amazing! You've got muscles on muscles! No wonder that tracksuit was so tight...damn. And your abs! Wow, Lisa you have a perfect six pack!" Sarah rambled.

"Actually it's more of an 8 pack" Lisa said shyly as she cupped her 34D's lifting them up making her leotard taught at her abs, revealing that she had indeed got another 2 rock hard abs muscles.

Sarah's eyes bulged.

"Holy shit! An 8 pack! I didn't even think that was possible!" Sarah stood up and placed her hand on the hot, dense midsection of Lisa.

"Wow, just...WOW!" Sarah carried on.

"They're so hard! Jesus Christ. Lisa you're like some kind of a goddess!"

"Nope, just a product of gymnast camp" Lisa said modestly.

"I take it you like then?" Lisa asked clearly knowing the answer.

"Fuck yes!" Sarah yelled shocked Lisa even had to ask. She was getting increasingly wet with what felt to her a lot like sexual tension in the air. Still with her hand slowly rubbing every solid bump on Lisa's abs. She gently pokes one. She noticed that she hardly dented it so poked harder still with the same result.

"I think this is the one that made me cum" Sarah joked with a little chuckle.
Lisa smiled.

"Aw, just the one? Well how about the others get in on the fun?" Lisa tensed ever so gently this still caused her abs to swell pushing Sarah's hand back.

"I'll need a hand getting these pumped though" Lisa said over her shoulder as she walked towards a chin up bar.
Sarah only just noticed how ripped her back was. Perfect definition displaying muscle on top of muscle. She tore her eyes away from Lisa's back just in time to see her impossibly tight firm butt before Lisa turned back round.
Lisa jumped up and hung down from the chin up bar.

"Sarah?" Lisa barked with a grin.

She was caught in a daze. Snapping out of it the second Lisa called her.


"I said I need a hand, wanna help me get these abs pumped or not?" Lisa asked suggestively.

"God yes! What do you need me to do?" Sarah was nearly begging.

"I'm going to do a leg raise for as long as I can, I need you to try and stop me. See that belt over there?" Lisa nodded towards a weight belt next to varied sizes of weighed metal plates in the corner.
"I need you to tie the belt to my ankles and if you think I'm holding my legs up too easily then put some weights on the belt. Got it?"

"Erm I think so. How much is too much though?" Sarah asked not quite getting what she was asked.

"You'll know. Ready?"

"Hold on" Sarah quickly scrambled to tie the belt around Lisas ankles.

"Ok, go" Sarah said waiting to see what would happen.

Lisa lifted her legs parallel to the floor instantly and with perfect form. Lisa abs bunched together and swelled slightly to met the challenge.

"So I just put these weights on?" Sarah asked

"Yep however heavy you want" Lisa said.

Sarah looked towards the pile of iron plates, she was a little intimated at first but thought she was just being silly. She found a little 10lb plate, carried it over to Lisa and gently placed it on the belt.  Nothing happened.

"Is that it? If you want me to get pumped you better do better than that" Lisa jibed.

Sarah ran over to the weights again and found a big plate marked 50lbs. She struggled a little to get the weight onto the belt. But as soon as she did she stood back to look at Lisa.

Lisa's leg didn't move an inch. Her abs however increased in size to deal with the extra weight.

Sarah noticed Lisa's abs growing and got even wetter.  Sarah had struggled to lift the weight with her arms but Lisa's abs were dealing with it seemingly with little problem.

"That's better...but I'm going to need more if you wanna see a real show" Lisa teased.

Sarah finally realised that more weight equals more muscle and dragged over more iron plates. She lifted another 50lb weight onto the big hook on the bottom of the belt.

"Arrrrggghh...yes more!" Lisa screamed.

*holy shit she's so strong*
Sarah looked dazed for a moment until she processed Lisa's demand and put another 50lb weight on the belt.

"...Arrrgggh..." Lisa grunted silently. Her face now looking at the wall twisted with concentration.
Sarah stole another glance and Lisa's abs and froze. They seemed to be jutting out from her midsection by at least 2 inches!

*she's lifting more than my body weight with just her abs!*  Sarah thought.

Fearing her legs where getting weak at the sight of lisa she leant against the machine next to her for support.

"Fucking hell...Lisa" Sarah gently moaned.

Lisa could tell Sarah was starting to get hot.
"...add...more..." Lisa managed to say.

Sarah could hardly believe it. Desperate to see it she lifted another 50lb weight quicker than she had done previously and loaded it to the already straining belt.

"AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!" Lisa screamed loudly yet her legs didn't move.
Her abs ballooned to deal with the mass amount of weight she was supporting. Her 8 pack clear to see now. Her midsection looked as though someone had stuffed 8 baseballs in it.
Sarah upon seeing this started to play with herself as if there was no tomorrow. Lisa had been holding her position for well over a minute while supporting 210lbs!

Sarah looked up to see the impossible  Lisa was actually raising the huge weight! Up went her legs slowly until her toes were eye level.



Both girls had screamed at the top of their lungs, one from effort the other from an all mighty orgasm.  Lisa quickly let her legs fall down making the weights crash onto the floor. She just hung there slick with sweat.

Sarah was still riding the wave of post orgasmic bliss when she looked up at Lisa just dangling. Her muscles pumped and shiny with perspiration. She thought she might cum again just by looking at her swollen abs.

Lisa dropped down from the chin up bar and undid the belt from around her ankles.

"What's next?" Lisa seemed to growl looking up through her wet matted hair.

"holy shit lisa, give me a minute" Sarah said still worn out from her orgasm.

Lisa rested her hands on her head to catch her breath making her breasts pull her leotard tight. Sarah couldn't keep her eyes off Lisa's shoulders and biceps.

"Arms" Sarah blurted

"Huh?" Lisa replied

"I wanna see you work your arms" Sarah said still staring at Lisa's biceps

"You sure you can handle it?" Lisa said looking at her own arms then back to Sarah

"I mean you were pretty out of it a minute ago" Lisa said teasingly.

Sarah moved right next to Lisa and grabbed her biceps with both hands. She had to look down to double check it was really lisa she was holding onto.

"Oh my god you're... so hard!" Sarah stumbled

"You really do like muscle don't you?" Lisa asked

"Please, Lisa show me" Sarah voice broke slightly.

"Sarah are you, are you begging right now?" Lisa asked shocked

"You have no idea what your body is doing to me. Lisa, please. I need to see some muscle, I need to have some sort of release!" Sarah pleaded.

"Aw are you overdue for some 'special time'?" Lisa teased once more.

"Lisa please!" Sarah snapped.

"Ok, calm down. Follow me." Lisa took Sarah by the hand and took her to a bicep curl machine. Lisa sat down

"Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to start curling whatever weight you choose for as many reps as you say. Whenever you want you can change the weight by moving the pin to the amount of pounds you want me to curl ok?" Lisa explained.

"Yes! God yes!" Sarah was already shaking with excitement. She quickly placed the pin into the 20lbs mark. Not really knowing how much weight was too much.

"Ok erm do ten" Sarah squealed.

Lisa began curling the weight over and over until she reached 10 reps and then stopped. Sarah was watching closely and felt a little disappointed that her biceps hadn't flared up as much as she thought.

*maybe her biceps aren't as big as I thought*

"You ok?" Lisa asked not quite getting the same excited reaction as before.

"Well... Honestly, I kinda thought you'd be bigger in the arms. Don't get me wrong their rock solid and your legs and abs are beyond perfect." Sarah started explaining regretting it as she did so.

"Ha slow down. It's ok they're just relaxed. If you want to see more than you have to give them a pump" Lisa explained

"So they get bigger?" Sarah seemed to perk up again.

"Oh, they get bigger. Come on challenge me" Lisa dared with a smile.
Sarah attacked the weights with new enthusiasm. Her pussy getting wet with anticipation.

"Ok another 10!" Sarah demanded

Lisa again cranked out the reps with perfect form quickly. This time her biceps reacted only slightly.

"Geez, 40lbs. I thought that would at least slow you down" Sarah said a little surprised.

"At gymnastic camp they've introduced free weights to everyone to get them stronger. 40lbs isn't a huge challenge" Lisa told her.

"Impressive, ok then try this. Gimme 5 more" Sarah shuffled around and changed the weight  once again.

Lisa lifted the weight this time struggling a little bit. Her biceps were really reacting now swelling up to met the challenge in front of her without stopping Lisa finished the 5 reps asked of her and relaxed.

"Wow I just doubled it again! You just curled 80lbs and you don't even look like that phased you!"

Sarah was a little shocked but considering what Lisa had already done today she should really know by now. Se fiddled around with the weight pin once more.

"Ok then just 3" she said with a wicked smile.

Lisa smiled back and nodded
"Ok you're the boss"

She tried to move the bar which at first didn't move. That was because sarah had the pin at 150lbs! Lisa doubled her efforts causing her biceps to swell massively. Sarah's eyes bulged as she watched Lisa's sleeve become tighter than a drum. Her once small but firm arms had grown into massive defined muscular cannons. Sarah's jaw dropped. Lisa kept lifting, she struggled to even move it at first but now there's was no stopping her. She was taking a full minute to complete each curl but she refused to let the massive weight beat her. Sarah was gobsmacked. She had asked for biceps and lisa was giving her biceps! Sarah was just standing there her eyes locked on Lisa's huge arms. Sarah moved her hand slowly making its way towards her pussy. Sarah went to slip her fingers inside of her shorts when Lisa spotted her.

"You know I've finished right?" Lisa said with a huge smile. Loving the effect her body was having on Sarah.
Sarah snapped out of her lust induced state.

"Lisa, look erm..." Sarah stuttered

"Relax. I'm flattered honestly. Besides I promised you orgasms and thats just what your going to get" Lisa interjected.

Sarah beamed a wide smile and moved to rearrange the pin. She looked at Lisa.

"Ok then Blondie give me one rep" she challenged with a silly grin.

Lisa turned to look at the bar she was holding and pulled with very thing she had. The bar didn't move at all. Sarah smiled knowing she wouldn't be able to lift it and glad this 18 year old seemed to have some sort of limit to her strength.

"Jesus,!" Lisa said through gritted teeth.

"It's ok Lisa I was playing a little trick on you, that's about all the weight on here. It's 350lbs I knew you wouldn't be able to do it" Sarah explained.

Lisa said nothing. Instead she concentrated on the bar. She was starting to turn red in the face. Lisa was starting to shake so much Sarah could hear the the weights violently clanging with the vibration. Sarah's smile faded from her face when she looked at Lisa's bicep swelling to proportions that Sarah thought was impossible. The weight was slowly being lifted. Sarah was horny as hell, she didn't care if Lisa saw anymore. She slipped her fingers down her tiny shorts and inside herself making her groan loudly. The sound seemed to spur Lisa on as she managed to lift the curl halfway. Lisa's sleeves were no longer black, they were stretching so much that they were turning a light shade of grey.
Sarah lost it and came right there. Lisa's biceps were by far the thing that had turned Sarah on the most. Lisa finished the curl with a load roar. She dropped the massive weight immediately, making the sound of a huge crash fill the basement. Sarah was so out of it she didn't even notice the loud noise. Lisa stepped away from the machine and turned to Sarah with her hands on her hips triumphantly posing. Sarah missed this as her eyes were closed from the moment that she came.

"Lisa that was incredible...I think you've ruined me from ever having a normal orgasm again" Sarah joked opening her eyes.

"Well you had better make the most of this while you can then" Lisa said with a wink.

"Just out of curiosity, how did I make you cum at the park if you couldn't see any muscles? Well apart from Claire's" Lisa asked.

Sarah looked straight at Lisa still pumped abs, and blushed

"...I felt them on my...special place" Sarah said getting embarrassed.

"Ok I get it" Lisa said.

She quickly grabbed Sarah by putting her hands on either side of Sarah's waist. Sarah panicked for a moment feeling as though she'd somehow offended Lisa.

"It's ok Sarah don't look so scared this will be fun. Trust me" Lisa purred. She then lifted Sarah off the ground making her arms tense as she did so.

"Whoa! Wow. You're so strong!" Sarah babbled.

"Wrap your legs around my waist" Lisa commanded.

Sarah thought she might know where this was going, but still gave Lisa a look to check it was ok.

"Come on do it" Lisa said again. Sarah did as she was asked. She loosely put her legs around Lisa's waist.

"Theres no point being shy now" Lisa said as she realised Sarah was holding back from making contact with her abs. Lisa quickly pulled Sarah towards her. Sarah gasped loudly as she felt the solid wall of Lisa's abs rub against her sex.

"I hope your ready..." Lisa said as she slowly started to lift her friend, this made Sarah's pussy slowly grind up and down her abs.

"Oh my god" Sarah moaned as soon as she felt herself getting wetter. She looked at Lisa's arms. They were  still pumped and looked huge as they lifted Sarah's bodyweight.
Sarah leant forward tightly hugging Lisa, clawing her muscular back.

"Oh shit..." Sarah gasped, she was no longer in control, that was Lisa's job now. She was getting wetter with every second. Lisa decided to speed up. this made Sarah react loudly.


Lisa smiled knowing exactly what she was doing to her busty friend. Lisa grabbed Sarah's hair and gently pulled her back making her lean backwards. Sarah just relaxed into Lisa's arms knowing full well she was strong enough to hold her weight. Lisa held her still and made sure Sarah's pussy was pulled tight into her abs. Sarah noticed Lisa had stopped lifting her and instead was just supporting her.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked trying to sit up high enough to see Lisa's eyes over her own huge chest.

"Nothing, just wanted to make sure you're ready" Lisa asked

Sarah didn't know what Lisa was making sure she was ready for. Sarah didn't get a chance to ask.

"...please..." Was all she could manage.

Lisa smiled and pulled her in even closer making Sarah moan softly. Lisa then began tensing her already pumped abs making them grow suddenly. They pushed hard against Sarah now soaking wet pussy. Sarah arched her back and inhaled so deeply with surprise and pleasure that her massive breasts broke her zip currently holding her hoodie together.


Lisa relaxed for a moment only to quickly tense her rock solid 8pack even harder. Sarah felt her pussy lips slowly and gently getting separated slightly by Lisa's engorged abs. Sarah came as hard as ever, making herself black out in the process. Lisa relaxed her flex and realised she'd made Sarah faint with pleasure again. She laid her down on the nearby bench press and called for her to wake up.

"Sarah? You ok?"

Sarah slowly opened her eyes.

"" was all she could manage. Lisa chuckled a little at hearing this.

"So I take it that you liked it?" Lisa asked smiling.

Sarah slowly sat up wiping the sweat of her brow.
"I felt like your abs were trying to fuck me!"

Lisa seemed to get an idea from this.

"Want to be fucked by a real muscle?" Lisa asked seriously.
Sarah honestly thought she may pass out just from hearing this. She looked at Lisa's abs now gleaming with sweat and what muscle been Sarah's orgasm. Sarah's looked back into Lisa's eyes and smiled.

"What did you have in mind?" She asked.

Lisa said nothing and casually flexed her arm half heartily still causing a large mound of rock hard muscle to form on her arm. Sarah's eyes bugged out and she instantly reached out and grabbed it with both hands squeezing it as hard as she could not making a dent. Lisa just laughed. It was hard not too, she had a muscle slave practically drooling over her. Lisa had never felt so loved, so needed, so sexy! She wanted to repay her friend for making her feel this happy.

"Holy shit Lisa! This thing is huge! It looks bigger than Claire's! How big is it anyway?!" Sarah asked not once taking her eyes off Lisa's bicep.

Lisa quickly relaxed the flex.
"I'm not sure. I always cover these things up. I'm don't really like showing then off in front of people" Lisa looked somewhat ashamed.

"Why the hell not?! They're the sexiest things I've ever seen! Lisa please show them to me, please. I'll do anything!" Sarah begged her breasts still hardly covered by her now broken hoodie.

Lisa broke into a smile.
"...Ok then I guess" Lisa said.

Sarah jumped up then turned and ran upstairs. Leaving Lisa confused. Sarah quickly came back down with a  tape measure she got from her room. Sarah made no effort to hide her monster chest anymore she let then bounce around as she flew down the stairs.

"Come on blondie gimme a flex" Sarah said excitedly.
Lisa gave a half hearted flex still producing a muscle any fitness model would be envyves of. Sarah quickly fumbled to get the measuring tape around Lisa's arm.

"Wow you're 16 inches and you're even trying!" Sarah said

"Who said I'm not trying?" Lisa snapped.
Sarah put down the measuring tape.

"Your bicep was huge when you lifted those weights. I know you can be conscious of your body. But after all we've just been through, after all the amazing orgasms you've just given me. I thought you would've at least been able to show me..." Lisa looked a little upset at hurting her friend. Sarah continued.

"Besides are you not curious to see how big you can get? Think of this as your one chance to show off in front of someone who won't judge you but instead will be VERY happy to see you do it"

Lisa thought about this for a moment. Sarah was right, She wouldn't judge her. What was she scared of?

"Alright let's see how big I am then. Measure me when I say" Lisa told her.

Sarah became nervous with excitement she was going to see something big, literally.
Lisa started to flex harder this time. Causing a big muscle to rise, stretching her black sleeves. On her small frame however it seemed huge! Sarah was trying to control herself, fighting herself not to touch it.

"Ok now" Lisa said.

Sarah shot over and measured it quickly pulling the tape as tight as she could get it. Her eyes widened just by looking at the number.

"Well?" Lisa asked trying to hold the flex.

"Wow! Lisa you've got 18 inch biceps!" Sarah yelled.

Lisa seemed a little surprised, she knew it was big but never had she put a number on it before.  It seemed like a massive muscle for a 18 year old girl to possess. Lisa knew that she hadn't put her all into it though . She walked across the room to some free weights.

"Lisa that's really impressive, and so hot!" Sarah said still looking at the tape measure.

Lisa picked up a couple of 100lb dumbbells.

"I can do more" Lisa said turning to face Sarah.
Sarah looked down at the massive pieces of steel in Lisa's hands. She was starting to get horny yet again.

"...more than 18 inches? That's hard to believe!" Sarah said adjusting herself to see Lisa lift yet more weights. Measuring tape tightly in hand.

"Just get ready to measure" Lisa said as she started to pump the huge weights over and over. She must've done 10 reps with each arm before she stopped.

"Ok flex now!" Sarah screamed convinced that the mass amount of iron must've given anyone a good pump.

"No I need more!" Lisa said getting angry that 100lbs weights hadn't done what was intended. Lisa placed the 100lb dumbbells down and reached for 200lbs.

"Whoa, Lisa go easy" Sarah said a little surprised she jumped up the weight so suddenly. Lisa ignored her and started to pump the weight. It was slower and the effort was clear to see, but Lisa still managed to crank out 5 reps with each arm.  Sarah once again saw Lisa's leotard starting to change a shade lighter at the sleeves.

"Arrrrggghh" Lisa said annoyed that she wasn't getting as pumped as she wanted to be. Lisa had an idea and lifted her arms out by her side so they were parallel with the floor. She was still holding 400lbs total making her shoulders flare out in every direction. Sarah's already soaking wet shorts had gotten even wetter. Lisa was trying to perform a hero curl with 200lbs in each hand! She started to lift the weight painfully slowly causing her arms to swell up hugely. Her leotard sleeves were now starting to expand so much they were nearly white in colour.
Sarah was getting ready to run over and measure the massive biceps before her. But feeling as though she could cum at any minute was worried her legs might not be up to the feat. Lisa growled quietly as she felt her arms burning. She finally lifted the weights and threw them on floor behind her.

"Holy shit Lisa! You're massive!" Sarah squealed.

"Are you ready with the tape?" Lisa asked.

Sarah just nodded walking towards her pumped friend.

"Ok then" Lisa said. She slowly brought both her arms up and continued to flex slow but very hard concentrating every last bit of effort into the pose. Her body reacted by filling her already bloated arm with massive amounts of muscle. The leotard stretched further than either of them had seen it do previously. It was pale white around the biceps with tiny tears in it exposing her soft skin. Lisa roared loudly and pushed harder making blood rush into her powerful biceps.
Sarah was on the edge she thought she might blackout again for sure. Lisa's sleeves tore loudly both at once exposing her bare arms.
Sarah gasped loudly looking at something she thought was impossible. Lisa had gotten so pumped she had burst through spandex! Nothing was hiding Lisa's huge biceps anymore. Unbelievable definition and small veins zig zagging all over her bicep were clear to see. Sarah needed to touch them. She quickly measured Lisa's muscle without waiting to be told. Feeling her steel hard white hot muscle.

"Holy shit! 19.5 inches!" Sarah blurted out.

"Im... not... finished...yet" Lisa growled though gritted teeth. Her face turned to her bulging bicep willing it to grow. She poured on absolutely every bit of effort she possibly could. Sarah gasped again when she felt the tape measure still wrapped around Lisa's bicep start to reel out. She raised her hand to her mouth In surprise still focused on the reeling numbers slowly expanding. Sarah thought it was never going to stop!

"Aaaggggghhhh" Lisa felt like her arms were on fire.

"" Lisa said finally.

"OH MY GOD LISA, 21 INCHES!!!" Sarah screamed she came right there still holding on to Lisa's arm. Lisa somehow managed to hold the flex for the duration of Sarah orgasm without letting up.
Lisa swooped down and grabbed Sarah by her waist hoisting her up easily compared to the 400lbs she was just lifting. She walked Sarah over to the bench press and stood her on top of the bench. Sarah was still a little hazy from her last orgasm.

"Oh my god that was incredible. Now that's a 'real' flex" Sarah said breathlessly.

"Take off you shorts" Lisa commanded.

"What?! Why?!" Sarah said caught off guard by the demand the came from out of left field.
Lisa said looked at her for a moment.

"Well it's up to you I just thought that you might like a muscle fucking to remember" Lisa casually said.

Sarah was dumbfounded Lisa seemed to turn into a muscular sex goddess with a attitude to boot. Sarah was still recovering from her earth shattering orgasm and Lisa was offering her giant bicep to bring Sarah to another one!

"Erm ok" Sarah said excited but nervous about getting naked in front of her friend. She put her fingers inside her waist band and stopped.

"Do you need some help?" Lisa asked, but before getting an answer took either side of Sarah's shorts and tore them off her as easily as wet tissue paper.

"Oh my god!" Sarah gasped in shock as the rooms cool air gently brushed up against her neatly shaved pussy. She was now visibly dripping wet. Sarah quickly whipped off her broken hoodie. Exposing her perfect 32Gs her nipples instantly reacting to the cool air.

"No point only being half naked after what we've been through" Sarah pointed out.

Lisa froze for a second. She had to admit that Sarah had one killer body. She snapped out of it and began to smile. She knew Sarah was going to enjoy this. Lisa proceeded to rip her tattered sleeves off, completely revealing her pumped muscular arms. Sarah felt like someone could just blow her over.

"Wow" Sarah weakly said under her breath.

"So what happens now?" Sarah asked putting her hands on her hip making her look every bit the perfect woman.

Lisa didn't answer. She just smiled and grabbed a metal bar from the machine behind her. She turned back to Sarah and slowly ran her extended arm up between Sarah's legs. Making sure to run her arm along Sarah's legs, teasing her. It was having the desired effect. Sarah was feeling tingles shoot all the way through her body. She was almost shivering with pleasure. Lisa's extended arm finally reached Sarah's waiting, wet pussy lips. Sarah let another gasp escape her.

"Ok rest your hands on my shoulders" Lisa said quietly.

Sarah did as she was told. With her counter weight balanced by holding into the machine behind her Lisa lifted Sarah up with a small grunt. Sarah gasped as Lisa's shoulders ballooned to deal with the pressure, causing Sarah's fingers to separate.

"Lisa you're so big!" Sarah pointed out although for anyone it was clear to see just by looking at Lisa's body.

"Ok are you ready?" Lisa asked still supporting her friend on her fully extended arm.

"Oh my god yes!" Sarah screamed. It's was already obvious to Lisa as she could feel the wetness from Sarah's sex slowly running down her arm. Lisa made sure her bicep was in the perfect position and then started her flex. Sarah screamed immediately as she seemed to rise a little.


Lisa hadn't even curled all the way, nor had she put her all into it. She had decided to test the waters by starting Sarah out slowly. She was clearly enjoying it up there so Lisa thought she might as well finish her half hearted curl. Sarah felt Lisa's bicep rise further pressing hard against her pussy. Sarah had no idea how big it looked when she was on top of it but judging how much she was getting off on it thought it was at full flex. She was wrong, very wrong. Lisa grunted a little and curled again harder causing her already huge bicep to flex bigger than it was a moment ago. Sarah felt it grow beneath her and whipped her head back in surprise. Lisa's bicep was now grinding against Sarah's clitoris making her buck up and down. Lisa extended her arm again and brought it back quickly flexing hard. This made her bicep grow to 19 and a half inches making Sarah visibly rise up.

"SHIT, LISAAAAAAA!!!!!"  Sarah was causing Lisa's arm to become slick with how wet she was. Lisa had to admit hearing this busty young sex goddess screaming her name made her feel pretty damn good about her body.
Lisa figured she'd turn it up a notch. She flexed again much harder than before. Still pumped from her little feat earlier, Lisa bicep hoisted Sarah another few inches.


At first Sarah was grinding into Lisa's arm just like she would fuck a guy. Now however Lisa's arm was so big Sarah was just perched on top motionless. She didn't have to move. Lisa's expansion was causing her to hit every pleasure spot Sarah had short of being penetrated. Lisa flexed as hard as she could maxing out at 21 inches of pure muscle to rise on her arm. Sarah felt herself rise again and even more pressure on her now throbbing pussy lips. Sarah lost control and came.

"OHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Sarah screamed louder than she thought capable of.

Lisa lowered her friend gently after supporting her entire body weight for what must've been 3 mins with one arm. She sat Sarah down on the bench.

"Oh fuck!  Lisa...I...that was amazing, you..." Sarah started to ramble.

"You enjoyed it then?" Lisa asked with a chuckle.

Sarah ignored this. She just laid down on the bench trying to catch her breath. She was soaking wet from sweat and still completely naked. Sarah snapped out of it when she remembered what Lisa had said to her earlier, she sat up quickly.

"Lisa. Please this cant be a once in a life time thing! It's just not fair!" Sarah shouted genuinely concerned she'll never cum like that again.

Lisa was a little surprised. She had enjoyed herself and it felt amazing to get pumped up with feeling as though as was being judged.

"...maybe, with one condition" Lisa said teasingly with a smile.

"...we can never tell Claire"

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"

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Re:[EN / unknownpanic] Sarah's discovery (3 chapters)
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The following story takes place a few months after Sarah's discovery part 3

"I just don't get it why you?"
Sarah said as her and Claire walk back from grocery shopping to their small student house.

Sarah, Claire and Lisa had managed to get into the same college and thanks to Sarah's dad having a bit of pull thanks to his sizeable donation to the school. They had a small house all to theirselves.

Sarah opened the door to let Claire in. Sarah had made Claire carry all the bags. Claire didn't mind the bags what bothered her was Sarah was still arguing.

"Why not me? I mean what's wrong with all of this?" Sarah said gesturing towards her own body.
It was a good point, considering she was stunning brunette with golden skin and toned abs which thanks to her massive 32G chest lifting her small tank top up was revealed for everyone to see.

"What's wrong with me then?!" Claire jokingly barked back as she placed all 6 heavy bags effortlessly on the kitchen table. Lisa and Claire began to put the groceries away.
Sarah just stood in the doorway, continuing to argue her point.

"You're gay Claire! Why do you even care?!" Sarah asked.

"Ha ha, I don't care. I just like how having the cute guy from class staring at me all day and not you is making you crazy" Claire replied making Lisa and herself chuckle at Sarah's reaction.

"But look at these!" Sarah grabs her own huge chest and lifts them for emphasis.

"So what. Not all guys like busty girls" Lisa chimes in.

"OF COURSE THEY DO!!!" Sarah screamed back.
Now although is wasn't nessercarlly true but Sarah had always got her man. Whether through her unbealivble body or just through her cute personalty but she believed it to be amazing bust.

All three girls start laughing after Sarah's stereotypical outburst.

Sarah strolls sheepishly up to the kitchen table and looks at Claire.

"What's wrong with me then?..." Sarah asks in a soft voice looking at Claire in her best puppy dog eyes. She had done this on many a guy before all of which had melted like warm butter.

"Ah hush up will you, you're smoking hot and you know it" Claire tells Sarah able to see straight through Sarah's act.
Sarah steps back forgetting that it never worked with her best friends, they knew her too well.

"Argh, I can't figure it out! Im built like Jessica rabbit and you're built like, well you know. Like a superhero on steroids" Sarah joked.

"Maybe he likes a bit of meat on his bones" Claire said to Sarah although she was now looking at her bicep which she flexed to prove that she indeed had enough 'meat' to go around.

Sarah was caught in a daze staring at Claire's huge arm. Claire's t-shirt was fighting a losing battle. Her bicep started to grow as Claire poured on the power. Making her sleeve slowly fall towards her shoulder as muscle towered above the reach of the poor sleeves. Although she hadn't worked out in a while, she somehow managed to keep a lot of muscle. Claire wasn't even pumped but she still managed to flex a impressive 15.5" bicep.

Lisa was putting tins away in the high cupboard and turned to see what had made Sarah quiet all of a sudden.
She turned to see Claire's huge bicep pushing her sleeve to one side and then looked past it and saw Sarah's face, wide eyed and slack jawed. Lisa smiled and rolled her eyes she carried on packing things away knowing full well what was currently running through Sarah head.

"That girls got the muscle bug bad" Lisa muttered under her breath. Which brought another smile to her face.

Claire relaxed her flex and looked at Sarah who was still in a daze. Lisa thought she better help her friend out and cleared her throat loudly forcing Sarah to snap back into reality.

"God I love how that seems to shut you up" Claire said laughing.

"I'm going to hit the weights again...hard. I really put the muscle on quickly when I have the time to lift" Claire continued.

Sarah started to day dream of a sweaty Claire pumping iron. Until she caught a look from Lisa as if to tell her to stop acting weird.

"So who's this guy you're going on about?" Lisa said offering Sarah a social lifeline.

"Huh?...oh! The guy moved to town like last month he's called Ben" Sarah said somewhat thankful to her brain for working in time.

"Ben?! The really cute guy from Prof Smiths class? Sits at the back row centre?" Lisa blurts out.

Both girls turn to look at Lisa who's now bent over the table facing Sarah eagerly.

"Something you want to tell us blondie?" Claire asked, starting to slowly stroke Lisa's blonde locks.

"...ok fine I have a huge crush on the guy. Happy?" Lisa reveals.

"Aw I didn't know you liked him blondie" Sarah said as she moved around to Lisa and started rubbing her back gently.

Lisa dropped her head into her crossed arms which now lay on the table.
"Aww, what I'm I going to do I'm hopeless with guys" Lisa said barely audible through talking into her arms.

"Listen I was only playing I don't really like him that much, he's all yours blondie, so what's you're plan of attack?" Sarah asked.

Lisa lifted her head and turned slightly towards Sarah.

"Attack? I was thinking more of playing dead" Lisa said defeated.

"Why? Your gorgeous Lisa. I know you haven't been with a guy in years but we'll help you out. Want us to talk to him for you?" Claire suggested.

"What are we 12 years old?" Lisa said. Sending her friends in seemed desperate, but she was.

After bringing Sarah to countless orgasms with her secret workouts, it made her horny as hell to work her muscles with her friend. But she wasn't gay. It was fun playing with Sarah and all but Lisa needed... well to put it bluntly she needed a good fucking.

"Ok then, it's up too you. Do you want us to talk to him or not?" Claire asked again.

"...yes please" Lisa said softly.

"YAY! Girls on the prowl!" Sarah said jokingly.

"Yeah let's get blondie a cock!" Claire added.

"Jesus Claire! A bit blunt don't you think?!" Lisa asked.

"Well am I wrong?" Claire said with her eyebrows raised.

There was a short pause. Until Lisa stood up straight finally.

"Let's get him!"

The girls decided that they would have to talk to him straight after class in order to get him on his own.

The next day in class, they put the plan into action.

Sarah started slyly texting her friends asking if they knew anything about Ben.
Only Abby replied.
Sarah didn't really know Abby all that well. They had swapped numbers at a party months ago following a long drunken chat where they thought they had a lot in common, truth is they were just drunk.
Abby was a pretty big girl she was on the wrestling team but you wouldn't have thought it to look at her. Abby always tried to dress up very girly. And she was very sweet despite her coach trying to bulk her up.
Sarah read her phone under her desk quickly.

[Ben Adams? Yeah I know Ben...very well]

*shit, Is Abby seeing Ben?*
Sarah thought.

She quickly fired off a text asking Abby what she meant.

[We hooked up once, he wanted to keep it quiet. He had some pretty wild fetish that I won't bore you with right now]

Sarah thought what this 'wild fetish' might be. Abby's a pretty chunky girl maybe he's into fatties.
Sarah smiled to herself

*wow if he does like them fat the he is barking up the wrong tree with more ways then one*

"Ha!..." Sarah made herself laugh out loud causing the whole class to turn and face her.
Her pretty face turned a shade of red.

"Sorry...something err...tickled my leg..."
Sarah offered as an excuse. Everyone seemed to accept this and turned again to face Prof Smith who hadn't stopped talking. Sarah's phone quietly buzzed again. She read the text.

[...oh and just a heads up the guy is fucking huge. Like a pornstar and a donkey had a love child kinda big]

Sarah turned to look at Ben sure he was cute but she wouldn't have thought that he would be packing that much heat.

*Ben? Really?* she thought.

If Sarah hadn't already swore to Lisa that she'd back off him. She would've wanted to test drive that thing herself.

The very second Prof Smith dismissed the class Sarah hurried towards Ben while Lisa snuck out and headed home as planned. She didn't want to hang around and make it even more awkward.

Sarah was going to talk to him before he headed home and Lisa would hear what Sarah had to say back at the house.

"Hey Ben, can I talk to you a minute?" Sarah said, her boobs were still jiggling around from catching up to him. Strangely Ben didn't even seem to notice.

"Erm yeah sure what's up?" Ben questioned.
His eyes didn't really light up when saw Sarah. Which to her was unusual.
With all the students rushing around getting to lunch or to the next class made it impossible to get him alone.
Sarah scanned the hallway quickly and dragged him over to a janitors closet.

"In here!" Sarah said leading him by the hand.

She pushed Ben into the closet and followed closing the door behind her. It was a lot smaller than either of them had thought. But surprisingly well lit. Sarah's chest was practically pushing Ben up against the wall.

"Don't tell me you heard about it. Look I'm flattered but you're not my type" Ben started.

"What? Eww no I'm not here to kiss you in a gross janitors closet" Sarah said half offended.

"Oh sorry, just most girls they hear stories and want to see for themselves" Ben said surprising Sarah by not sounding like he was bragging.

"Well I'm not and hey why aren't I you're type?! What's wrong with me?" Sarah hadn't forgotten about Lisa but thought she might as well press him for info on herself too.

Ben was starting to shuffle around nervously.

"Nothing you're gorgeous, it's just that well I like a certain type" Ben stuttered out.

"I'm I not busty enough for you?"
Sarah said getting quite frustrated. She came closer to him causing her cleavage to swell with the pressure between them.

"I'm I not smart enough for you? Am I too busty? Not toned enough? Mmm? Answer me!"

Ben felt as if the walls were closing in on him.
"Calm down please. You're pretty, smart, and very busty ok?"

"Don't forget toned" Sarah added cheerily. Making Ben feel a little safer in his current predicament.

"No offence but you don't look that toned" Ben said
Then quickly tried to remove the foot from his mouth.
"I mean you look healthy and all just wouldn't have thought as some as busty as you to be toned, normally you top heavy girls are big all over"

Ben wanted to slap himself to stop rambling but feared that job might soon be undertaken by Sarah.

"You wanna see toned, ok then check this out"
Sarah tried to lift her shirt to show off her toned abs but couldn't move back far enough to stop her chest blocking his view. She tried something else. She flexed her arms as hard as she could. This caused her slim arms to produce 2 solid bumps.

"Not bad huh? 13" of toned goodness" She teased slightly.

"Wow that's erm pretty impressive" Ben stuttered seeming nervous again.
Sarah felt something gently hit her leg. Sarah flinched not expecting to be touched.

"What was that?" Sarah half screamed trying to scramble out of the small closet.

"Hey calm down, it was me it was just me" Ben explained

"Oh Jesus Christ i thought it was a rat. You scared the crap out of me..."

She stopped abruptly noticing that both of bens arms were in view. He had them above his head when he was cowering from Sarah screaming.

"What part of you exactly?" Sarah questioned.

"Erm I'm really sorry I just got a little excited but it's gone promise it was just a twitch" Ben rambled.

"You mean that was your..." Sarah started but stopped as she run her hands down to find Bens monster cock. Effortlessly filling both her cupped hands.

"HOLY CRAP BEN!" Sarah squealed as she mentally measured it.

"Shut up, Jesus. Everyone will hear you. Look just don't tell anyone ok?" Ben begged

"Erm ok Sure. Mums the word. Why the secrecy? I thought you'd be telling the world" Sarah asked confused.

"Because all the girls will hear and I'll just be a freak show. I don't want girls chasing me to show it off or to fuck around. I want to meet someone who just likes me. I already have a hard enough time given my fetis..." Ben trailed off.

Sarah caught wind of it though.
"Your fetish?"

"Look forget I said anything" Ben pleaded.

"No way, either you tell me or I'll get it from Abby" Sarah said liking how easy it was for him to spill the beans thus far.

"Abby? Oh crap.. Look ,fine . Just don't tell anyone ok?"

Ben was stuck between a hard place and... Sarah's chest. Which was anything but hard, but right now may as well have been a brick wall.

"Scouts honour" Sarah said with her best smile.

Ben looked at the floor in shame but could only see Sarah's breasts he realised she might think he was staring so quickly looked her in the eyes.

"Let's just say I prefer my girls with a bit of meat on them" Ben said hoping she would get the message.

"Fat girls?" Sarah suggested.

Then Sarah's mind went back to Claire flexing in the kitchen yesterday.

"No I meant muscle idiot" Ben blurted a little too loudly he quickly hushed himself and repeated.

"I like muscular girls ok? That's why when you flexed I...well you were there" Ben said weakly.

"And that's why you have a crush on Claire!" Sarah said out loud but to no one in particular.

"Who told you that?" Ben said shocked yet another secret was out. His bag at this point was without a doubt cat-less.

"Oh please I've seen the way you look at her she's a friend of mine actually and sorry but she's gay" Sarah explained.

"Claire's gay? Really? Aw man aren't there any muscular girls at this place that aren't gay?" He said rhetorically.

Sarah smiled thinking of how much Lisa would blow his tiny mind.
"...I can think of one"


"Well what did he say?" Lisa asked impatiently. The second Sarah walked through the door.

"Calm down will you. I got you a date with him on Saturday at the fairground on the village green you got to met him at 7pm"Sarah said with a smile.

"Yes! Sarah you're amazing!" Lisa squealed.

Lisa flung her huge arms around Sarah and pulled her close effortlessly picking up and swinging her round. Sarah's huge cleavage was up to her chin with the pressure Lisa was exerting.

"Lisa put me down" Sarah managed to get out breathlessly.

Lisa released her friend instantly forgetting how strong she was for a moment.

"Sorry, are you ok?" Lisa asked concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine silly, don't you have to register all guns as deadly weapons?"
Sarah said as she caressed Lisa's once again covered biceps squeezing and stroking. Lisa flexed slightly, mostly out of surprise that Sarah had grabbed her. Lisa's arms expanded a couple of rock hard inches as she did so. Sarah eyes bulged a little when she felt this and squeezed even harder failing to make a dent. Sarah moved closer to Lisa he could feel her breath softly on her lips.

"I don't suppose you want me to help you work out do you?" Sarah asked gently.

Lisa instantly looked over her shoulder. Then snapped back to face Sarah.

"Keep it down will you?! What if Claire's in her room?" Lisa asked quietly.

"Relax, Claire texted me asking if she could use the gym at my house. That way she can work out and she doesn't have to bump into her stupid homo friends" Sarah explained.

Lisa settled down a little after hearing this.

"Oh ok, but no you cant help me work out. I thought I told you last month. Enough now. Claire nearly caught us last time. Besides I'm dating someone now" Lisa said with a smile.

"But I got you the date don't I deserve some sort of reward? Please just a flex or something. Anything!" Sarah pleaded.

Lisa laughed a little. While Sarah still had some desperation in her face.

"You really are a muscle slave aren't you?" Lisa joked.

Sarah smiled
"Well I'm off to pleasure myself" Sarah said with a playful nod of her head to lisa and walked towards her room. They both knew she wasn't joking either, but it didn't bother anyone.

Just as Sarah walked into her room she heard Lisa shout after her.

"Too much information, Sarah. Too much" Lisa said clearly joking.

After all the pair had been through a few months ago this wasn't exactly shocking news to the short blonde.
Sarah poked her head around the door frame of her room and looked at Lisa.

"Oh and I'm going to be thinking of you while I do it!"
Sarah said trying to wind her friend up. Lisa pulled a fake 'grossed out' face put playfully smiled straight after. Sarah retreated back in to her room leaving Lisa alone in the hallway wearing her baggy sweatshirt.

"Hey Sarah! Want a reward?" Lisa said in a playfully girly way.

Sarah's bedroom door swung open quickly as if she was already waiting to hear this. She just looked at Lisa smiling.

"Only this once ok? and just a flex no more muscle fucking for you!" Lisa said half seriously.

Sarah was too excited by the prospect of a huge flex to worry about Lisa potentially cutting her off.
Sarah didn't say anything instead she just started bouncing from one foot to the other in a happy dance. She would've looked like a kid at Christmas, if it wasn't for the fact that the act made Sarah's huge 32G chest bounce around as if they were trying to escape.

"Ok what do you want legs, abs or arms?" Lisa inquired with a eyebrow raised.

Sarah just stared at Lisa arms through her baggy sweatshirt. Lisa clocked on to this and slowly lifted her arm in a mock flex and watched Sarah's eyes which were following Lisa's arms closely her mouth open. Lisa started having fun by moving her arms around slowly. Sarah's eyes still following.

"Ha you really have got it bad haven't you? I'm not even flexing yet" Lisa said laughing.

"Lisa please stop teasing! Yes I've got it bad ok? Please" Sarah was getting desperate.

"Ok Tits McGee, relax" Lisa looked at her arm and started to flex but quickly stopped.

"I said no teasing. Please!!" Sarah yelped.

"I just don't want to ruin my sweatshirt" Lisa said as she took it off revealing her seriously buff body covered only by a slim white t-shirt.
Her abs although relaxed were still lightly visible through her shirt. Only her forearms were showing. Sarah could make out Lisa's body a lot more clearly without the sweater. If she was excited a moment ago she was really feeling it now.

Lisa pulled her tight sleeve up onto her solid shoulder revealing her completely buff looking arm. At that moment it looked as though it belonged on a off season body builder. Not a 18 year old blonde gymnast.
Lisa held her arms by her sides and looked at Sarah.

"I guess you'd like some 'inspiration' before you go and play with yourself huh?" She asked a dumbfounded Sarah.

Sarah just looked back blankly only able to nod slowly in reply.

Lisa smiled, looked around to see if the coast was clear. Then she started to flex her bicep with one arm while the other hand held her sleeve atop of her shoulder. Sarah gasped as she saw Lisa's arm explode with muscle, Sarah's knees became weak and she quickly held onto the door frame for support. It had been about a month since Sarah had seen Lisa flex on purpose, she'd forgotten how truly huge it was. Lisa's bicep seemed unnatural on a girl her size. If it had looked like a off season bicep before now it was defenatly in muscle season! It was pointless holding her own sleeve up. Lisa's shoulders had grown so much to support her own arm that it had made the shirt skin tight at the top. Lisa wasn't pumped but knew she could give her friend a little more of a show. She had got her a date with Ben so felt that she owed her that much. Lisa poured on a little more power making a sexy moan leave her lips. Her bicep seemed to visibly rise another inch, angry looking veins had now started to show. Small sounds of rips and tears seemed to fill the quiet hallway. Lisa looked to a dazed Sarah still clinging onto the doorway, her knuckles now white. She couldn't tear her eyes off Lisa's massive 19" bicep. Lisa smiled loving the reaction Sarah never failed to give her.

"Enough inspiration?" Lisa said with a cheeky wink.

When she heard this Sarah instantly slammed her door leaving Lisa alone in the hallway again. Lisa relaxed her flex and pulled her sleeve back down her arms. Knowing full well what her display had done to Sarah, Lisa started chuckling to herself. She stopped once she noticed her shoulders alone had ripped a small tear in her t-shirt.

"Ah again?" Lisa said to herself as she examined the small rip. She realised that her arms were exposed and quickly put her oversized sweatshirt back on before Claire walked in.
Lisa jumped when she heard a girl scream. Then beamed a wide smile when she realised it was just Sarah.


Lisa was glad that no one was around to her that. Trying to explain why Sarah was screaming Lisa's name at the point of orgasm, may have been a difficult sell.
The front door swung open.

"What the hell was that noise?!"

Claire had bounding in. Lisa looked at her for a moment terrified. Willing her brain to think of a plausible answer and hoping to god that Sarah didn't scream again.

"That was me, I erm stubbed my toe" Lisa offered.

"Ouch, painful I hate it when that happens" Claire said relieved that no one was on fire or being attacked.

Sarah opened the door with a gentle smile on her face. Clearly her recent 'activities' had the desired effect, she was relaxed and very happy despite being covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her slightly matted hair and worn out expression was noticed by Claire instantly. Mainly to her it was because she was looking incredibly sexy.

"Wow Sarah looking good. You been working out too?" Claire asked.

Lisa looked on nervously. Sarah took a little look at herself she was indeed looking stupidly sexy. Her thin tank top had stuck to her chest with the sweat making her nipples poke out. Her tight tanned abs were exposed once again thanks to her 32Gs bunching up most of the tank top had to offer.

"Working out? Erm yeah sure just a few sit ups" Sarah said weakly.

She looked quickly to Lisa eyes hoping her face would tell her if she was just heard cumming.
Lisa just shrugged not really knowing if her whole toe stubbing thing had actually worked.

"Yeah I did abs too" Claire said drifting off unable to take her eyes off Sarah.

Sarah had just cum in the last 30 seconds over Lisa's monster biceps but she was already getting worked up again thinking about Claire working her abs.

"Aren't they so hard?" Sarah said biting her bottom lip.

"...The exercises I mean!" Sarah continued.

She sexily run her hand to gently touch her own neck. Making her bust bulge slightly. Lisa felt the sexual tension in the room. Not only that but she felt like she was being a third wheel.

Claire chuckled a little bit. Not once breaking her gaze from Sarah.

"Yeah pretty hard I suppose. It's been a little while. Managed to crank out 500 crunches, it wont be long until I get my abs back!" Claire said as she lifted up her tight long sleeve workout hoodie revealing her pumped 6 pack.

Both Sarah and Lisa gasped.

"Wow, get your abs back? They look like they never left you!" Lisa told her.

Claire flashed a little smile to Lisa and then turned to Sarah who was still staring mouth open at Claire's amazing abs. Lisa knew exactly what Sarah was thinking.

"Thanks,I'm just trying to tone these back up. I seem to put muscle on really easily, good genes I guess. What do you think Sarah? Not bad huh?" Claire asked genuinely interested in what Sarah had to say.

Sarah said nothing. Instead she had the same glazed over look in her eyes which moments ago was reserved for Lisa's bulging arms.

"Sarah?" Claire asked again still presenting her abs.

"" Sarah said so quietly that she was unsure herself if the word had been said out loud. It was just loud enough for the girls to hear.

Claire seemed to develop a devious grin and tensed her abs hard. She could tense even harder if she wanted to, but not without the effort being very evident to Lisa. She didn't want to make it seem obvious that she was trying as hard as she was.

Sarah forgot to breathe for a few seconds as Claire's already impressive abs seemed to expand ever so slightly, causing more definition. Sarah was getting horny again, very horny. She had a huge fetish for muscular girls and here were the 2 biggest girls she knew showing her just that. Sarah felt herself losing control. She couldn't hide in her room again Claire would follow her in to tell her about her day as normal. Thinking on her feet, she ran to the bathroom knowing she could lock herself in.

"Excuse me...I've erm... Got to use the girls room" Sarah said weakly as she was halfway past her friends.

"Sarah?... What's wrong with her?" Claire asked Lisa after getting no response from Sarah.

"I don't think she's been feeling too well recently" Lisa said secretly quite pleased at herself for thinking of yet another great lie so quickly. Then instantly felt bad for lying to her close friend.

"Oh poor baby, is she ok?" Claire asked not really expecting an answer as she strode towards the locked bathroom door.

Sarah was sat on the corner of the the bath pleasuring herself yet again this time picturing rubbing herself up and down Claire's surprising defined midsection.

"Are you ok in there?" Claire voiced seemed to boom through the door echoing around the small bathroom. Sarah stopped what she was doing quickly. Unsure what Claire had been told.

"Yeah...erm fine thanks. I'll met you in the lounge" Sarah said hoping it would satisfy Claire.

Realising that she might be panting a little loudly she grabbed a small towel and bit down on it. She began right back where she left off, and came hard a short moment later. She muffled a scream into the towel, which thankfully dialled down the noise just enough.

Sarah sheepishly walked back into the lounge after popping to her bedroom to get changed into some pyjamas. If the first orgasm had made her tank top a little transparent due to the sweat she worked up then the second orgasm made her look practically x rated.

Lisa and Claire both looked up from the tv to see Sarah wander in. Sarah shot Claire a comforting smile to reassure her that she was in fact alright and Claire seemed to accept it not pressing the issue.

"So how'd it go in there?" Claire asked

Sarah's eyes shot open with panic

"I wasn't doing anything in there!" Sarah blurted followed by a nervous laugh.

Claire just look at her friend confused.

"I think she meant with Ben" Lisa added

"Ha, honestly you are all boobs and no brains" Claire laughed.

Sarah sat down on the arm chair across from the girls, and started to watch the tv. Both Claire and Lisa looked at each other and laughed.

"Well?" Claire asked.

Sarah looked around confused as to why everyone was laughing at her.

"What?" Sarah said.

"What happened with Ben?!" Claire said finally.

"Oh! Ben. Didn't Lisa tell you? I got her a hot date" Sarah said with a smile.

Claire looked pleased about this and turned to Lisa who was already smiling after hearing the news again.

"Way to go blondie!" Claire said patting Lisa's firm shoulder.

"And your so meant for each other he likes muscle girls too!" Sarah said happy for her body conscious friend.

Lisa's eyes shot to Sarah paired with an expression of horror. Only at that point did she remember that Lisa didn't want anyone else to know about her incredibly strong body. Sarah looked at Lisa with her best 'sorry' face.

"Oh so that's why he keep staring at me. He really did like a bit of beef" Claire said, gently laughing at how ironic it was. She continued.

"I don't get it why does that mean you 2 are meant for each other? I'm the one with muscle round here" She said sounding confused.

Lisa was still looking at Sarah. Her face however had dropped. The game was up she was going to have to tell her everything she didn't want too.

"That's not strictly true" Sarah said shyly.

"Sarah!" Lisa barked hoping she would back down.

"Well it's true Lisa. It's really nothing to be ashamed of. Besides I'm sick of all the secrecy" Sarah barked back.

Lisa looked defeated.

"Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?" Claire demanded.

Lisa and Sarah looked at each other. This was really it. Claire was going to know everything.

"Lisa has muscles, like amazing earth shattering muscles" Sarah told Claire she started to day dream upon remembering seeing them.

"Yeah right, you 2 had me going for a minute then" Claire said relieved that it was just a poor joke.

"It's true..." Lisa finally said sadly.

"Lisa, Im sure you have muscles you've been doing gymnastics for years but i have 16" arms all of which are pure muscle. They're bigger than a lot of female bodybuilders. Not to mention I'm only 19 years old" Claire stated matter of factly.

Lisa didn't really know what to say.

"Show her. It's the only way she'll believe you" Sarah said.

Lisa finally nodded then stood up and looked down at the still sat Claire. Claire wasn't offended or anything just indifferent about this wild lie the pair seemed to be convinced of. Lisa looked across to Sarah then back at Claire. Just like before she took her sweatshirt off standing there in her baggy tracksuit bottoms and her white t-shirt.

"Ok I'm so sorry that I kept this from you don't hate me ok?" Lisa said weakly.

Claire didn't know what was going on she knew Lisa for a long time but not once had she seen her like this. She seemed to be truly troubled by some sort of burden. Claire nearly laughed just to break the awkward tension in the room but decided against it, instead she thought to comfort her troubled looking friend.

"Lisa it's ok I'd never hate you" Claire said making sure to look into Lisa's eyes.

Claire was taking in Lisa's body. She hadn't seen her without a sweatshirt on in ages. Her body looked buff, really buff. Not nesercaily jacked just big like a typical jock. She thought she could make out a hint of a six pack. But figured it made sense. After all when have you seen a gymnast without abs. She noticed Lisa's arms were big but not very toned. It just seemed like it was covered in a little layer of baby fat.

"Ok here goes" Lisa said.

She took a deep breath in making her chest expand lifting her shirt slightly. From where Sarah was sitting she could just see the very bottom of Lisa's untensed but still unbelievable abs. Lisa looked at the floor and slowly lifted her arms up straight. Claire looked at Sarah quickly wondering why she was gripping the chair arms so tightly. She looked back to Lisa who had now started to flex painfully slowly. Her arms had jumped to attention imedatily, causing definition to show itself with the effort. Claire's jaw was beginning to drop. Sarah had crossed her legs hard in a bid to keep her impending orgasm at bay. Lisa was starting to moan, her face starting to show the effort required to perform such a godly flex. Her biceps had grown to slowly met the top of her sleeves. Lisa arms started shaking gently. Her biceps were now showing veins and continued to grow which was making them start to fight her sleeves. One sleeve was starting to move aside gently to make way for Lisa's huge bicep. It only went as far as her equally impressive shoulder. Causing it to bunch up. The other sleeve wasn't so lucky, arrogantly refusing to budge. Lisa's muscle was not going to be stopped by thin cotton. It had already been stretched beyond it limits and was now starting to tear revealing the full 19" rock solid bicep
Lisa was satisfied that she had proved her point and let her arms fall to her sides.

"Ok you can hate me now..." Lisa said it was meant for Claire but found she couldn't yet look her in the eye instead keeping her gaze on the floor.

Claire was gobsmacked.

"Lisa, you are incredible! I'm sorry I ever doubted you!" Claire said still not quite believing it.

"You don't hate me then?" Lisa asked.

"Hate you? Hell no. I'm very jealous now though" Claire replied smiling.

Lisa smiled back very relieved that she still had a friend.
Sarah was curled up in a ball on the lounge chair biting the cushion, face red and a drop of sweat running down her beautiful face.

"Sarah?" Claire asked concerned.

Sarah didn't move in fact just didn't seem to notice that Claire had just called her.

"She's erm... Having a little special time" Lisa said trying to be delicate.

"What? Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Claire asked.

Just then Sarah made a sexy little groan still unaware of Lisa an Claire talking.

"Erm yeah she's recently discovered a huge fetish about muscle girls and well she gets a little ...excited at times" Lisa said cringing a tiny bit.

"So you're saying you flexing just made her cum?!" Claire said not quite believing it.

"Well I wouldn't put it quite so bluntly but yeah she's pretty out of it right now"

"Why don't you seem surprised? How do you know all this?" Claire asked.

"......I'll let her explain" Lisa said nodding towards Sarah. Lisa then looked away and sat down on the sofa. She felt her face turning red through embarrassment.

Sarah managed to compose herself again, Her heaving chest acomperkned with her now slightly damp pyjamas was enough to make any man lose control at the sight of her. Claire was defenatly having a spot of trouble trying to focus on what she was meant to be asking her friend about.

"Oh Jesus Christ..." Sarah whispered after her third orgasm in the last 10 minutes.

"Sarah what's this about your huge fetish?" Claire asked smiling she was almost singing it playfully.

Sarah snapped back into reality sitting up right anknlolging Claire's question.

"You know about that then huh?" She said softly.

"Well to recap. Lisa just ripped her sleeve by flexing biceps bigger than my head! And you've just cum in front of us by the sheer sight of it" Claire reeled.

"I'm sorry we didn't tell you it just kind of happened. Are you mad?" Sarah asked.

"Is it just Lisa's? Are you gay now? How long have you known?" Claire was starting to ramble.

Sarah and Lisa moved around and sat either side and told her everything about their little relationship. From Sarah watching Claire flex at the park to being muscle fucked by Lisa in Sarah's basement.
After a few minutes Claire slumped back into the sofa.

"Wow that's a lot to take it in" Claire sighed.

"That's what I said to Lisa in the basement" Sarah said laughing at her own joke. Hoping it would break the silence following their story.

"Sorry was that in poor taste?" Sarah said in a childish voice hoping it would defuse any anger they felt towards her.

Claire looked at Sarah for a moment

"So every time I flexed and you stayed quiet it was because you were getting turned on by me?" Claire asked.

She had always found Sarah very sexy. As her friend and that fact that Sarah wasn't gay she didn't think she had much of a chance, until now.

"Erm...well...yes. It's just female muscle for some reason" Sarah's face began to instantly blush.

"So if I do this?..." Claire was still looking at Sarah's face to gauge her reaction. Claire started to slowly pull her hoodie up making sure to show her remarkable abs once more. Sarah locked on straight away, her eyes looking like she was a deer caught in headlights.

"Claire don't...please?" Sarah pleaded.
Sarah was getting horny again amazed that her new fetish made her libedo recover so quickly.

"Or this?..."
Claire started to flex her bicep making the sleeves on her old hoodie very tight as soon as she did so.

Sarah gasped out loud and held her hand over her mouth.

"I've got to go!" Sarah screamed as she ran back to her room slamming the door behind her.

"Well that was a little cruel" Lisa said to Claire clearly not having the same level of understanding as she did.

"Oh come on that was fun, so little miss muscles, tell me about this date"...

The world moved at the same pace and life moved on normally to everyone apart from Lisa. Saturday night wasn't rolling around quick enough. She was briefly starting to entertain the idea that the universe was slowing time to play a trick on her.

When Saturday finally arrived lisa found herself surrounded by Claire and Sarah asking her questions about what she was going to wear or how she was feeling.

"I don't know ok?...I haven't been in a date in years. Ive only got tracksuits to wear. I really don't want to scare him off" Lisa interrupted.

Claire sat Sarah down and took Lisa by the hand.

"Ok here's what we're going to do. I have some girly dresses in XL. If Sarah's telling the truth and this guy really does like muscular girls, then you won't have to worry about scaring him off. Sarah you stay there, you like muscles too. Lisa and I are going to play dress up and if you like it he'll like it right?" Claire said not really asking.

Lisa gave Sarah a quick 'save me' glance. Sarah just shrugged.

"To be fair that does make some kind of twisted sense" Sarah said in reply to Lisa's look.

Claire ran towards her room dragging Lisa behind her. Her door closed and Sarah sat alone on the sofa. She was giddy that her cute muscle girl was about to give her a fashion show. The door swung open minutes later to abjections from Lisa.

"I'm not sure about this"

"Oh hush you look amazing"

Claire ran in the lounge ahead of her blonde friend to announce her entrance to Sarah.

"Ladies and lesbians, I give you Lisa!"

Nothing happened as Lisa just stood in the doorway making Claire rush over and drag her into the centre of the room in front of Sarah.
She was wearing a almost skin tight low cut Lycra white top with short sleeves that stopped halfway down Lisa's biceps. The dress tapered to a tight black pencil skirt that stop at her knees. Her legs bulged with every step Lisa made, her thighs definition was just visible if you looked hard enough. Lisa's calfs were looking enormous thanks to Claire's black high heels. They were threatening to rip the nude colour tights the Claire had made her wear. Lisa looked amazing.
Sarah and Claire were both getting hot just at the sight of her. Sarah could make out her six pack with no problem thanks to the figure hugging top. Meanwhile Claire was fixated on her thin waist and her (check bra size) bust which was made even bigger by Claire's ill fitting wonder bra.
Claire was very proud of her creation

"Ben is one lucky bastard, do you have to go? I want you all to myself" Sarah said through deep breaths. She meant it.

"Mmm me too" Claire chimed in. This time her playful flirting directed at Lisa for once.

Lisa beamed a huge smile.

"Really you like it? Thanks girls" Lisa said smiling. She looked across the room down at the hallway to the front door.

"Did you hear that?" Lisa asked.

The girls just looked at each other, apparently they hadn't.
They were all quiet listening for this mysterious noise. Time time a clear car horn sounded from outside. All 3 girls rushed to the window. Lisa lacked behind due to her heels. They saw a big red classic convertible car parked just outside of her house, Ben sat in the driving seat.

"Shit he's here? And he's early" Lisa panicked.

Claire spoke up.
"Ah my bad"

"What?!" Lisa snapped she was starting to wonder what was going on.

"Sorry, but he asked me where you lived at college yesterday. I figured he was picking you up and forgotten the address. I didn't know he wasn't meant to come here. Neither did you I presume. Must be why he's early, to catch you at home. Good thing you're ready" Claire explained.

"What do I do?!"

Sarah looked at Lisa and patted her on her firm ass.

"Go get him!" She encouraged.

Lisa looked at the 2 and took a deep breath making her breasts rise to popoursations she hadn't seen her chest do before. She nodded to her friends before nervously walking out of the house towards the car.

Ben had just moved to town and wanted to impress. So he borrowed his dads big classic car. He had the intention of taking Lisa to the fair in style but as soon as he saw her legs bulging through her tight skirt as she strolled up to the car he had another idea.
Lisa opened the heavy car door and Ben got a closer look at her breathtaking legs as she slowly stepped in.

*holy shit, Sarah wasn't lying her calfs are massive*

"Nice car" Lisa said with a smile.

"Nice dress" Ben retorted.

"Thanks" Lisa made a mental note to thank Claire.

She couldn't really hide her incredible legs but she was trying her best not to bunch up her abs as they were clearly noticeable through the white Lycra.
She thought Ben may be a fan of muscles like Sarah told her, but she didn't want to scare him off if he wasn't.

Ben revved up the engine and they shot off down the empty road. It wasn't long before Ben missed the turning for the fair.

"Erm I think you missed the turning, the fairs back there" Lisa said gently.

"I'm new here I thought we could go to the fair after you showed me round a little bit?" Ben said hoping he could get her alone somewhere.

"Yeah ok, there's not too much to see around this sleepy town though" Lisa said she was a little excited that they had briefly broke from dates plans.

Lisa showed him all the small areas of the town, shops, parks etc. where she could, she would try and tell a little about it and things she thought were worth a 19 year old knowing.

Ben showed interest but he wanted to get to the real issue.

"Where's the drive thru cinema then?" Ben asked.

Lisa held in a little chuckle.

"This place is pretty small and it's in the middle of nowhere. We don't have a drive thru" Lisa said lightheartedly.

"No drive thru? Where does everyone go to make out then?" Ben enquired seriously but tried to pass it off as a joke.

Lisa looked at Ben who had his eyes firmly on the road.

*god he looks cute*

She decided to go for it and broke into a smile.

"That's easy, hilllock woods. All the kids call it lip lock woods...want me to show you how to get there?" Lisa said in her sexiest voice possible.

Ben quickly turned to Lisa and smiled back.

"Let's go" he said trying to act cool.

They followed a small gravel path and quickly arrived at the small clearing in the dark empty woods. Ben turned the engine off and looked at Lisa.

"Actually do you mind if we keep the engine on? I'd like the heater on a little?" Lisa asked sweetly.

Ben preferred it off as this car was very thirsty. But he was as his dad raised him, a gentleman.
He smiled at Lisa and turned it back on forgetting he left it in gear stalling the car and making it jolt forward by a foot. The car slid a little on the wet mud.

"Oops sorry, you are ok? I'll just move it back a bit"

Ben was hoping it would smoothly reverse back onto the small Tarmac path providing better traction. The last thing he want was get his dads car stuck. He hadn't asked to borrow it after all as his dad was out of town.
Bens worst fears came to fruition. He revved the car angrily. Nothing but noise. The heavy car was indeed stuck in the wet mud.

"Shit!" Ben yelp as he banged his head lightly against the steering wheel.

"It's ok we can push it back" Lisa offered.

"One of us would have to steer, this cars tracking is all off it'd prob swerve and hit a tree the moment we start moving it. Besides this cars really heavy" Ben explained clearly upset.

"My dad is going to kill me. We're going to have to get a cab back into town and a tow truck tomorrow" Ben continued saying his plan of action to himself.

"Mind if I give it a try?" Lisa asked in a soft voice.

"If you're looking for me to humour you, then sure. But this car is all chrome and steel its must weight more than a ton. I don't think you could move it. Even with those legs" Ben said smiling as he looked at Lisa's legs, even sitting down and relaxed they looked ready for action.

Lisa smiled and took her shoes off. She opened the door seeming to accept his challenge. Bens smiled disappeared.

"Don't be silly Lisa you'll get wet out there" Ben shouted to her.

Lisa had already walked to the front of the car. Resting her hands on the huge bonnet, she found a large tree trunk rooted to the ground firmly. Lisa propped both feet on the trunk forcing her to bend her legs to get in front of the car.

"Just start revving!" Lisa shouted to the ground.

Ben only just heard her demand. He knew the car was stuck fast. It was never going to roll forwards and definalty not backwards. He thought he might as well try. If anything to make her feel like she was being helpful. He put the car into reverse and started revving. The front wheels just span going nowhere. Lisa heard the car and took it as her cue, she started pushing hard. So hard in fact that she could hear the tree groan with the weight pushing against it. Lisa's thighs started to fight each other for space, they were swelling so much. Lisa needed to get her legs locked once she did that she knew that nothing could push back against her and win. Her face went tight and she was completely unaware of any noises she was making. Moans and groans of sheer effort and will power were pouring out of mouth. Ben nearly stopped revving until he noticed the car was moving backwards!

*no fucking way!* Ben was in a state of shock.

Lisa's keep heaping on the power her quads had seemed to inflate to deal with pushing over a ton of steel. She growled to herself and she could feel her legs starting to straighten out. Once it was moving it seemed easier but by no means easy. Lisa realised at that point she loved feeling her muscles burn. She needed more she doubled her efforts and the car jerked back 6 inches then suddenly stopped.

She was too into the moment to notice that Ben had turned off the engine and put on the handbrake, since the car was already safely on the gravel path. A amazed Ben had jumped out of the car and ran to speak to Lisa. What he saw rendered him speechless. Lisa was still trying to push the car. Her legs were massive, Ben figured that each of her thighs were as big as his waist. The huge amount of weight she was trying to push was supporting her off the floor. She looked like she was performing a horizontal squat lift with a car! She was starting to roar as she kept pushing, forcing the car to move a few inches. Just then the tree supporting her feet cracked loudly causing her to lose her footing. She fell into the mud making her snap out of her little trance. Lisa became completely embarrassed. She felt Bens hands around her helping her up.

"Ben, I'm so sorry I'll walk from here" Lisa said sadly thinking she blew the first date in years.

She started to walk off, Ben rushed towards her and grabbed her waist spinning her round to face him.

"What are you talking about? That was incredible! You just saved me from being killed by my dad! Besides that was the hottest thing I've ever seen!"
Ben was rambling on still in a state of shock.

"Really?" Lisa asked. Trying to crack a smile despite being covered in mud.

"I thought Sarah would've told you. I have a crazy thing for muscular girls, and you just blew my mind" Ben said happily.

Lisa was smiling uncontrollably now.

"So erm how big do you like them?" Lisa asked hoping she wasn't coming across like she was making fun of him.

"The bigger the better. Now come on, let's get you washed up" Ben said as they both got into the car.

Ben drove back to his dads mansion glad that they had it themselves for tonight.

"Wow you live here?!" Lisa said surprised at the size of bens house.

"Yeah just me and my dad but he's out of town until tomorrow night" Ben said happily.

He lead her into the empty house.
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Re:[EN / unknownpanic] Sarah's discovery (4 chapters)
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He lead her into the empty house.

"In that closet there, you can find all kinds of clothes. Its kind of a junk closet. Theres everything from old shirts to fancy dress stuff. You know the type of things you might need but never really do. I'll put your dress in the wash for you when you're ready" Ben explained.

Lisa was still in awe at the size of his house. Let alone the fact that they had a closet for old clothes. As she walked in she was in for a bigger surprise. The walk in closet was bigger than her bedroom. Lisa quickly took off her dress and held it out of the slightly open door. Ben took the dress without peeking and Lisa closed the door shortly afterwards.

"Thanks for doing this Ben you really didn't have too" Lisa shouted through the door not sure if Ben was still there.

"No problem I'll be back in a minute" Lisa heard Ben muffle back.

Lisa looked at the huge selection of clothes. Some hanging up, others thrown on the floor. Lisa couldn't believe the predicament she found herself in yet again. She had Claire's push up bra on still, but no underwear. Foolishly she listened to Claire saying how sexy it makes you feel going commando. Lisa looked around in closed chests and soon found the fancy dress clothes. Everything from Slutty nurses to Mario bros. A wicked smile formed across her face when she uncovered a supergirl unitard with the red skirt and short red cape.

*perfect* she thought

She struggled to get into it. But as soon as she managed it she turned to look in the full length mirror fixed to the back of the door.

*holy crap!*

Lisa figured if Ben liked muscles then he was in for the shock of his life. Lisa reflection was breathtaking. The costume wasn't made for someone with her build.  Her solid abs could clearly been seen poking out. The push up bra was lifting her breasts so much that the 'S' badge was hugely distorted. Her massive quads weren't hidden by the short skirt in the slightest.

She felt this was enough muscle to turn him on. Lisa still felt a little silly walking out in the outfit so quickly put on a huge baggy button down shirt that dangled down to her knees.
She opened the door and walked out. Ben just walked around the corner.

"Hey looking good, that's the huge shirt my dad wears for decorating" Ben stated.

"It just felt like a big nightie to me. You sure this is ok?" Lisa asked.

"Yeah of course it is. Do you want the tour?" Ben said noticing Lisa was still soaking in as much of the house as she could.

"Yeah!" Lisa said excitedly.

"Ok follow me"

Ben lead her all around the house. Showing her everything it had to offer. The study's, the 5 car garage all with expensive sports cars, the indoor swimming pool, various bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Finally he walked into his bedroom, Lisa slowly walking in after him looking at everything she could. His bedroom was bigger than her house! The high ceilings and huge windows looking over the acres of land they had at the back of the giant house. His huge bedroom looked to have separate sections to it.  One part had a big sofa and a 70" widescreen tv, another a small gym set up, another had different guitars with some amps connected up to them. Lisa was gobsmacked.

"This place is huge! This rooms all yours?" Lisa asked excitedly as she rushed around touching different objects and taking in the view.

Ben sat on his massive bed watching Lisa happily examine his room.

"Yep just me"

Lisa ran her hands over the guitars and sat on the sofa quickly getting back up to wander around some more. She noticed that Ben had ran across the room and put something into a draw quickly. Retreating back to sit on his bed slowly as if nothing had happened.

"May I have a glass of water?" Lisa asked.

"Yeah sure I'll be right back, make yourself at home" Ben said walking out of the room smiling at the small blonde. He couldn't help but notice how cute she looked in that oversized shirt.

As soon as the bedroom door closed Lisa quickly found the draw Ben was rushing too. She opened it to find underwear. She quickly rooted around and soon found an old magazine filled with pictures of female muscle!

*wow he really does like them big. I'll show him big*

Lisa hurried to arrange everything back to how it was when she heard footsteps. She ran to the small gym set up and sat on the end of the bench press.

Ben entered the room and walked towards Lisa, handing her the cold glass of water.

"Thanks. Is this weight set by you? 100lbs is impressive. You must be pretty strong... you wanna arm wrestle?" Lisa asked innocently.

She continently knelt down beside the bench and rested her elbow on it.

"Yeah!" Ben said regretting sounded as excited as he did.

Ben knelt on the other side grabbing her hand tightly.

"Ok 1...2...3...GO!" Ben shouted as he tried powering her arm down quickly.
Lisa easily held him back keeping them level for a moment, making sure to look into his eyes she slowly brought him down resting his hand against the bench. Bens eyes were fixed on the pairs hands.

"Wow...i think you're stronger then you're letting on aren't you?" Ben said hoping it were true.

Lisa looked at him.
"Wanna find out?"

Lisa got up and sexily lied down on the bench and casually started to crank out effortless reps with the bar which was set to 100lbs.

Ben jaw dropped. He wasn't actually a weed but even he struggled to lift that bar. Lisa continued to perform rep after rep. She reached 25 before asking if Ben wanted to increase the weight.
Ben ran to the spare plates looked at Lisa.

"How much do you want me to add?"

He was clearly excited his voice braking a little.

Lisa racked the weight before answering.

"I don't want to just get pumped, I want to burn..."
Lisa said deeply.
Bens heart felt like it ha stopped. He quickly racked up the weights.

"Ok that's 200lbs!" Ben squealed.

Lisa just looked into his eyes. Without much strain she lifted the weight over and over her gaze still firmly on Ben. She racked the weight again after a few minutes.

"Didn't you hear me Ben, I said I want to burn for you" Lisa said without any hint of anger.

Ben nervously added more plates to the increasingly intimating looking weight bar.

"Lisa please be carful, that's now 300lbs"

Lisa just smiled and quickly lifted the huge weight. It was a little heavier than she expected as she brought it down to a controlled stop at her now pumped chest. She wanted to impress him. Lisa lifted the weight slowly shaking the tiniest amount. Sexy groans leaving her lips for the second time that night. He racked the weight loudly.

"...more, much more" Lisa growled. She was starting to like being in control. Ben was scared for a moment that she might get hurt but thought that she would be ok if he spotted her. After adding yet even more plates the bar seemed to bend a little making Ben realise just how heavy it must be.

"...450lbs" Ben said breathlessly.

Lisa unracked the bar with a big struggle and lowered it down, her chest was heaving and rose to met the impending weight. She took a deep breath and hoisted the bar up in one shift movement. Bens eyes shot open widely. Lisa was going for another rep lowering it quicker. As soon as it touched her huge chest she grunted out loudly and with shaking arms lifted the weight slowly racking it.

"Holy shit, Lisa that was amazing!"

"...more..." Lisa said quietly.

Ben couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Lisa if you're doing this to impress me then please stop you already have!" Ben said happily.

"...more..." Lisa repeated emotionlessly as a bead of sweat ran down her face.
Ben wasn't so sure but really didn't want to upset her and rounded the weight up to an even 500lbs.

Lisa instantly grabbed the bar. The mass amount of plates had made the bar now clearly bend under the weight of itself. She grunted loudly as she unracked the huge weight. The bar fell to her chest and stopped just in time by a massive effort on Lisa's behalf. Her face was bright red. She gritted her teeth and grunted again. Accept this time nothing happened. She continued to make a loud grunting noise, Lisa arched her back and puffed her chest out so much that buttons were getting tight on the massive shirt Ben loaned her. With an almighty roar Lisa lifted the weight painfully slowly. Buttons were  starting to burst off her shirt. Her chest looked massive. If her large breasts and push up bra were making her chest look big then her hugely pumped pecs were making them look enormous. Ben was too much in shock to help little Lisa lift the incredible weight. Lisa kept pushing with all the power she had and the bar kept rising. Finally after what seemed like hours she finished the rep and racked the weight. Lisa lied there her face red and wet with sweat.
Lisa sat up and hunched over. Her chest was on fire, and Lisa was loving every second of it. Ben came to his senses just in time.

"Are you ok?" He asked gently.

Lisa turned to look at him and smiled sweetly.
"I feel great, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did?"
Lisa stood up and rested her hands on her head to catch her breath. Her shirt bunched up as soon as she did, exposing the bottom of the short red skirt of the supergirl outfit. Not to mention the 3 buttons that had popped of her shirt now revealed a hugely distorted 'S'.

"And what are you wearing?" Ben asked with a big smile.

"Oh god I'm really sorry I broke your dads shirt" Lisa said geunially.

"Screw the shirt, my dad hasn't worn it in 4 years. As far as I'm concerned its yours. You earned it. im much more interested in whats under it. Ben followed with a huge smile.

"How rude" Lisa said jokingly.

"I meant the supergirl outfit, that's properly my biggest fantasy!"

Lisa could hardly wait she wanted Ben now. She knew what he liked now though and wanted to tease him first.

"Really? Biggest fantasy you say?" Lisa asked sexily.

"Aw hell yes, a muscle bound supergirl? Who wouldn't want that?" Ben blurted.

"I think you're going to enjoy this" Lisa said.

She stood up and walked towards him pushing him gently until he fell onto his bed. Ben sat up at the foot of the bed and watched.

Lisa held her arms straight out by her sides and gave Ben a quick wink.
Lisa's face turned serious all of a sudden as she tensed her arms. They jumped to attention almost imdeiatly.
Lisa slowly curled her huge arms forcing her biceps to rise. They were quickly swelling up. Ben could only guess how big they were. Her sleeve proved little resistance to the onslaught of Lisa's powerful solid 19" biceps. The flimsy shirt sleeves tore at her shoulders and along Lisa's huge biceps. She ripped of what was left of the shirt and tossed it on the floor. There she stood, in a supergirl outfit that her chest now made impossible ever fit properly again. The big 's' on the front had been distorted and stretched beyond recatation. Her biceps had already tore through one shirt but her arms seamed to want to rip through another. The sleeves almost looked in pain, desperately trying to contain Lisa's powerful muscles. The costume was tighter than skin tight. Every muscular bump, dimple, vein and ripple stood out. Her inflated 6 pack was jutting out for anyone to see. Lisa may as well just been wearing nothing.

She strode sexily towards a awestruck Ben.

"Now I've shown you mine, time to see yours"
Lisa said in a soft voice as she expertly undid his belt buckle and pulled down his jeans. Ben quickly pulled his shirt off then just sat there staring at the unreal definition in Lisa's shoulders and arms as she worked his jeans off.
Lisa stopped when she saw the tighty whiteys that was now the only thing stopping Ben from being completely naked.

"A little old school aren't they?" Lisa joked

"I used to wear boxers but I kept poking out of the bottom of them" Ben said with a straight face.

Lisa was about to ask what he meant but it all clicked when her eyes caught a glimpse of a huge bulge in his underwear. To Lisa it looked as though he had stuffed a couple of bunch up socks down there, but she didn't say anything she had to find out for herself.
She slowly pulled down his underwear finding that she licked her lips as she did so. It was Lisa's time to be surprised as a huge flaccid cock fell out of his y fronts and rested on top of her hand with a faint thud.

"Oh my god Ben! You're massive!"
Lisa yelled wide eyed.

"Yeah. I thought you knew? There's rumours flying around the school" Ben pointed out.

"Wow, I need to measure this have you got a tape measure?" Lisa asked excited.

Ben couldn't help but smile. He always got this reaction but it never got old.
"I've got one in that draw over there"

Lisa ran over to the draw and quickly returned with the tape measure. She fumbled around with the tape. Her eyes shot open when she scanned the number.

"Holy shit! You're 8" and you're not even hard yet!" Lisa pointed out.

Ben knew this after being measured by many different girls. Lisa hasn't been with anyone bigger than a erect 7" dick. She was a little scared about this thing in front of her but very excited to try it out.

"Ok now lets measure you hard..." Lisa said with a wicked smile.

She grabbed his cock and slowly licked the entire length of it before stuffing every inch of his cock into her mouth. All the while cupping his balls, they were definalty in purpouration to his cock. She mentally compared them to 2 small oranges. Lisa couldn't believe that she ha managed to get all of him into her mouth.  She found it easier than she expected, that was until Ben started to get hard. Lisa's mouth started to open wider to accommodate his growing member. Lisa found her nose was first touching his stomach lightly now it was getting pushed further away as Bens dick was continuing to grow within her very full mouth. She pulled herself away from Bens increasingly growing cock and stared in amazement as it stood up high on Bens flat stomach.  Lisa lovingly grabbed his dick again. Her fingers and thumb weren't even close to meeting while she had a hold of Bens impressive member. Lisa picked up the tape measure and started to measure again.

"Hold on I'm not done yet" Ben said stopping her.

"You're joking right?" Lisa questioned.

She looked at bens cock. It was still growing! His dick throbbing as blood continued to rush into it making it another inch longer and a little thicker. Lisa could hardly believe that someone could porcess such a big dick, but very glad that she had found someone who did.

"Ok now I'm ready" Ben said finally.

Lisa snapped out of her daze to stretch the tape to the full length of bens massive cock.

"OH MY GOD BEN! YOUR COCKS 12 INCHES LONG!!!" Lisa squealed trying to compose herself.

Ben just smiled. Taking in the sight of a giddy looking buff blonde wearing a skin tight supergirl outfit.
Lisa dropped the tape measure and started to stroke him gently, then a bit more viggeresly. Ben lied back down enjoying the sensation. Lisa stopped jerking him off.
Ben sat back up.

"What's wrong?" Ben asked wondering why she had stopped.

"I was thinking a dick this big needs a 'Super' handjob, wait here"

Lisa then walked into the bedrooms en suite before blowing Ben a quick kiss. Once the door was closed she lost her sexy act and started to look through all the cabinets until she found it.

*yes this will do nicely*

Lisa swung open the door again and strode towards Ben with something behind her back. She couldn't help but get excited looking at Ben naked. His large cock still pointing to the ceiling.

"What have you got there?" Ben asked.

Lisa revealed a brand new plastic bottle of baby oil still with the plastic bottle cover wrapped around it.

"No more questions I just need you to sit back and enjoy the experience" Lisa said.

"First we need to get this open" Lisa said looking at the sealed bottle. She straightened her arm and placed the bottle on the crook of her arm. She smiled widely as she began to flex! The bottle quickly became trapped between Lisa's hard forearms and her increasingly rising solid bicep. Lisa stared hard at the bottle. Her biceps swelled enough that the bottle began to groan with the pressure. She tensed even harder.

The cap shot off gently slapping Ben in the chest, followed by the contents of the hopelessly broken bottle. Slick and shiny oil splashed against Ben covering his giant cock and huge balls. This also made a mess of the bed sheets but at this point neither of them cared.

Lisa was going to give him the handjob of a lifetime. She quickly grabbed Bens massive dick and started to jerk him off slowly. She kept this up for a minute then started to pick up the pace. Her hands were a blur, the oil made it easy to stroke the entire length of him. Lisa kept this up for 10 minutes, impressed he could hold out this long. There was no doubt he was enjoying himself from all the noises he was making.
Lisa stopped when she hears him speak to her.

"Oh wow this is amazing, but all the girls give up ,I take ages to cum from handjobs" Ben said.

"Does this look like an arm that gives up to you?" Lisa said flexing with her free hand.

She let a sexy groan escape as her bicep swelled massively causing one of the stitches to pop on the tight sleeve.
Ben didn't need any more convincing.
Lisa took the shocked silence to be a good thing.

"Good" Lisa said proudly.

Lisa started stroking him slowly then a little quicker soon she was jerking him off as fast as she could. This was the best handjob he had ever had but true to his word he didn't feel like he was going to cum anytime soon. Ben saw Lisa's huge bicep twitching underneath her tight blue sleeves with the motion. His already hard dick throbbed a few times. Lisa looked at Ben thinking he was about to cum and saw him staring at her biceps. She smiled to herself as the idea hit her. With the free hand she flexed hard. A single stitch had already been broken but now as she flexed harder more had to follow. Sure enough the over taxed  costume started to break. More stitches popped open revealing soft skin and a solid bicep. Her arm was shaking as yet another inch of hard muscle found itself on top of the huge flex. The tiny costume tore open at the sleeve. Lisa was still jerking Ben off at a blistering speed. Her stamina was unreal she could keep this up for hours if she needed to. Her blood was pumping hard as she couldn't help but get a little pump from jerking Ben off so long and so fast. Her bicep effortlessly tore through her other sleeve.
Ben couldn't help it, he flung his head back helplessly as a thunderous orgasm racked his body.


As soon as Lisa saw the first jet of bens white cum stream towards the ceiling she leant forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of Bens huge cock. Lisa hungrily drank all the cum that she could manage. Bens was still cumming, and cumming faster than Lisa could keep up with!
She still had her soft lips wrapped firmly around Ben's dick but the tight seal was soon broken by the pressure of Ben's orgasm. Cum began leaking out from Lisa's mouth dripping back down the full length of Ben's 12" cock.
Lisa swallowed as much as she could then began licking Ben's dick clean.
Ben was in heaven, Lisa was making him believe that he could almost cum again at any moment.

"Mmm...that's some good protein"

Just then Ben heard a car pull up the drive. He sat up right quickly.

"Shit it's my dad he's back early! You have to leave" Ben stammered

"erm really?" Lisa understood that she had to leave to avoid his dad but right now? Lisa looked at herself then back to Ben who clearly looked panicked.

"Right now? Looking like this?!" Lisa snapped back.

"Erm, no of course not hold on" Ben said quickly rushing around his room finding clothes big enough for a pumped Lisa.

Lisa couldn't help but bite her bottom lip as she watched Ben rush around naked, his huge cock swinging from side to side

"Here put these on you'll have to go out the back. I'm really sorry. This is not how I planned tonight to go" Ben said handing Lisa a old tracksuit.

"How did you plan on it going?" Lisa said with a smile.

Ben watched Lisa cover herself back up and walked towards her. Ben made Lisa face him by grabbing her shoulders. Forgetting how firm they were.

"" Ben gasped.

Lisa smiled at his reaction. Then felt his cock poking her in the leg. She looked down to see Ben erection grow to his full 12 inches.

"Wow yourself" Lisa said smiling.

"Ah shit, look we have to get you out of here now!" Ben said getting more worked up.

He led Lisa to the back door. Lisa now stood outside looking at a naked Ben in the doorway.

"I promise I'll make it up to you Lisa"
Ben half begged.

"You better, if you want to see some real muscle" Lisa said with a wink.

With that she turned away and walked off into the darkness.

Lisa called for Sarah to pick her up at the nearest road expressing quite clearly how cold she was alone.

Sarah was with her in minutes. Looking at Lisa wearing Bens dads old clothes.
Lisa jumped in the car.

"what the fuck happened?! are you ok? did he hurt you? why are you dressed like that?..."
Sarah exploded not quite sure what to make of why her friend was in the dark alone.

"Sarah, it's ok i'm fine. I'll explain it all just stop panicking"
Lisa reasurred.

"mmm ok then if you say so.....So how did the date go?"
Sarah asked trying to gauge if her friend was in fact ok.

"Sarah....I think i just rocked his damn world" Lisa said smiling as they drove off into the darkness.

Evviva lo "slancio in quadrupedia"